Winners, Losers and Links


Democrats – Warnock wins in a race to retain a seat that 18 months ago seemed a short term rental.

Conspiracy Theorists – Twitter Files release confirms what they assumed about the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

Drivers – Gas prices coming down for a variety of reasons. Cheaper fuel mix, low spot oil and gas tax suspensions all helping.


Stock holders – No Santa Claus rally this year?

Republicans – Last stomach punch for the missed opportunity of ‘22 and no real sign they are changing leadership anywhere.

Laid off Twitter employees – Could they face consequences? We will see. Some have to be sweating a little.


What might be behind the died suddenly epidemic.

Yarvin on Twitter and the truth business.

Covid was a lab creation.

ChatGPT is a neolib, not an ai.

Similar to Unz’s erased titans, JMG covers erased writers of the occult and mystical bent.

The Russian oil cap won’t work.

Turley on the FBI stooge who messed with the Twitter Files release.

Luongo on whether the counter-revolution has arrived in the US.

We know tv commercials use blacks way more than their population figures. Why?

Collagen is a great supplement.

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  1. GDR says:

    Seconding collagen. My skin would crack after a few handwashings my entire life, now a teaspoon a day and I can wash dishes in bleachwater with no issue.

    Helps my jaw heal fast from a sliding genioplasty too, according to my surgeon.

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    1. GDR says:

      Also collagen is only found in animal tissue so uh good luck vegans.

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  2. GDR says:

    The magic negro exists and is omnipresent in advertising and media because our society worships them much as Hindus worship cows. This is why our elites let them run amok, restraining them only when absolutely necessary to placate the white devils.

    Magic Negro = Sacred Cow

    Though cows are more intelligent and productive.


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