Winners, Losers and Links


Conspiracy Theorists – Confirmation of more beliefs formerly labeled conspiracies. This week it was Twitter & IC suppression and replacement immigration.

Twitter – User growth and engagement are up. Advertisers came back. Now it has far fewer employees.

World Cup Fans – Very good storylines and matches in the knockout stage. Huge match-up for the final.


Rural Brits – British government looking at scattering immigrants in the countryside.

American Children – Horrible cold and flu season with RSV included. Two years of masking and limited exposure weakened immune systems.

Advisors to Trump – The major announcement was an NFT offer… not the digital bill of rights policy ideas.


The blowback for decades of capital enjoying globalization has only begun.

The slow death of global development.

The mutual benefits to surveillance for DHS & Twitter.

The FTX crew were just asking for punishment.

How bad has peer review been for academia and science?

Tablet discusses Jewish vulgarity and changing concerns.

How bad was the roll-out of the vaccine in California? Awful. Equity makes an appearance.

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  1. Cassini says:

    Point of clarification. President Trump’s big announcement yesterday did involve a digital bill of rights, including a list of executive orders he would immediately sign to crack down on corporate and government abuse, in order to protect freedom of speech.

    You probably missed it because the Jewish media spent the entire day spreading lies and distractions, as usual.


    1. GDR says:

      In typical Trump fashion, his NFTs were crass, belated, and hugely profitable.


  2. GDR says:

    That “Of Two Minds” link doesn’t work for me, here’s an archive.


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