Predictions and Links


– GOP House holds hearings. Benghazi for Big Tech. Same results.

– Inflation rate slows. No deflation, but disinflation. This change is marketed as a decline. Many normies buy it.

– Layoffs pick up, Boomer retirements continue and the labor market mismatch means wages rise for those still with jobs.

– Ukraine/Russia war keeps grinding. US Empire continues the proxy war, boosting domestic MIC suppliers.

– College enrollment declines start hurting marginal private colleges enough that they cut back amenities.

– Border stays wide open. Immigration is a faucet the government opens to drown the pesky natives.

– Housing fully rolls over but mortgage rates prevent first time buyers from enjoying a drop in prices.

– GOP governors do not learn from DeSantis and play it safe for big business to hollow out their states.

– Sam Hyde kills a YouTuber in the ring (or at his home).


Dave Collum’s annual review is worth the read. Always delivers.

Interesting read on the sexual revolution being a psyop.

Trump’s big tech lawsuit might have legs thanks to the Twitter Files.

The Midwest may win the internal migration game, and it boils down to quality of life.

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  1. mmforest says:

    the midwest is now in the grips of gavin newsom wannabe’s like gretch whitmer that are hell bent on destroying the economies in the midwest . look at minnesota, wisconsin , and Michigan. going hard left just as fast as they can run. and the Dems have “fortified their democracy ” so there will be no GOP pushback. michigans lipstick tyrant is now fortified with both houses of the state legislature in dem hands with a dem gov for the first time in a generation.

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  2. Alex says:

    “there is hope for the future as states look to mid-career or second-career internships, partner with and recruit from the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities or look to use less conventional interview techniques for prospective employees.”

    In, The Midwest May Win . . . Good luck with that.


  3. threestars42 says:

    Dave Collum is a conservatard-tier boomer with cringe takes about the secret Nazi conspiracy (really).

    Seems that Patriotic Front are a psy-op because none of them have facial or neck tattoos, and “do you expect me to believe that you won’t find any of those in a line-up of 21 Nazis!?”. Also, they all have beige boots, which can only be explained by those being standard issue by the FBI.

    To be fair, most of the beliefs he adopts aren’t stupid, but he makes it painfully clear that studying chemistry doesn’t transfer well to forming good critical thinking skills.


    1. Johnny Maple says:

      I heard this guy Collum on the Kunstler podcast and even disgruntled boomer Kunstler got annoyed with him. Collum had discovered something about “do you know about the Vatican – no the Secret Side of the Vatican – controlling the world with all their money”

      It warrants some reflection, even on a personal level some introspection: how could it be that someone who is so successful in a technical niche, successful financially I assume, and who has had what sounds like 50 or 60 years to think about the world, still will come up with random stupidities and have the need to inform the rest of the Internet about them.


  4. Michael says:

    The Matthew Crawford article about the sexual revolution is great, that man has been established in my mind as one of the greatest modern secular thinkers ever since his books “Shop Class as Soulcraft” and “The World Beyond your Head” from many years ago. Highly recommend those to everyone, especially those online enough to be reading this.

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  5. zerothposition says:

    I stand by my prediction made elsewhere last year of a major domestic terrorist attack occurring at a Big Tech/Social Media headquarters before 2027.


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