Winners, Losers and Links


Matt Gaetz – Rep. Gaetz really surging after a year ago some thought he’d be sunk by a sex scandal. Face of the anti-McCarthy votes. Some primetime with AOC too.

Democrats – They look good with the GOP fighting each other. Unity matters.

Big Tech Firms – More are shedding employees after Twitter’s mass purge. Google also reported lower advertising sales so expect more.


Rep. McCarthy – Humiliated this week. Even if he becomes Speaker, damage is done. No coronation. He has a Boehner-Ryan future to look forward to anyway.

Covid Hysterics – No big Winter wave. They are fear-mongering about Chinese cases spreading. They always need something.

Middle managers – Where have all the go-getters gone, they whine (link below). Managing the lazy and incompetent is much harder for them. Everyone has turned into Peter from Office Space. Those are the hardest employees for managers to handle. Someone who does enough to not be fired, has potential yet won’t pull the weight for their incompetent coworkers.

The NFL – Freak event where an athlete collapses on the field and has to be resuscitated and then hospitalized. It was a routine play and freak medical moment but is bad optics. It’s a violent game but this wasn’t a nasty, violent moment. The worst part is we will never know for certain what the root cause was.


Luongo writes on the Russian regime change trap.

WSJ offers managers a chance to complain about no more strivers in corporate america.

Quick write up on the NFL on field medical mystery that sent a 24 year old to the hospital from the field after 9 minutes of CPR.

Pfizer’s dirty history.

A dive into the mechanics of deep red states allowing trans activism to win.

Who needs expertise when you have dedication: archaeology edition.

Social media use shapes the development of adolescent brains. Would be interesting if differences arise from different app usage.

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  1. Santa Kramer says:

    “ Democrats – They look good ”

    They will ALWAYS look good to NPCS because they hate whitie and give out free shit.

    Average normie’s opinions are irrelevant as an AI chat bot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gnillik Yot says:

      AI Chatbot is very relevant in how the next generation will be raised, so this is a fitting analogy in this respect whether or not you meant it.


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