Winners, Losers and Links


Unvaxxed – The sudden deaths piling up making unvaxxed enjoy a cozy winter.

George Santos – The lies grow in number but a slim GOP majority keeps him secure. After all, he said he was Jew-ish not Jewish.

Russia – Their current account surplus hit an all time high of $227 billion. Can they direct this to arms production to experience a breakthrough un Ukraine before the West orchestrates a casus belli for direct intervention?


CRE holders – Commercial real estate still hurting. Return to office programs must speed up not just for tower occupancy but to create enough consumers to fill empty street level commercial slots.

College students – New year brings no relief in tuition costs or vax mandates.

Avatar haters – The film racks up box office receipts and guarantees more sequels. Avatar may come to dominate cosplay conventions this decade.


Scientists may be closer to reversing aging.

Stop discussing MLK Jr as a conservative. He was not.

Scott Yenor covers the problem with universities and how to attack them.

The FAA silently revealed that the jabs do cause heart problems.

What is the Ukraine war about? Germany.

Steels amazing growth during the turn of the 19th century.

Are you ready for 50 point gender splits in voting?

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  1. Gnillik Yot says:

    Ah, so the woke leftist YouTuber Kristina Maoine is going to give positive exposure to “Janitor Joe,” the man who bullied most of One Angry Gamer off the internet and who infiltrated the right wing art contest Passage Prize before getting outed and having to delete his social media. This could be a good chance to dox him.


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