Winners, Losers and Links


Wall Street – Powell raised rates but only 25 bps and sounded dovish during his speech.

Ukraine’s Leadership Circle – Tanks coming soon. Immediately the talk shifted to fighter jets.

Left Twitter – With right wing Twitter complaining about the site, the shift first experienced when Elon closed the sale is over & rolled back.


Ukrainians – This war will be funded by the West and fought to the last able bodied Ukrainian.

Egg consumers – Prices up but it sounds like low cost producers are the ones raising prices. Stay slonkin’.

DEI departments- If funding is cut, it will force a scramble for NGO grants. If programs are barred, it will force a new plan for poisoning.


Seattle is in a long crisis and the situation gets dire.

Great read on the behind the scenes sausage making for municipal projects.

Looking at the British Empire and the Roman experience.

Homosexuality: a mental illness?

A long two part report on the media’s multiyear malicious behavior against President Trump.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    That municipal one was an impressive bit of journalism, it’s a shame it all went over my head.


  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    Seattle is interesting as a symbol of the old WASP elite. In contrast with Manhattan, they may be unable to legislate themselves out of an economic doom spiral because they gave up the moral high ground necessary to justify crackdowns on crime.


  3. GDR says:

    This AI stuff is pretty fun!

    Reminder: This is what the Empire does. It uses unprecedented and unsustainable prosperity to import outlanders to slaughter mudcrabs and fry their meat so that we can stuff it down nhwahs’ throats until they’re too fat to walk.

    It literally trains people in the cutting edge of magic, tonal manipulation, finance, and management to erect offshore platforms to suck up the carbonized remains of Lorkhan in order to provide the necessary fuel for the outlander-nhwah cycle.

    I guess I never really grasped the goal of civilization before. Why did the Dwemer discover solid sound? What are the Psijick Orders equations for? Why did the Dovah deduce the power of the Thuum? The answer to these – and to all – questions: to stuff nhwahs with fried mudcrabs until they become crippled from overeating, then to provide them with heroic restoration school magic until they gracelessly expire.


  4. Vxxc says:

    _____ ( insert city) is in crisis.

    🔥 it.

    Good example for the others.

    Cities and downtown office space obsolete anyway.


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