Winners, Losers and Links


Elon Musk – Financial concerns for Twitter alleviated. He steadied that ship. Some of the heat is off but this times with ban behavior closer to pre-Musk.

Criminals – Appears every day a new horrific crime occurs and the publicly available info shows they should’ve been behind bars for already.

Harrison Bergeron Fans – They get to see the short story play out in real life in the name of equity.


East Palestine, Ohio – Biden admin doesn’t care. Trump’s visit is all they get for recognition from anyone important.

The 10% – Not income. The 10% is the repeated number of employees corporations are firing this year.

Roald Dahl Fans – Buy old editions. The rewriting is a preview of what progressive AI will do to all old works.


The smart but poor lean left.

Wild read about an amateur finding lost Civil War gold, notifying authorities and then the FBI digging it up in the night and pretending nothing happened.

Why China cannot win.

Is Mexico a narco state?

The failed realignment of the American right.

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  1. Hubristicon says:

    On the article about the realignment: the biggest flaw is that the new GOP made everything about themselves personally, like Trump did. They ran as media figures, not as politicians. The next wave of GOP candidates should retain the basic “America First” ethos but focus on manufacturing and logistics and run men (key word) with successful experience in those fields. Reshoring is about to become very real with the decoupling from China, and the H1Bocaust will continue to deport Indians and Chinese without saying they’re specifically targeting them.


  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    > Will Any Lessons Be Learned?

    They say there’s a first for everything, but I think we’ve found an exception.


  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    If the GOP is going to win, the first thing they need is the desire to win. The rest is details.


  4. Alex says:

    I would think white men would be laser-focused on exactly what Biden means by white supremacy. It seems pretty open-ended. Could someone explain what he means?


    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      He means both:

      1. The growing belief that white people have group interests, like other races do.
      2. Groups of white men organized for pro-white political advocacy.


  5. threestars42 says:

    The China piece is basically “crank boomer hyperbolizes petty corruption”. And yeah, our “elites” became so shit-tier that petty corruption mechanics apply to people in charge of billions of dollars and policy.


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