Winners, Losers and Links


Joe Biden’s Doctors – Sen. Fetterman cannot handle a month in office yet President Biden still lives. Great work keeping him upright and even growing taller in old age.

Silicon Valley Neurotics – Language models acting goofy gives them something new to fear and discuss.

Unvaxxed child bearing age women – You are in the clear. Resist attempts at vaccination during these keys years. Bad news.

El Salvador – Aesthetic video of new prisons highlights the rapid reduction in violent crime in that little nation.


EU Militaries – Can’t even deliver on the small number of tanks promised to Ukraine.

US Rail – Derailments are scaring the public, but it is awful when the Transportation Secretary says not to worry because 1,000 happen a year.

Pete Buttigieg – He is a rat, but every other Democrat must enjoy seeing him get tarred for failures that can be laid at his feet during his no show job to give him a presidential resume entry. Then again, remember Secretary Julian Castro?


Reshoring industry is good but it has to be planned and organized.

The Biden-Ukraine cover up is an ongoing farce. Deep power protecting a puppet.

The case against Western aid to Ukraine.

The end of the English major. Seems like the confused liberal students who cannot do any math and science just become grievance majors now.

Podcast covering the deep state midwifing Google.

If reserves are recoverable at a decent cost, Iran is sitting pretty for the oil to electric switch.

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  1. Gnillik Yot says:

    These articles are getting more and more embarrassingly stupid.


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