Winners, Losers and Links


1/6 Detainees – Tucker Carlson aired a small piece of the 1/6 video. No one shared it with defendants. We will see how this affects future trials, current sentences, and plea deals already made.

Alt Publishers – As the scores of pornographic children’s books are revealed and in some cases, tossed from schools, a market opportunity blossoms.


Narrative Crafters – Seymour Hersh’s story forced a weird declaration with thin evidence that a pro-Ukraine group blew up the pipelines. Blows up a narrative and supplies a new official narrative that looks even sillier.

Home Buyers – Per different metrics, this is the least affordable housing market in a generation or possibly half a century.

AI enthusiasts – The shrieking ninnies have come out fearful of what AI can become. Expect regulation and strangulation.


The government spied on churches during covid.

Video on how China booted Soros out decades ago.

Nemets provides a great historical overview of the Donbass War.

California is a corrupt state and third world conditions create third world workarounds.

When collapse beliefs become a community.

Is this where the Boomers will flee to as society slowly decays?

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  1. Anne says:

    its good


    1. Third world experiences says:

      Great article on third world workarounds in California, it’s very true. It’s pretty common to hear people talking about paying to pass their cars, if they drive old vehicles.

      A friend once told me something interesting. In his early twenties he had to complete some amount of court mandated community service hours in lieu of paying thousands of dollars to the state. Being the young idiot that he was, he dragged his feet and didn’t have any hours done before the day he was due back in court. He went to see the clerk in charge of community service to see if there was anything she could do. She made an offer, perhaps (as the article mentioned) since they are in the same “fiefdom”. If he gave her $50 she’d give him some documentation stating he’d started his hours but needed more time to complete them, so that he could see the judge with something in hand. She also graciously offered to get all of his hours signed off by her “friend” who takes care of some local park, for the paltry sum of $350. He knew there was no friend, but $400 to be done with this sounded like a good deal, it sure beat the thousands of dollars the state wanted from him.
      I often wonder how much money she’s made doing that, and if she ever got caught.


  2. Gnillik Yot says:

    How can anyone support AI?


    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      Have you tried coding without it? It’s awful.


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