Backdoor Gatekeepers- Mattias Desmit & Naomi Klein

Just an update on my first gatekeeper article on Jordan Peterson, as Jordan has joined the Ben Shapiro Daily Wire, and the rest of the Israeli Lobby, in now calling for war with Iran and to fight to the last Ukrainian in a lost cause in the breadbasket of Europe. Later, I am sure, Mr. Peterson will denounce Steven Crowder at the next Neo-Con show trials with all the other former kin of the Trotskyite red judges in attendance. I guess the Iranians do not clean their rooms enough for old JP? There is also a worse movie of Pinocchio out now, to further make the point in my JP article as to what his handlers are up to: Guillermo del Toro`s Pinocchio .

Turds & Pills

Backdoor gatekeepers, who can also be referred to as `a turd in the punch bowl` or `a poison pill` types, denotes personalities that say almost all the right things in critiquing a system, or `the` system, to then much later (or at the end of their books) drop the turd or poison pill into an otherwise good message for the population at large. They thus let ideas, or other backdoor gatekeepers, in from behind, thus screwing the cause (pun intended).

Now Mattias Desmit`s book Psychology of Totalitarianism and Naomi Klein`s Shock Doctrine both bring up, in the last chapter of their books, the poison pills or turd in the punch bowls in the defense of the oligarchy, and in supporting the attack on conspiracy theorists. Both place the blame for the bad system upon the stupid masses (the victims), so as to continue to be like they were in their youth, in being some kind of teacher’s pet (or the classroom monitor) in never questioning those in authority. This also allows anyone that hasn`t been for the Truther Movement, or into any conspiracy theorizing, not to have to admit they were wrong on all this totalitarian structure coming down around our ears presently, which was predicted by more agile minds. Mattias and Naomi deserve more than revenge wedgies by the school jocks, as to what they are up to. To see a brilliant critique of Mattias` effort please go to Unlimited Hangout and read this brilliant article `Covid 19 Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity. ` As for a feminist drama filled version, of the same kind of turd dropping, I will not send you to any work by the Canadian mercenary journalist, who is a paid for false opposition, and known Trudeau apologist, Ms. Klein. Anyone on the payroll of the Canadian government should not be even considered as a legit source. They are paid parrots now, and no different than Pravda under the Soviet Union politburo.    

One way you can spot these backdoor gatekeepers is their intense need to defend the anti-conspiracy theorist narrative, as if 2 people getting together to plan something nefarious, and then theorizing about such people, is now played up as `wakey`- so say the school pep squad. Given whores and johns have been conspiring for millennium, one might question such silly ideas. If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, then conspiracy theorizing is the world’s oldest form of theorizing! CIA mouthpieces and former teacher`s pets be damned.

Anyone who has studied JFK, RFK, RFK Jr., MLK and Malcom X`s assassinations will know that from the time of JFK`s murder until today, the vast majority have never believed the official story of the lone gunman, with as high as 90% of the population of the US not believing it in the 1970s. So the CIA`s need (and recorded efforts) to make terms like `conspiracy theorists` the newest high school replacement for `loser`, should instead have you seeing these truthers as our newest kind of Internet prophets- as so many of them have warned of a medical event, that has just happened, for decades. These good prophets have also sighted ` the flat earth` and `UFO` theories as an attempt to smear good theories with bad or silly ones. Though they do say the UFO efforts, by the establishment, are for some kind of fake future religion and stage event.

To misquote the movie Network:

`I am as mad as hell, and proud to be a conspiracy theorist. `

A second way to note a gatekeeper is their strong propensity to not reference others in any detail from the past, and not link their positions to others, whether on the Internet or in book form. Aside from shrinks, and other fashionable self-help gurus in their circle jerk peer-group, they never go back in history and never build a historical chain of great thinkers to support their ideas. It is like the `it girls` in high school, that act as Napoleon said of the Bourbons in, `never learning anything and never forgetting anything.’ Thus, my assertion of history and fashion being enemies of one another. Now in my case today I am not linking very much, but my reference to the Unlimited Hangout article, which is so thoroughly linked with references up the whazoo that it puts Mattias Desmit & Naomi Klein to shame! It is linked so much that it is sometimes hard to read such a long effort through all the details. We live in a time that short and sweet, has turned in short and empty.   

Then there are the distorters of words that have taken many meanings of many words away, as with the word `chauvinist`, which was originally a patriotic republican supporter of France. Another example is covered here in Youth Sub-Culture as a Weapon on AS, as skinheads used to be Jamaican ska loving, interracial dating and conservative working-class youth with an anti-pop music tinge a mile wide, and of course were nationalistic fighters for their nation. I might add that the term ‘woke` has been turned from its original meaning as well. It was first used in our modern times as a connection to the Matrix movie, and to being awake to the system that rules our lives, but now has been inverted to be for those that are high strung, totally plugged into the matrix, who are part of the alphabet soup mafia who have daddy issues because the bad single mothers out there could not find a way to keep their husbands in the home and the estrogen mimickers away from their babies and children.    

There are many insightful Internet prophets stating that the removal of politically incorrect books from libraries all started in 1969, and that the bible was seriously undermined by the Rockefeller financed Scofield Bible. All that is now underway with the Catholic Church is simply what has been done to the protestants for over several hundred years. I am no black pill preacher, but you former normies must get up to speed, and fast! Your lives depended on it.

Sports is now under attack too, as we all can see, and we will soon need to wear pink pussy hats to watch our (place you alphabet soup term here) on Sundays. So please start to learn the members of our team, and those on the other gatekeeper team (Mattias Desmit & Naomi Klein), with as much focus as you do on football Sunday. Most important of all please note those people wearing our colors on our team, that continue to drop the most important balls on the most important days, and never complain about the refs bad calls too, are not on our side. God forbid that it is discovered that the zebra striped types are getting things under the table to make bad calls at the most important times too. Those satanic halftime Super bowl events, should wake you up if there is any Christian culture in you that remains.  

Added to this mess is the fact that many peer-reviewed scientific groups have turned into circle jerks, whose scientific papers cannot be read online unless you pay a fortune. Do not worry you can blindly trust TV scientists, like a new class of priests, in their pure white lab coats, and repeat endlessly `trust the science` like people did Hail Marys in the past. You are so much smarter than those traditional Christians-not. You may even get into the new Meta heaven on Facebook.

Benjamin Disraeli is quoted as saying, ` there are lies, damned lies and statistics`, and he should know, but some attribute this quote to Mark Twain. Whose literature is being removed because he is not politically correct. Mark is quoted saying, `It is easier to lie to people, than it is to show them they are being lied to.’ So, do you match this truth, or do you want to wake up and be old woke, instead of slowly being new woke?

Honor With or Without U

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Technical note: If you use backticks instead of apostrophes and double quotes then screen readers will read each of the backticks off, so that `the` is read as “backquote the backquote”. People using screen readers for articles are probably still in the minority, but I imagine it will catch on.

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    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      I use Audify on Android and occasionally Balabolka on my laptop.

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  2. GDR says:

    One could argue that some of these gatekeepers – the ones that aren’t effective – are steelmanning our arguments and then making the most harebained conclusions to avoid cancellation. If they are though it’s not out of desire to help us but to save their asses.


  3. NC says:

    Saw some OERO ex-blm Frisco living turned Prego U shill recently on the prop machine and could not stop laughing.


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