Winners, Losers and Links


Connected Companies – Bailouts are back baby!

Banks – No one is going to say no to saving them despite the last 15 years of bank profits after the last bailout.


Banking System – Likely see a concentration in banking as small banks experience pain.

Ukraine – Hard to tell but recent news reports paint a dire picture.


Democrats wisely clear out the primary field and Michigan can vote for its own intelligence agent candidate.

Dive into Bill Gates goofy salesmanship and what he is really up to.

NY Mag tackles Andrew Tate. Why do the boys like him? A mystery.

Who is at fault with the SVB collapse?

Very entertaining take on the King of Tulsa.

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  1. GDR says:

    If regional banks fail you’ll see consolidation nationwide in agriculture, mining, forestry, fishing, and manufacturing as those boyars who were bailed out enserf those who weren’t. Socialism through the back door, with even more woke commissars hired to direct the flow of resources to their clients.

    We’ll own nothing and be happy (or else).

    Meanwhile the Idaho Republican party is beating the table with their fists and demanding more cheap foreign scabs.


  2. miforest says:

    the bill gates article is foolishness . it is a depopulation of a certian people, not of everyone. if you look at the fentenyl crisis, the over-running of the west with state approved immagrants, and the TRANS insanity disproportionately destroying caucasians , your’e blind if you think its garden variety liberalism . It’s not a depop of everyone, its an agressive 5th gen war on legacy population of the west.


    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      I disagree that it’s foolishness. It’s a very good explanation of a phenomenon that internet-dwellers like us understood in 2015 and moved on from to anti-Semitism. But I can send this to my normies to move them along a bit.


  3. Vxxc says:

    Bad news from Ukraine; it’s the same as all along. The Ukr army perished in folly last spring and they’re tossing the barely trained militias and conscripts into meat grinders to keep the money going to Kiev and DC. The Russians are content to play their slow game at 10; 1 casualties their favor.

    Perhaps you’re just seeing through the nonsense?


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