Judicial Winners, Losers and Links


Woke Law Students – No Stanford psycho law students expelled or punished. Those are your future federal prosecutors and judges. If you want to avoid full Soviet application of law, these students must be punished.

Left Wing Fever Dreams – America is at the provide the man, we will provide the crime stage of political prosecution. Political juries are also a problem for the right. Lawfare will escalate in the civil realm to punish non-progressive entities and businesses.


Right Wingers – The Trump ordeal and Ricky Vaughn Meme trial are both examples of the new custom. Flimsy charges against a former president? What are the statute of limitations in New York for such minor accusations? The Meme Trial is a twisted application of old law to go after an anon, and the procedures bend all norms: sealed witnesses for meme trials, venues that have no relation to the defendant, and other oddities that somehow all get used for what? The J6 kangaroo courts are as bad if not worse than the above examples with Julie Kelly doing amazing work bringing it all to light.

Alvin Bragg – Media says he is politics averse so you know the opposite is true. He is stuck in a tough spot as he talked up arresting the big bad Orange Man, but his incompetence is his undoing. The grand jury keeps waiting and evidence pops up undermining his case.


Freddie DeBoer on education optimism wrecking any proper discussion of education spending or systems. He has a blind spot though on why outcomes are so disjointed.

Blog.jim on Russia fighting 1913 style in the Information Era.

Paywalled but Russia and China continue to grow closer. Decades in the making thanks to the US foreign policy establishment.

A pessimistic take on our economic future.

An optimistic take on our economic future.

Our central banks are too powerful. Welcome to the party Fortune.

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  1. Tony The Tigere says:

    The American establishment has decided that a Russian/German alliance is more to be feared than a Russian/Chinese one. Honestly I can’t make up my mind on the merits of that question within their paradigm (their paradigm is, of course, rotten).

    Russian raw materials and German engineering/manufacturing prowess would create a monolithic block of the sort the world has only seen twice before: in the British Empire and on the American continent. That isn’t nothing, and I can see why the US/British money power is willing to court disaster to forestall it, even though I can’t see it really harming ordinary Americans as badly as it would Wall Street.

    All three nations are dying demographically. We Americans focus on our own problems in that area of course, but ours aren’t the only problems or the most severe. I think it’s inevitable that American treasure, such as it is, will continue to be wasted on this conflict, but that we should fight tooth and nail internally to make sure that our blood is not.


  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    The Optimistic Take one makes me wonder exactly why you guys post articles. Surely it’s because you want other people to read them, right?


  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Economics (noun): The art of explaining to taxpayers why economists embezzled their money.


  4. John says:

    Preceding each of the previous Fourth Turnings was a war of expansion.
    1. French Indian war
    2. Mexican-American war
    3. WW1 ( our role was minuscule compared to other combatants)
    Each one we were involved in and we were victorious.
    Not now.
    We’ve had a long string of losses going back to Korea and culminating with our fleeing in the middle of the night from Afghanistan.
    Which means to that this one will be different. Every single Fourth Tuning culminates in a brutal war, how can this one be any different?

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