Winners, Losers and Links


Trans Activists – A trans individual shoots up a Christian school; the entire left doubles down. Trans are the ones under attack. It will get worse.

Homebuilders – Mortgage rates are up, but for how long? Can existing homeowners sell? Does not seem likely so supply has to come from new construction.

QAnon Shaman – He moved to a halfway house a bit earlier than expected. Tucker made that happen.


Internet Users – If the Restrict act becomes law, the Internet will become even more of a cage or padded asylum room.

Trial By Jury – That will disappear in the near future, right? Political prosecutions fall back on reliably political juries to rubber stamp verdicts.


Cities paying left sing protestors. Nice pay out for the little people who made cities war zones in 2020.

Check out the money that poured into BLM during Summer of Floyd.

New series on the rise of Jamie Dimon.

Neuroscience helping nature in the nature vs nurture argument.

George Kennan would fit in more with the populist right than the establishment now.

The AI crowd is a lot of talk.

America’s Soviet Sweethearts.

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