Winners, Losers and Links


Biden Handlers – A Trump indictment works to grow the NeverTrump crowd and signal to normies that Trump is bad for the general.

Chitown Crooks – Lightfoot will be replaced by another flavor of pro-crime Democrat.


Gov. DeSantis – He has not announced yet but appears to be close despite the stacked odds. The Trump indictment makes DeSantis’ path tougher.

Trump – Manhattan is the first indictment. It is a farce, but watch for left wing DAs to pour it on as the presidential election rolls along.


Wishful thinking from Kotkin about a Democrat class war.

French intelligence cooperated with extremists in Syria.

Deep history on the Silk Road.

How the EU became caged vassals to the US.

An overview of the Haitian Revolution and how nothing fits the simple narrative.

Was the 2014 ebola outbreak also a lab leak? The evidence is there.

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