Winners, Losers and Links: Tucker Edition


Narrative Machine – They removed the one cable news irritant left. Now it is a harmonious flow of stories.

War Machine – Not one skeptic of our War Party’s effort remains on cable news.

Progressives – Only voice pointing out their maliciousness and the extent of their desire to reshape society is gone. They know this is a flex and a win for them.


Overton Rebels – This was a rather strong flex on what is allowed.

FoxNews – Ratings will decline. They may make more money in that time slot because of the ad boycott of Tucker, but overall ratings will drop.


This interview with a man who dates horses sounds very similar to when the New Yorker interviewed a man who slept with horses years ago.

Researchers figured out how the Mayan calendar works.

Sure we know this now, but will anyone suffer consequences?

Weimar hyperinflation cause Germans to go a bit batty and criminal.

Hipster culture died. Nerd culture is next.

Military recruitment face significant shortfalls.

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  1. Gnillik Yot says:

    Yes, this is bad for Overton Revels/New Right anyway you slice it. I saw people on Twitter saying “Now that Tucker’s show writers will scatter, our ideas will spread even more!” This is pure cope. Let’s say that 8/10 of Tucker’s Fox staff were New Right-friendly. Obviously, they will win on any conflicts on who to book or what topics should be broached. But now let’s say each one of those eight men are on a different show. There is no longer a guarantee they will succeed in moving the Overton Window.


  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Hipster culture died. Nerd culture is next.

    That was a good read but nihilists can get very tiresome very quickly. My advice to nihilists, other than that you need Jesus, would be to stick to criticism.


    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      Nihilism is like dressing up in animal costumes: there’s an age at which it’s charming, past which it’s a symptom of late-stage pornography addiction.


  3. jimmy matho says:

    How can they make more money in that time slot when Tucker already led all of cable news.
    He pulled in 40 million for the first 3 months.
    No one at CNN even pulls in 20 million


  4. Vxxc says:

    Military link;
    The services are told to use Veterans to aid in recruiting.
    Er, no, most Veterans would not be receptive to that idea.

    “ “79 percent of recruits have a relative who served” and only 1% serve. That’s a small pool to piss off, and yes they have, and it’s not about pay or benefits.


  5. Vxxc says:

    Inflation and the Wild Chaos of Weimar America; We’re being marched towards the same path the Germans took, by the same follies, by the selfsame fools.

    The terrible part being we can …win.


  6. NC says:

    Isn’t about time for a La Bond appearance on the Mot20C?
    “Last night I was interviewed by three likable and respectful men, one of them close to my age. To the race question I answered, “White trash.”
    To the religion question I answered, “Heathen.””

    Tuck the Cuck!

    thanks as always for the good articles

    Bonus link for a 2 hours discussion worth your time:


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