Winners, Losers and Links


Paid Protestors – Might be that time again if NY wants to set up a Great White Defendant.

JPMorgan – How many trillions of deposits can one bank amass? A lot of trading can be done with that balance sheet.

Lefties at Home – They can relieve their emotional constipation by crying and screaming for a homeless bum who died on a subway car. It is an approved moment to express themselves.


Smaller Banks – Fed funds rate goes up. The small ball players better have been nimble or the pain will be intense. If they fail and get swallowed by TBTF banks, pink slips will go out as they are redundant.

Ukraine – Ready or not they need to do an offensive to satisfy the West’s war party.

J6 Proud Boys – Despite the trial revealing that there was no plan to enter the capitol building, no plan to stop proceedings, and a defendant was imprisoned on J6, they are guilty of seditious conspiracy. Can you trust a single lib on a jury?


Josiah Lippincott has the best read of the week.

Luongo on Tucker’s split from Fox.

American style: woodgrain and chrome.

How to help families in state capitols.

The age of forensic genomics is upon us.

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  1. Alex says:

    “The only way a candidate from the Right can possibly win the presidency in 2024 is by campaigning on limiting immigration (build the wall), increasing tariffs, getting out of Ukraine, and restoring law and order (especially in regards to elections and the opioid crisis).”

    Too bad he doesn’t mention the two simplest ones:

    1. End quotas, and
    2. Bring back freedom of association. You can hire, sell to, service, admit into membership, anyone you want and refuse anyone based on any criteria like race, sex or religion.

    RFK, Jr. might actually do this according to

    “1. End the corrupt merger of corporations and the state.” End racial and sexual quotas? Freedom of association?

    “2. Oppose lockdowns under any circumstances.” Sounds reasonable. Freedom of association?

    “3. Giving former President Donald Trump a fair shake on his record for each issue, but holding him accountable for his decision to give too much political power to Government Health bureaucrats.” Ditto. End The Great Replacement?

    “4. Support free market capitalism and limited government.” End racial and sexual quotas? Freedom of association?

    “5. Conquer children’s illnesses.” He wants to get people healthy. Ultimately mental, as well as physical. Clean living covers a lot of ground.

    “6. Bring the troops home.”

    “7. Openly discuss the merits of war.” And surreptitiously tone down the feminist/gay pride/BLM hysteria?

    Kennedy is possibly coming at things from a different angle, boys and girls.


  2. Gnillik Yot says:

    “Conservatives need to believe protesters are getting paid. They are in denial that large portions of our urban-Americans cherish Jordan Neely and mourn his death. No, white man is pulling the strings!”

    —- Richard Hanania


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