What Does Tucker Do Now?

Editorial Note: This was submitted the same day Tucker announced his show moving to Twitter. Still applicable.

Tucker Carlson was cut from Fox News. The hit to the discourse is obvious as he had a unique perspective on politics and social issues, became a household name for Boomers & Zoomers and was a trusted voice who went places other hosts would not dare. What now? With his experience and expertise, there are several media career paths he can explore in the future.

Tucker Carlson has a large following of loyal viewers who tune in to hear his take on current events. It is his audience. From the initial ratings hit Fox is taking, he commands attention, not Fox. With the rise of online media, there has never been a better time for him to start his own media company. He could leverage his following and create a subscription-based model that would allow him to produce and distribute his content directly to his viewers via any platform funneling back to his own site. The online Fox Nation idea can become his framework. This would give him more control over his content, and he could create a platform that is tailored to his specific audience.

With his experience in television and documentaries, Tucker could produce high-quality content that would appeal to his audience. His documentary team was pretty efficient and small, so pumping those out could be a way to differentiate from the old cable news presentation style. He could also partner with other conservative commentators and journalists to create a network of shows that would provide a variety of perspectives on current events. He bucked conservative orthodoxy at times, so being unchained from a Fox party line offers opportunities. By starting his own media company, Tucker could build an independent brand that is focused on delivering trustworthy news and analysis to his viewers that meets the current moment where not insanely left matters more than purely being center-right.

Another potential career path for Tucker Carlson is writing books and speaking engagements in a run up for a Buchanan style presidential run. He has already published several books on politics and social issues, and he could continue to write on topics that are of interest to his audience. He could tie this into a national speaking tour with an eye on the Oval Office. Even if he did not run, with his audience’s size, what he discusses matters for GOP candidates.

Finally, Tucker Carlson could explore the possibility of hosting a podcast as the head of a podcast empire. With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, this could be a lucrative career path for him. Rush Limbaugh dominated talk radio with great influence, and podcasts are the new talk radio. He could create a show that is focused on politics and social/cultural trends, and he could invite guests to share their non-mainstream perspectives on not just the issues of the day but hidden, undiscussed trends. By partnering with heterodox speakers, he could expand reach and help steal non-woke listeners who still cannot bring themselves to say they are low status right wingers.

By hosting a podcast, Tucker could reach a younger audience that is more likely to consume content online. The Fox News audience is an elderly audience on its way to oblivion. He could also use the platform to promote his other media ventures, such as a website or books. He built the Daily Caller. He knows how this works. Additionally, a podcast would give Tucker more control over his content, and he could create a show that is tailored to his specific audience. The key is he can create a product and audience that is free of the mainstream limitations. This could open up interesting opportunities for influence and secondary effects. Creating a much more radical audience to then affect elections (especially primaries and state elections) may be the path as Conservative Inc continues to fail.

Tucker Carlson is a unique talent and commentator who has a wealth of experience in television, documentaries, and online content creation. With this departure from Fox News, he has the opportunity to explore new career paths that can continue to move the needle. Whether he chooses to start his own media company, run for office or enter the podcast game, there is no doubt that Tucker Carlson will continue to shape right wing discourse.

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Tucker is CIA. He was removed as part of the flex on the Likud faction by secular diaspora Jews (ref. judicial reform riots) who are reminding Netanyahu, Trump, etc. that they hold the whip hand. Other countries are taking advantage of this internal strife to secede from the empire and join BRICS.

    What will Tucker do? He’ll do what he’s told.


    1. DerPrinz says:

      This presupposes that Jews run the U.S. and by extension the world, when they do not even run Israel as will be clear by decade’s end. Other countries are merely increasing their bargaining power during a time of overt conflict to employ when things eventually stabilize.
      Tucker’s travails are just another consequence of the now obvious breakdown of political order in the US, although him moving to Twitter is a sign of shrewd instincts on his part (or his handlers if you’re so inclined). Elon Musk (and Tucker going by his opening statement) seems to appreciate the fact that the internet/social media should render the traditional press obsolete and him onboarding Tucker as probably the first in a long line of influencers is to be welcomed imo.


      1. Gnillik Yot says:

        Who do you think runs Israel, if not Jews?


      2. Aeoli Pera says:

        Lol, whatever dude. Good luck with that.


    2. I Heart Spooks says:

      > Tucker is CIA.

      So that would mean his former back up host and new indie rising political star is …



      1. Aeoli Pera says:

        Does this mean I should expect to find suspiciously well-written BDSM fanfics of Tucker and Tulsi in my comment spambox?

        Anyway, welcome back. May your new blog last 1,000 years.


    3. I Heart Spooks says:

      > Does this mean I should expect to find suspiciously well-written BDSM fanfic

      For that you want the wordpress:



  2. Tony The Tigere says:

    “Tucker is CIA” is for sure not 100% false (given his father’s time spent in deep state linked broadcasting), but we need to make sure it’s not a thought-terminating cliche. If you’re planning to be at a certain place at a certain time, sure, leave Tucker out of the groupchat (better yet, don’t have a groupchat). He probably has a handler of some sort.

    But that doesn’t mean that his public-facing comments are necessarily in bad faith, nor does it mean that he’s a net negative for us. He seems far more sincere than average, and viewers of his show seem better informed (and trained towards better priorities) than those of any other mass-market show.

    I think some of the effort being made to determine which high profile strangers are or are not feds is parasocial in nature. Don’t worry: Tucker is not your friend, so he cannot be a false friend to you.


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