In Defense of Ontogenetic Masculinity

(Part 2: Self-Discipline as the Key to Willpower)

A rough outline of education for males was discussed in Cossack or Cowboys Part-2 here on American Sun, which dealt with young men being taught a classical education in the ancient past with the ‘Horse and the Rider’ analogy, the ‘Horse’ representing passions and emotions of a person, the saddle, spurs reins etc., being the ‘will’ of a person, and the rider being the mind with its reason or logic.

We also covered in the first issue of this topic how estrogen mimickers, and their many other de-testosterone versions, are the main turning point for turning males into an effeminate character, even before they are out of the wombs. You can read that article here: In Defense of Ontogenetic Masculinity Part 1. Or get an update on the effects of exposure here (link).

Let us now turn to Part-2:

A key aspect of a male character rests squarely on overcoming obstacles, that may include working with others, but does not rest in getting others to do things for you, which flows more into female skills. This male trait means overcoming resistance from your own vices, and or those of other people and nature.

Good Fathers & Mentors

Fathers should teach boys to deal with digs or slights from others in their youth as a very practical first step to learning when and how to deal with attacks. Having young men recognize when you may have to fight someone, or not, is key to their early lives with other males. Bad company managers or bosses bully as well, and so how one should deal with them as well should be covered? Should you kick the dog when you get home, out of frustration, as you think you can take it- and in fact cannot? A man of character understands himself most of all, and knows how much he can take. He may find sports outlets to take out his frustration or anything else that allows for a letting off of steam. Most of the time these confrontations can be water off a duck’s back with digs, but it takes self-discipline.

Amongst a good sports team in the locker room, one can see a good example for everyone to deal with digs to get tougher. When I captained a team, I let most of it go, and gave as good as I got, yet when anyone started to over target someone, for something personal, from say a senior towards a lower year, for a unconstructive reason, I or we as leaders would step in. All it would need was a question to the effect that, so-and-so (the bully) is implying he never made a mistake that way before? If he persisted beyond this point, then we would bring up his mistakes and then others would chime in and we might all end up laughing – and that would often be the end of that. Or if he was too bitter then a challenge and fight might be needed. Critiquing was never stopped in these situations, but truth, and an element of humbleness, was applied.  

In the female world, these things never lead so far, as words are the preferred method of effete conflict creation and often no one is defeated officially, as women adore the victim role and so conflicts never end – but fester. You may remain undefeated in your own mind, just like with the social media of today where nothing is settled until the ‘powers that be’ shut down your SMS. What is key for women in these conflicts are emotions, and so are a can of worms that can never be settled, and so leads to suppression to make nice in female groups. When women are observing male conflicts, they try to shut it down, even if it is constructive, and will in fact get involved if it is emotionally something that triggers them- as they cannot resist due to a love of non-physical drama. Today males brought up by women exclusively tend to deal with conflicts emotionally much more than in the past. Men have had their share of emotional men in the past as well, but they were often shut down, in situations like the locker room just covered, or any assortment of all male discussions.

The Magic Sword Mistake

After a young man can negotiate the world of being critiqued, he then must accomplish goals in his life, which needs self-discipline in abundance. There are men/boys that have a Magic Sword set of skill sets, or imagine they have some with computer skills. Young men who will have one area, or a few areas, that they have overcome their fears, then try and flout this skill to show them as being full of male skills to onlookers; say the ability to surf, skydive, motorbike jump or any other skills we can all admire in isolation to being brave and talented together. This is then wrongly paraded by some immature males as if all things, that need to be done, have been completed to be an independent actor in our world. Such males that are on the right path must continue, not stand still, as they need to apply the learned method of conquering a fear in getting over any obstacle that is in their way, and then rest them until they need them in their lives- not repeat the one area they have accomplished endlessly. With most males being effete these days, these Magic Sword Types do seem to have a step up over others. Still, it often stops there, as they become adrenaline junkies and feel their work is done, as they rest on their loreals in not using the same methods to overcome any obstacle in their way- and risk death if the feats are dangerous with a skill long past teaching you anything new. Now the area of competence does not need to be so public and physically centered, but young males need to be acknowledge for bravely becoming men publicly, as was done in all healthy cultures of the past, so they do not go about trying to prove something all the time, and hence move on and start to teach others as they are acknowledge as being a male by their community.  Such males, let in the club, are then likely to have their ears open to the elders. Otherwise they impersonate the 3 monkeys.

Now the system warps this with educating students into a narrow knowledge base, where you know more and more about less and less. Autism has been increasing unnaturally to unheard of numbers in the population, and is found more in males than females. While women suffer from more mental breakdowns, and is why MK Ultra is more successful on women and children. Regardless of it being in our nature, or being made worse by the same forces, one needs to not fall into a narrow vision, as when this leans towards the small petty picture too much, as we get into pragmaticism and that is another obsession or realm of the female mind.

Again, not all areas must be overcome in one’s life, as they are endless, as there is always surely yet another dangerous thing to do, with the rush one has in being fearless and overcoming another obstacle. These excess dangerous areas may not be in one’s way, thus wasting one’s skills in overcoming them is not becoming a master of one’s soul. So learning the skills and then using them with a mature purpose, is key, or one can be a thrill seeker, nihilist and or a villain. The choice is yours.

Lounge Lizards

It is very important to see that winning or bedding females is often not a male skill, but a female one. To win with girls and women you must center yourself on what makes them happy, and so mimic their desires. Men who fake this are often resentful of women and jade them afterwards. A peacock may be beautiful and healthy, but it has gone so far into the world of females it has lost skills of survival as it competes in a fashion show. The fact of the prettiest male peacock getting females, does not make the male very masculine, as his focus has been so jeopardized in the efforts to get females, he can do little else with his huge and useless tail. At the other dysfunctional extreme male lions force lionesses to bend to their will and even give up their cubs, even though lioness are far from weak creatures. As a human male you may appear successful and win women, as you may have good looks, which is a women’s obsession, you may flatter them, which is a women’s skill and weakness, and so on etc. The key is can you get a woman on your own terms? Can you have them compete for you, as you act like a true male and force them to impress you by taking on good male skills to be tomboy of sorts, while keeping all the good female traits in her at the same time? We are more than animals and so we can turn the mating game to anything we want with willpower and self-discipline, and this process has only been hampered by males that will get sex anyway they can, and women that liked to be seduced by males willing to do anything to captivate them, so they forget the real aim of finding a mate. Presently in our world we suffer from women that are as fickle as they come, but sell it to those around them as profound judgment.

It is said more than 80% of female genes have survived from the past, while only about 30% of the male ones have. This is related to studies done by Mark Stoneking’s research. This shows males are not only the newer gender, but the changing one, and so they have been selected by nature and god to conquer problems and adapt, while women seldom change on their own, or change via their males gene influences.  

In a world where the kleptocrats are turning males into females, a strong male ought to turn his woman back to her true femininity, AND, just as important, have her take on male traits that are as noble as best she can. Thus defeating, in a small way, the agenda and preparing her for our culture war plus. She will then teach her girls better and choose her friends like a man in being fewer and more reliable when the chips are down.

‘A friend to all is a friend to none.’- Aristotle

A man that is a lounge lizard, that counts scores of women as an end goal, is not far from the homosexual promiscuous lifestyle, who also screws for numbers, as they too feel ‘the chase is better than the catch’ to both predators and prey alike. The bodies of such males are geared toward production of sperm and to succeed by r-selection methods over K-selection methods. This is more primitive and herbivorous. Real men think long term and see further ahead, and want the best women and so will make women compete for him. There is no rule from God or nature that says a man must chase a woman, for in this skill the traditional female position is the stronger, and as a man you should take the stronger ground. You should also judge these pursuing women as carefully as a woman does in the same position, for both of your futures depends on it. Women have stupidly given up this position, as they act like weak males in sleeping with many, as if for the first time they have been given a buffet of choices and she wants to try a little of everything. With these traditional female skills being used by a strong male, we can see beyond the old culture to a new one. Your selection in mates will help your children and your happiness as well as you take the strong matriarchal ones in addition to strong patriarchal ones that compliment. Amongst the very rich and powerful this has always been the case, and it now falls to males of all sorts to be the choosers of women.

The rich have tended to not bring up their boys and left them to others to deal with, which is again r-selected and not the best policy, and was really about wanting to play more than work. The banking elites have used usury to make money, while avoiding harder work and dealing with dangers of all sorts. This is effete and is why they are more like women in their fox and weasel like traits.

Male Breeders Always Win

I assert to be a real man one must do 2 things, be as I assert here in these articles- or some version of them- and also bring up boys that can be one also. If you get your wife to be the best she can be with male traits, and any daughters too, all the better. If you do not bring up a boy, you are only half a man, as you need offspring to pass on your knowledge, or they will be lost and so your boys will need to start from scratch and so reinvent the wheel. When bringing up a boy all the skills you have in yourself must be analyzed and centered, as winging it won’t do, when bringing up a boy is more taxing.

For example: You would need to control your territory when it runs into a boy’s. In the wild animal kingdom adult males kick out their young males, as they start to rival them, but as humans we need to mix the areas of territory, so the boys learn more from the inside, not the outside, of a patriarchy.  

If you cannot breed them yourself, then adopt one, or be a mentor. Gays call us breeders, and it is mostly true, and until you have a boy to bring up, your stupid ideas can go unchallenged. With a son you will have to evaluate your own ideas or fail, and so there is zero need to eat crow in front of others, as much will change in your outlook as you mature or fail in your efforts to pass on skills. Do not let gay men prey on boys, as they do not make full men, as it is an exchange and not a full platonic unselfish act. Your children are to be given things with very little in return in equal measure to you. The generosity and love is passed on. Making deals is what is done with those outside the family, and is done within the family as a last resort, not a first resort.   

Lounge Lizards come from chivalry, which came about from troubadours, who arguably originated from a single boy brought up in a castle in Spain, after his father took the castle from a Moslem Moor. There the boy was then exposed to a bunch of Arab women who had all not died for their religion, but lived under a Christian lord and his spoiled princely son’s protection. The boy was a disappointment to his father, as he preferred the ways of harem- or what was left of it. Later as an older man he toured southern France where we have his skills taken up with others like William IX of Aquitaine, who has all the hallmarks of a scoundrel. Not to be outdone, was a Jew named Alfonso who was also into womanizing. There were many others and they all lead later to chivalry. Now rescuing pretty maidens in distress on a white horse was to come later, as we have to see things by their roots- which were hardly heroic. The best example of this, in a humorous way, is Monty Python in the Holy Grail’s Tale of Sir Lancelot.

These effete singing, dancing & boozing skills lead ladies to violate their vows of chastity and even marriage, that has not been lost on our present world, but maybe we can now see where these lead in the end as to the Hollywood pagan orgies, pedos, porn and Woke perversions. We are seeing the end result that many generations have failed to acknowledge. Do not be controlled by your dick, for porn is a political weapon. When the Israeli army took over a town in Lebanon, they had all the TV stations play porn 24/7. Porn steals men’s energy and thinking away from them, and leaves a docile male population of cynical types that rationalize their not doing anything much. The one issue men are generally more emotional than women is sex, and the system has most men/boys by the short and curlies. That is why porn is free. Nothing shows women their place than a man who is offerrd sex by her, and he turns her down, even when he is not gay and wants it. If enough men did so women would panic, if the system was not there to give them a pathetic crutch to falsely rationalize the fact. Be aware of rejected a woman though. I turned down 2 women at the same time and got booted from their social circle and other things real fast. Women are taught men are a slave to their dicks and their egos are thus allowed to play the all knowing type.

These men and women of the old French court, or courtesans, wanted to marry into wealth and nobility, and so we are all following the French Lounge Lizards of the past where this fashion became all the rage, as the minstrels became versions of the troubadours in every court. Later these minstrels, with their puffy moslem turbans, have turned into what goes for musicians of today. The goal is still the same, to seduce women and men by looking fashionable and being hyper-sensitive towards women and girls feelings.      

We have all become Pepe Le Pews in some measure trying to meet the whims of a woman that has emotions that change her mood from day to day or even minute to minute. This is why families of the past would choose who their daughters married, as the elite in their world do. Women do not fall in love forever with a person much, as they are in love with love, and that changes. This is why they are so interested in the love affairs of others in books, movies and gossip. It gives them a thrill, even though it has often nothing to do with their husband, children or boyfriend. One must remember the vast majority of the best poetry, paintings, statues etc. came from men in love. That is a fact, and so let no woman dictate the ideas of love, for it will be her whims played up to be profound as deeply as she cares for her best friend, until something comes to threaten her friend immediately and then she is off to get a cop to die protecting her friend too late. We excuse this fixation on being in love with love- when it is not part of her family.   

This is a trifecta of unmanliness in having French ambition (all is fair in love and war), plus troubadours, plus women’s emotions so dictate our lives. You can see the NWO and its media knows this as singing, dancing, drugs and clothing are all the rage in our cultures- even in sports now. Gays run the fashion industry, Jews the porn industry, and brownnosing is the way to the top of the great beehive of oligarchy companies.


The cultural creators are taking us to a form of archaic-revivalism, which means to take us back in time to a more primitive and weaker time to make us easier to handle. In the past people worshipped fake gods that were half man- half women, and even further back to when goddess ruled the spiritual world of tribes. Men at one time knew not why women had babies and thought them magical and of course sexual, while women of this ancient time, who played this up with the added bonus of self-delusion, thus prefer horoscopes, palm reading and being reincarnated Cleopatra etc., as it would captivate the naïve and horny with a confidence game. It was the patriarchal religions that ended this in the past. We can still slip easily into such old quicksand for we were there for too long, and so too many of us feel comfortable in being captivated by possessed women and androgynous males. Stop being cavemen.

In addition, neoteny distorts, which is the retention of youthful traits into adulthood, and prolongs immaturity in the population. Asian women try to be more cute than gorgeous, due to males being more likely to protect children, and women that appear as child-like. In the 1920s women were called ‘dolls’, and ‘doll face’ for this reason, as women dressed in flapper styles that were thin and less showing of the figure, and more like girls. The idea of women trying to appear tough with men involved in the illegal booze trade during prohibition would not go very far, as such men would thump you or kill you- as sure as look at you. So being like a doll was a way to get taken care of during tough times. In Asia men are very much into the submissive-aggressive role, due to long established hierarchies and bureaucratic maneuvering, and so this left women unable to play this role with their men. So Asian women went cute and purer as a way to appear attractive to men wanting a break from the corrupt world of society. The authoritative Asian kingdoms wanted a docile citizenry and so would allow men to rule over their women in a patriarchal way for much longer than in the west..

Western women like to be worshipped from this archaic time, and that is what Hollywood appears to do now in their flicks, as their heroines are Mary Sues that are born perfect and do not need to develop in anyway and are goddess-like. The idea of getting bruised, broken and scarred, to be powerful, is not appealing to women, and so power must come from outside appearance and any other forms of just being perfect as is. Women have led the way into worshipping Hollywood stars. Regardless of the illusion and the terrible truth of how women are treated there, the need to be worshipped, and or watch other women that are, overwhelms them. The big mistake most men make is thinking women dress for them. It is not true, as the old saying, ‘Only whores and nuns dress for men’ reflects the truth. Women, most of the time, are dressing for other women, even as they say it is because of men.  

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is just the NWO agenda in depopulation in yet another way, by having men not wanting women in their lives, just like radical feminists do in having a house full of cats. The fact that estrogen mimickers lower the need for sex in males is not a mistake. All roads in the agenda lead to not having children, whether in an immediate way, or in a long decline curve downward- as is found in sex change operations, anal sex, broken homes, homosexuality, condoms, the pill, career first, consumerism, porn, fathers out of the home and down the line.

If men can go to war, risk life and limb in daredevil stunts and claim to be any kind of warrior then you can take it on the chin and come back swinging in a real way, where it matters, in choosing a wife. The system has made this as bad as it could be on purpose, and now as women finally receive their just rewards, you might actually find one that wants no part of the feminism anymore or the Woke BS. A shell-shocked male of the gender war, needs only see the big picture and also see his suffering was orchestrated by the deep state. Direct physical violence towards women, by any man, simply means he is unable to maneuver with ideas, words and or SELF-DECIPLINE. The woman outdoes you with her emotions trumping your logic. Hopefully this, and other articles, will help teach you to win at this distorted game.  

These ideas are a challenge to those good Christian men that stand their ground with morals with women, but they will still lose the fight as there is no rollback of the agenda even in your household, as your wife has only gone back to square one, as I saw these traits that women have before feminists came along. Women have and will take the best of the old ways and the best of the new ways, and a ‘real man’ should make them hold to the best of the old ways, and take on the best of the males’ ways as much as possible. Why? For if you have not noticed the system is trying to make girls and women take on the worst male ways. Crowing like a rooster, sniping at their betters are just the start of a long list of things that remind a man like me of the weak males you see today. Both genders have the worst of what their genders have to offer, and not the best of their genders. I do not like young stupid males, and when women act like them, they turn me off of them right fast. This cultural led method is deliberate as well.

Your boys are under attack and most of their fathers are intellectually nowhere to be seen on the social battlefield. Too many women want weaker men now, as they want to be control-freaks for security more than marry independent strong talented men. The media is encouraging this as it is fashionable to go for weak men, and some have argued that the pill actually made women go after weaker men as well.

Where are all the good men? The single mothers certainly did not bring them up, despite being able to do it all and kicking out their husbands- or being dumped. Most women are not attracted to the real men still around, as they want to be worshipped as all powerful, and then flip back to wanting to be protected at any given moment. This kind of thinking is why women suffer more from mental breakdowns than men. The big daddy state is their husband now, and he is the most abusive husband the world has ever seen, and you have only yourself to blame in letting the lounge lizard politicians con you into the position you find yourself Ms. Empowered Woman. You are all big girls now and are responsible for the mess you are in, certainly not good strong men that you could not get like the Fox and the Grapes.

Battling Boredom

Another very important aspect of self-discipline is dealing with another important fear. That is boredom. Is not ‘boredom in study’, and other less attention seeking quests to learn truth (and not be praised by the tribe) worthy of becoming a man? Women learn well due to drama or fear, as their emotions are triggered. Are you the same? Are all the battles of life only exciting? Will you need to be brave when no one is watching? Will boredom defeat you in overcoming what you need to do and learn? Why are women not common in engineering departments no matter how the elite try to get them in the area? Men like logic and can overcome boredom- to learn first to create later. Teach this fact to a boy after he has overcome a more direct fear in front of others, when he has listened to you and is eager to learn more of this conquering fear thing, as you have shown him the way. Teach him to battle anything that has boredom as its sidekick too.   

Sycophants to the Hive

Some may jump on this article, who should not be, for overcoming one’s obstacles to being wealthy, and or powerful, at any price are often just one trick ponies or Magic Sword types too. Is it hard to steal money from the weak? Is it hard to kiss up to the system and be a sycophant? Are not women better bees and ants in these traits? You may rise to have wealth and power, but you are doing the bidding of others and are no more than a pencil neck in the growing world bureaucracy and nothing more. Cultures that accept slavery, serfdom and a caste system will replace you, and then AI will replace them. Hardly a sure way in the long term to live by your own ways! You die a little each day as Wilson was in the book 1984.   

Such self-discipline, covered here, is beyond the scope of a girl or women that wants all to like her, and effete boys that are milder versions. No revolution has ever been solely started, run and succeeded by women alone. Feminism was created by the elite to break up the family, and leave all more isolated, which in the end makes women suffer more than men-for some men warm to isolation as they read and get things done with it.

Such males are indeed a threat to the system, that now prefers females and or androgynous males for the great beehive under construction- called the NWO. Read Brave New World to see what is coming.  

Support men who do deeds, not talk like any politician that wants your vote before he keeps his word. Support him by half, if he does half of what he says, and stop arguing like a woman that he, ‘Must say what others like to hear- to later get things done.’ Modern politics is style over substance. Anyone’s words, like my own here, must be matched by deeds- or he is no one to follow or support. The perfect is not the enemy of the better, yet emotionally giving loyalty to a candidate that sounds good, and you liked and voted for, is a trap of a fool. All of us have voted for the wrong people most of the time, for they are almost all controlled. The best leaders were in war and risked and suffered with their men and never forgot them. Some still sell out, but some did not, and those who fight in the trenches with you are the ones to follow. They will not fall to vices over honor and loyalty- for they will die on these unmovable mountains. This is why the most corrupt have so many useless wars, so as to get rid of braver and more principled men, and make money in war materials and usury for the oligarchy.  

Bringing Up Girls to Oppose the Beehive or Ant Farm

Fathers presently tend to treat daughters like Disney princesses for too long in their lives. While they are cute, and later as teenagers they become the most desirable, bringing girls that can further drag out getting things done for them through skills that do not work when they get older and uglier. Being precocious only can happen when they are young, and make for uneducated Karens in the future. All a father has to do is wait for a daughter to lie to someone close to her, and then discipline her heavily for each time and every time she does so. If you wait to see direct bad behavior, like a boy does, you may wait forever and thus create a performer that acts with lies. Daddy’s little girls should see that dad is not impressed with her manipulating skills, as his role is to establish as much of a tomboy in her as she should need in the future, and use her other non-sexual women’s skills to impress him and her brothers. Yet as the reader can imagine, this is not happening, as wives are brow beating men into not even making their sons learn these skills, let alone his daughters. Women, that like to see themselves as strong, are marrying weaker men that will let her lead the home and work space. So even husbands that are in the home are not bringing up males properly.

Just look at the boy toy groups, where they do not compose their own songs, nor choose the lyrics, nor select their wardrobe, nor choreography their dance steps, nor even often enough sing their own songs. Most are all fudgepacked by the elites. All they are is merely cute- and women, girls and gays just love them, and way too many young men today want to be them. They think it is the easy life, and want to continue their precocious behavior into adulthood. It is many more things than merely immature.

As covered in early articles the academic world has been distorted to be centered on female ways from the time of the educational system reforms that took place with the Prussian Educational System discussed here: The Destruction of Education A to Z, linked (Part 1 and Part-2). Academic education is status centered, regurgitative and peer-group obsessed, and so the fears of a person, that has no other skills, can make one regurgitate better.

In Asia, that has had a meritocracy in academics for so very much longer, there are many students that commit suicide due to failed tests. Some take revenge on institutions and teachers that they feel screwed them over for their carriers (to get into the better institutions, jobs or high levels of education) with one single bad grade at regurgitating. This is not a system for men. The system is geared to creating super narrow nerds, and as the good meritocracy is removed in Asia, they will become like ours presently with countless effetes with degrees in basket weaving, politically correct bureaus and appointed positions and set asides that are as narrow as they come in not having a wide degree of skills, and of course not knowing themselves at all. This is why the media makes narrow nerds cool in sitcoms. Offer a man, that has never had a woman, and feels he will not get one without money, and he will do just about anything as incels do. These positions can be historically connected to eunuchism in Asia, as the system now worldwide is one that encourages males to give up male traits to become bees in the hive. People are unknowingly competing with computers and are completely assured of losing as the computers get better and better. An education for men should be built upon an upgrade of the Classics, and a magnifying of all thing imaginative, as computers cannot do this correctly.

Once husbands are gone out of the home, it is a full court press to encourage or force female skills on boys and spoilt girls, who both play the victim with mom until they are no longer cute or attractive, and then it is ‘do as the tired mummy dictates’ as her emotions trumps the childs’.

Women’s Fears Can Make their Self-Discipline Negated

Self-discipline is not outside enforced discipline, and this outside force is where women excel past men as many forces outside her control can make her jump and bend over backwards to outdo real men. Some children are spoiled and precocious when they are young, then girls are further spoiled as they become too agreeable with people, as they fear many things and want people to like them. This is then often carried on all the way until young adulthood, via more emotions, due to being pretty and desirable, and having some males being simps. This long chain of effete dysfunction is maintained by 2 key aspects: Dysfunctional girls and young women are preferring the easy life of riding on the fact of having people like them and do things for them because of how they appear on the outside, and the other aspects of rationalizing their ways, or playing a hysterical victim (whether real or played up). Thus, resulting in one aspect of the submissive-aggressive type, or simply solely a passive personality type, that will not help in the fight for our culture and world.

Strong healthy males must develop a will, helped by testosterone, in overcoming inside and outside obstacles. With some help from a father, brother, mentor or even a book/article, men must rise up, as they take the idea of overcoming weaknesses in any, or all areas, depending on which areas they are weakest in – or need to move ahead in their lives.

This is not so with women, as they must tolerate others vices because they are made to deal with children, who are not fully formed and have vices galore. A strong-willed man must pocket his intolerance of flawed people when dealing with children, and not expect too much, and instead study how and when to introduce the encouragement of self-control in their older children, younger players on teams and as a teacher to students. At the same time, they should get their wives to abandon their over tolerance for children’s vices as they get older too. Measurably most women will give more time to the weaker children and thus take time from the stronger, and even worse, make the stronger children center their time on covering for the weaker ones too. Women do prefer to be the nice cop over the bad cop in any dealings with issues of discipline. Pitying the cute young animals with big eyes, and of course cute children, is somehow turned on its head to lead to family dysfunctions, as the weakest child gets more attention, which leads to drama taking valuable attention away from the more self-disciplined people. Women and mothers emotionally identify, and may even be bonded to this type of weak character, as they spend huge amounts of family time being highly sensitive in working on the weaker child.

Now in moderation this is expected and good, but not when you encourage the behaviors with endless attention and the fatal flaw of, ‘let’s compete to see who can act the most sensitive’ which you find in many cultures on the female side of the equation.

The worst case of this I have ever seen is with the new Japanese media and Japanese women’s peer-groups, where effetes compete to be considered the best people by being more sensitive than anyone else. Everything goes into slow-motion and takes on a turtle’s pace and anyone’s flaws can be left unchanged and unquestioned for a life time. This can be seen in a single phrase that is used in both cultures, and the meanings it takes on. In the western male culture to have a ‘thick skin’ means to not be overly sensitive and not overreact with words, actions or digs emotionally- or in making a mountain out of a molehill. The opposite of this is the new woke culture now as they get hysterical about the smallest things. In Japan to have a ‘thick skin’ denotes a cold unfeeling person that does not care for others. This shows the samurai culture is disappearing, and so both cultures become oversensitive as a way to not upset their females and effete males. Flaws are never dealt with and are hidden, like with women’s looks being covered over with gobs of make-up.

Now I am not heartless, as a child that is sick, and or been through a shock, suffered in some notable way deserves the special treatment and sensitivity to rebuild them up to go at things later. Yet this is not what we are talking about here. There are children that play the victim, play up small hurts endlessly, and or make a mountain out of a mole hill that must be made to smarten up and get some balls. This may not be capable in young girls and women completely, but that does not mean they should not pull their weight, face some of the fears and vices, and most important of all be shown how men are different and admirable in how they do so. Flat out, such a male should read the riot act, in letting a young person of either sex know that if they do not muster up, they will never be equal to a man. They may choose to have the skills of a strong women in nurturing, but that trying to act like they are as strong as a real man, while they are pathetically weak, will forever never fool a real man. Such a lesser should face this fact openly, to at least see their many flaws, as that is the only way to ‘Know Thyself’, and so at least one day to maybe choose to overcome some or all of them. This should be made plain to their face directly, and if this does not sink in, done again in front of other real males who should back you up.

This can be stated and done with the love of ‘truth’ as its goal. This should be stated in opposition with the love of the women’s kind, who would prefer to be loved by others over making them stronger, for her love centers on control so she feels emotionally secure. If a female tries to excuse this away, and says she can be just as strong as a man, then have her prove it by male standards. If a woman huffs and puffs and tries to present a lowered standard of bravery, then dismiss it and walk away, there ending any talk. For it is do, not talk that is male. If you try this you may get a tempest in a tea pot form of bravery, which may be sold as much greater than it is.

Examples: Ask a woman to go against the herd for a long time openly, and risk violence of some sort to do so. Ask her to risk death with enough things so she knows she can do so at any time she needs too. Have her study about other brave men in history and learn and apply their methods to be better in her own life. This will take her time away from all the pragmatic things she does in her daily life and lose all sense of comfort and being part of a herd. If she does it, and is not broken by it, then she can return to her life, but will find it not the same and not as interesting as before. She will be the exception that still proves the rule.

For you and I know 99% of women cannot do this, as even most men cannot. Yet with men there are still many who will look and admire such men that can do, and follow them. The cliche you hear from most women today is,’ accept me as I am’- as they spend hours in the bathroom trying to look different to please their media led peer-group in trying to be something they are not. The more they cover on the outside the weaker they are on the inside. Men make others around them, and themselves, better, and that is our way, so to accept me as I am is to accept that I try to make people better, and you should accept that if you want to return the ‘accept me as I am’ (in equality) you must do so. Otherwise, you want your way enforced on me, which is not equality at all.

Yet to see what usually happens with women after marriage is to look at this old chestnut, ‘Men want their wives to stay the same after marriage, while women want to change their husbands after marriage.’

As for the men of our generation take heed of the following:

The better you are in the virtual world, the weaker you are in the real one.’ -Timocrat

Women used to use their good looks, while they were young, to find a good man, so in their later years when the looks were gone, they would be in a good place to have a full life. That was a self-discipline that is now lost with their virginity real fast. In fact, when women say how foolish they were when they were young is often not the case. As they used many stupid emotions to follow while they are young, and simply use a new range of older women’s stupid emotions to follow when they are older. Hardly a step up.

With single mothers, schools deliberately filled with female teachers, and jobs deliberately given to women over men there is nowhere for boys to find mentors, or their fathers to teach them the great skill of self-discipline. Like in part 1, with those men that look down of pathetic males that have been exposed to estrogen, how are such boys brought up in the NWO Amazonian Culture supposed to find their way to manhood-like you the big stud have done? Your callousness and competitiveness stops you from seeing these males possible potential as worthy of giving a chance at least once. If every real man gave just one promising boy a try, and made it clear he had to pay attention, or he is on his own, we could sway the odds in the right directions. In helping them, such males could state clearly ‘to pass it on’, so as to continue it further into the future. These boys are more likely to survive as the other will not. We will win by attrition.

The older the male and the stronger he is mentally, the more self-disciplined he can be. Good religions are about self-discipline in regards to vices, and vices make one weak. The more vices you have the weaker you are.

A man has as many masters as he has vices.’- Augustine of Hippo

The young and weak project their vices onto others, and so play the victim. Women are queens of playing the victim compared to real men, so women project their vices onto others. Mommas’ boys learn this and not only project, but also obsess about smaller issues that are not as important as the 7 deadly sins. Lying to make nice, to flatter, to be part of a gossip group and escape their wrath, to escape judgmentalism are all to be found in the effete camp. Lying is the main way one escapes self-discipline, and most important in this method is lying to oneself. 

Honor With or Without U

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  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’m about halfway done reading and I have some feedback.

    The ideas presented are generally solid. They center on fundamentals. For many of us, this is review, but it’s important to say these things out loud for the benefit of younger men. (It’s also critical to review fundamentals regularly, but this is a hard sell to modern men who are accustomed to overstimulation.) Solid fundamentals are especially important in the present day because they have been largely lost in transmission between generations and need to be reinvented.

    That’s the good part. You have important things to say, which is the most important part of writing.

    The bad part is you have a writing style that is so bizarre it distracts from the ideas. I want you to copy your text into ChatGPT and tell it to rewrite your essay in concise plainstyle. That’s a fancy word for getting to the point and cutting out everything that doesn’t grt to the point. See how much more useful that is to the audience? Writing well is a skill and you need to develop it or readers will dismiss your ideas based only on the presentation. Yes, that’s stupid of them, but they’re stupid and the rule in everything is you need to meet people where they are. I advise you to see this as an obstacle to be overcome.

    You’re sitting on a big diamond, but it’s a rough, uncut diamond. Anyway, good luck and godspeed.


    1. timocrat3 says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I learned my style from other writers, and there is a method to the it. The idea of 3 points in the introduction and conclusion, with support for every assertion is something too many have become used to, and makes for boring papers. I welcome you showing me how it is done, and letting me know. I will read your work on this subject to see how it should be done. My focus is to awake those still capable of being woken up. As I have stated before to be “woke” used to mean to not be in the matrx, but now has been turned into being a confused worshipper of Cybele in the Brave New NWO..

      I am as Orthodox Chirstian and hope you come to see the faith as having deeper meaning and a compete history from Jesus to today- with priests who have touched each other on the shoulders all the way back to the begining -not found in the preachers making it up as they go in Prodestant cycles, that seems to be spreading to the Pope. There is joke in Orthodox circles that we think that Pope Francis should be a saint in the Orthodox- due to all the traditional Catholics coming into the Orthodox faith becuase of the popes (Black & White) pagans pushing NWO perversions. Do not look to the MSM passsing on this great increase in young men going Orthodox, for the new faith being created in the Ukraine- to try and replace the Orthodox faith- there is of their making. Besides it is well known men are the first to leave any corrupt church, as women always fill the dying churches as they are “people centered” instead of “principle centered”. Funny how women seem unable to see men leaving as a sign of there people centered ideas not working???


  2. Brad says:

    I actually read the whole thing instead of stopping halfway to critique. I really enjoyed the article. Thanks for writing it. I am motivated when I read truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. timocrat3 says:

      Thanks for the support. Here is a link covering on part 1;


    2. James says:

      I like the style. I wouldn’t necessarily want it to be watered down / generic-ified through chat gpt for the sake of it. It’s not polished but that gives it an edge and I enjoy the train of flow prose. Overall, I really wouldn’t criitise. Looking forward to the next one.

      One point is on the rider/saddle analogy, you rightfully place emphasis on the rider and saddle, combating psychological subversion. But i think you fail to place enough emphasis on the importance of passion. In other words, a great rider and stirup sitting on a donkey isn’t going to go very far. We need strong passions (which I suppose blend into will) and which, in turn, come from a blend of genetics and cultural factors I would guess (and not being exposed to endocrine blockers.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. timocrat3 says:

        Yes, you are right on the power of the horse, or the passion it represents, It is the energy that can get things done. Mind you the Donkey was s symbol of the devil in ancient cults all the way back to Egypt. People used to place their dead on the donkeys, and hence the connection. This is why the Egyptian god Set looks like one in some ways. Like the Jackel and Aardvark who live at night and dig in the ground, Set was said to be the religion of people with small hats by Plutarch.


  3. MissMary says:

    I like the article. It is a little hard to get through but I do not mind that. I am a woman and I like to try new things and to try to do hard things. In my little sphere of influence that might mean learning to make top-notch homemade breads and other goodies and it might mean slogging my way through Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica. Cheers, and don’t stop writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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