Winners, Losers and Links


Twitter – The DeSantis announcement is something new for the platform. Being “live” is their edge. We will see if others follow.

Russia – They finally took Bakhmut. Will those fighters get crushed in a double pincer counteroffensive? Will this inspire the West to send F-16s? No one knows.


Bud Light – If pictures of sales giving Bud Light away are to be believed, they are in a world of hurt.

GOP – DeSantis has a lot of PAC money behind him. Unless he burns through it quickly, this will be an ugly, unnecessary primary fight for a year.

White Crisis Actors – Looking at the last few shooters and Uhaul truck drivers, even the Great Replacement works there.


Wes Yang shares another teacher in the hood confessional.

Everything old is older and was more developed than we think.

Different take on how to de-risk AI.

Ron Unz on media corruption.

Microsoft wants to add AI to your Windows. There will be no snooping right?

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  1. Gnillik Yot says:

    “Will this inspire the West to send F-16s? ”

    Um, Biden sent F-16s last week. You’re not keeping on top of things.


    1. Aeoli Pera says:

      Relax bruh, when people write roundups like this it’s just collected notes and thoughts over several days. Throw in a couple busy workdays and you’re a week back, and that’s just an average week with nothing big going on.


  2. GDR says:

    If Biden sent F-16s that heeb would station them in earthworks outside bakhmut and shoot their weapons at Russian conscripts.

    Whatever your opinion of the morality of this war or Russia’s competence, the Ukrainian command is not fighting to win.


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