Tactics of the Troubles – Part 2

Perhaps one of the most repulsive acts of barbarism from The Troubles came from the Loyalist Shankhill Butchers. These murders stand apart for the barbarism they demonstrated. Innocent Catholics were abducted, tortured, killed, and cut up into pieces. It was a set of crimes that hardened UDA and UVF men in the Maze found repulsive….

Bundy: Where Did All The Serial Killers Go?

Bad Billy Pratt… A typically overlooked consequence to government omnipotence is the extinction of serial killer as public performance art.  In the cat and mouse game between cops and killers, the cat didn’t just kill the mouse, the cat obliterated it.  The detective story dies when everything is recorded. The Zodiac Killer, with his taunting letters, will eventually seem quaint-…