Five Friday Reads 11/16/18

Who pushes culture and who has energy? We know institutional power is in the hands of the left. Every institution. No matter if wrong they are entrenched and sit tight with their sinecures and power. They are on their heels a bit with narrative. How fast did the MAGA bomber happen and then fall apart? Anyone mention him at all? No. Dissidents definitely push things and the evolutionary pressure of the chans and forums hone memes and ideas. Doubt it? Check out the left pointing and sputtering at the Soy Boy meme. They never deny the science, only call it pseudoscience, and they just call the men pushing it meanies. Right now the porn industry is agitated by #NoFap and #NotNutNovember. This threatens all of them as they only thing they have to offer you, from the system itself to the women you meet, is momentary orgasms. To the links…

An Environmentalism Rant – I’m posting two links to Nishiki’s blog because both posts were tremendous. This post reads like the rant of an environmentalist who has read his Linkola and has had 5 drinks at the dinner party. The bouji enviro poseur is in the cross hairs here as the essay stops being polite and starts being real. That the left turned all of environmentalism into a debate about CO2 is a shame as there are far greater problems out there, and of course, since CO2 management means CO2 markets for Wall St to game, we don’t even debate real solutions to our problems.

Spencer The Communist From The Future  – Spencer is pretty mild but became the boogeyman the system wanted. The deeper point though was in how far things had sunk demographically that his request, and denial of doing harsh deeds, is so modest. Counters to this are the reliance on all trends continuing, which is impossible due to human instability, and his other essay on environmental degradation.

China’s Camp For Sissy Boys – If it appears that China watches the West and just does the opposite of it, it’s because it may be true. This is fascinating not just for the subject, actual investment in raising boys to be more masculine and express themselves in a masculine way, but also for the writing that says how the West is worried about toxic masculinity.

Split America Up? No, seriously? – This is not Nick Land or I blogging about this in 2015. These are legitimate outlets. The Week’s essay was the most read thing at that outlet all week. NY Mag is legit. These essays could be trial balloons to argue against the idea. “How do you shoot that idea down so we can wait for demographic changes?” That also relies on everyone accepting the game as it has been played when one side knows the other has hacked it via immigration.

The Rubes Are Catching On – Similar to the two links above, this is not Enoch writing this, it is the American Thinker. The anti-white zeitgeist is openly discussed here and it is discussed how to combat this. As this continues to slip through the public discourse, the idea of holding the American empire together will loosen. Those two above links about partitioning the nation might be test runs. The Florida and Georgia governor races were real flashes of the future problems of the demographic change. It’s not that the system had Beige Bernies running. They had the DMV lady and the corrupt mayor who had 99 problems but Hamilton ain’t one, Hu-hah-hah. Once they have the numbers, Chavez’s get elected, no matter what.

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  1. Spooky N says:

    A lot of problems and no solutions in the west, although props to the chinks for showing it how it’s done.


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