Midwest Floods + Five Friday Reads 3/29/19

Where your attention is reveals where your mind is. Our attention is on Russiagate fallout, Venezuela, political pivots and election 2020. There is a massive disaster happening that is not getting the Congressional fast track response that Israel enjoys. The Midwest is underwater. This will have a large effect on your grocery bill this year….

Boomer Real Estate Woes

There are many reasons to complain about the media but one feature often missed is how they pick the worst victims to spotlight. We have all seen this in local coverage where a criminal is shot while breaking into a home and the local news goes to his family for a comment, airing their grievances….

UBI And Amazon Dorms

Threads of contemporary discourse are strange when viewed independently but if woven together with the right mind can create a wonderful tapestry. Even the most absurd or odd comment or news announcement can fit into the greater picture when connected. Our current media and education environment is planting the seeds for the implementation of the…

Old And New Paganism by BAP

Today’s essay is a special submission from a friend. Thought up on an Asian beach while watching sunsets and written near the plains of the urheimat, Bronze Age Pervert sends this message on the issue of paganism. This is his first long form piece since the raving success Bronze Age Mindset. Enjoy. After Trump won…

Five Friday Reads – 3/22/19

What is the latest fear the left wants to push? Eco-terrorism or eco-fascism has been a steady trickle. What is the next step? Worrying that the right (far or not) may start to take environmentalism seriously. This essay reinforces enough lies as standard liberal operating procedure, but does hint at the reality of environmental concerns….

Right Wing Foucault

“By this I mean a number of phenomena that seem to me to be quite significant, namely, the set of mechanisms through which the basic biological features of the human species became the object of a political strategy, of a general strategy of power, or, in other words, how, starting from the 18th century, modern…

Flight 93 Redux

After Donald Trump’s inauguration, an event capping one of the most unbelievable upsets in modern political history, former president George W Bush reportedly turned to Hillary Clinton and said of the speech “That was some weird shit.” Note: I do not advocate violence or acts of terrorism. Anything discussed in the following commentary is purely…

From al-Askari, Samarra, Iraq to al-Noor, Christchurch, New Zealand

Proximity + Diversity = Violence. In 2006 the al-Askari mosque in Samarra, Iraq was bombed. It is considered one of the holiest sites for Shia muslims. Whilst no one was injured in this attack the reprisal attacks against Sunni’s and Sunni mosques resulted in an estimated 1000 deaths. Shia militia men launched numerous attacks. These…

Walter Laqueur, Henry Kissinger, and the Death of American Historiography

By irkutyanin1 Incessantly, we hear complaints from the right about the inadequacy of even elite universities to give even the most rudimentary of a higher education. The university, of course, is a natural and necessary target, it’s sprawling departments overspecialized and teaming with ideologues well versed in programming the youth with the ideology of self-annihilation….

Five Friday Reads – 3/15/19

A weird thing is happening in the business world where businesses are fleeing California and New York. I read this last week on Peak California. This is not Peak California from an opportunity or middle class paradise perspective. That is well in the past. The essay got me thinking about how in my line of…