Cloak In Woke – Woke Capital As A Strategy

The gay cries that they are the underdog while all of us scroll past a month’s worth of PRIDE tweets from every corporation on the globe. This is woke capital. The nexus of progressive state religion and big business is out in the open and increasingly obnoxious. Corporations are not the only ones though as the cultural revolution moves along, and we see the military-industrial complex and the military itself adopt this strategy. All must cloak in woke to survive the American Maoists, and those who cloak in woke can trick the masses.

It is true that it is not just corporate America that has adopted cloak in woke to distract the left. The US military allowed transgender powerpoint presentations and forced officers to walk in heels to understand women. They did this and no one protested a single action or deployment they made from 2009-2016. The Kurdish puppet fighting force in Syria had commie lady fighters shooting at jihadis. Did it strike you as odd why the media always mentioned those lady fighters? Feminism provided the shield for the Pentagon to use to prevent anyone from asking why was America in Syria and how deep was our presence.

This makes from an historical sense if you trace the progression of money and politics. In 1971, future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell wrote what would be called the Powell Memo. This was a call to arms for corporations to start a multi-pronged campaign against the radical left pushing socialism and communism. The goal was to prevent the destruction of the capitalist system. If one looks at records from the 1970s, unions and universities poured money into campaigns at orders of magnitude higher than large corporations like GE or United Technologies.

This all changed as the corporate donations that landed Reagan into the White House turned into lavish government contracts and tax cuts, killing the Old Right’s idea of balanced budgets. The return on investment was too fantastic to not participate. The productive economic interests funded Reagan and have been the backbone of the GOP’s donation machine since. The dereg crowd that wants deregulation is this interest bloc.

The story does not end there though, and only lays the groundwork for the woke capital situation we live in today. The GOP was not woke. The Democrats had a woke wing, the McGovern Coalition, but they were electoral losers. The marriage of capital and the woke crowd was cemented in the ’90s as the Democratic Leadership Council bought the Democrat party. Business interests not given primacy in the GOP’s economic policy (productive economy focused) saw the leftward turn of the Democrats as a loser, and partnered with white, male politicians from the Midwest and South. They wanted to elect governors, senators and maybe one as President.

Mondale had won the nomination but was broke for the general. Dukakis won the nomination in ’88 as the only one left with any money. The DLC told Democrats that no matter what, money would be there for them if they only pushed a pro-business economic platform. The DLC failed in ’88 by supporting multiple candidates and losing the delegate fight to a coastal liberal nominee. They learned from this and put all of their support in one candidate after flying multiple men in to New York and DC for auditions with media and donor class decision makers. Their man was Governor Bill Clinton.

The book Reinventing Democrats reveals this decade long process. The DLC thread the needle with Clinton and instead of building slowly with governors or senators, they placed a man in the Oval Office. DLC operators moved primaries around so that a Super Tuesday of Southern states, which was the DLC bread and butter, would cement their man. DLC money, especially Wall Street money, kept Clinton alive in the ’92 campaign despite his stumbles. Read 1992 news reports for how the liberal wing slowly saw this coming and used Jerry Brown too late in the game.

Every single economic policy Clinton decided on was a battle between advisers Robert Reich and Robert Rubin. Rubin’s direct report at GoldmanSachs was Ken Brody cited in the NY Times link above as head of the Wall Street fundraising; Brody was to become head of the Ex-Im Bank. Reich was Mr. Labor, representing old union interests and the little guy. Rubin was Mr. Wall Street, representing the ascendant banking elite and corporate interests. Rubin won every single policy argument in Clinton’s presidency. Sorry, he lost one. Rubin advised a pro-corporation health care reform, but Clinton decided on the Hillarycare initiative that failed. Clinton learned his lesson.

The ’90s saw the GOP win over more of flyover, wiping out some of those lingering potential DLC politicians. It also saw the DLC go to deeply partisan Democrat politicians and explain to them to vote against the old labor line and to be more pro-business. One needs a growing bustling rich to pay for the welfare for the underclass. How did it do this? They would walk into these candidates’ offices and tell them that if they betrayed labor and lost $100,000 in donations, the DLC would make up for that $100,000 and contribute even more. Money won out. The DLC even used big business donors to launch careers like former Governor, now Senator Mark Warner. The DLC closed in ’11 because by then, the takeover was complete. Obama was never going to reform Wall Street because he was already bought and paid for in the Democrats’ donor system. This is known but hidden because the con of protecting the little guy was needed to keep the Rust Belt in the coalition.

This is how woke capital exists. It funds the show. It just reflects the current pet policies that the Democrats use to assemble their coalition. As Hillary Clinton said, even if you break up the banks like ol’ Bernie wants, would you get rid of sexism, racism and homophobia? Nope. That is what is most important. If big business cloaks itself in woke, no one will ever try to attack its power. Occupy Wall Street was the last protest against big business by the left, and its failure is a great clue as to why the Democrat leadership pivoted hard towards woke social policies. Obama revealed what a fraud they were as fighters for the little man against big business.

Woke Capital (the account) noted that woke business displays are a bit of the Green Grocer effect. They also work as free advertising for the consumers who want to think a good liberal or good homosexual buys Tide. Woke displays are also great defense if anyone files a class action lawsuit for discrimination or harassment. It is a diversity danegeld. What is the real cost of being pro-gay when the HRC has an index to monitor your attitude on LGBT issues? This is a legalized extortion racket, but that is what left wing politics are in America.

The woke crowd is using HR as a vector. HR itself has the problem of being made obsolete with the use of LinkedIn for recruiting, and email documentation being enough to fire anyone now. Woke enforcement works for HR by giving them a purpose. This suits the SJWs by tipping the scales on hiring. Besides rigging hiring, being woke acts as a non-pecuniary factor for employee loyalty. Liberalism itself demands a level of wokeness; there are public bids that ask you for the percentage of employees who are visible minorities. Corporations comply. This parasitism can only go on for so long.

To think capital is a monolith is incorrect. Our increasing corporate concentration makes this a more visible issue than if we had smaller firms and wider supplier markets. Many employees just want to work. Many executives see this for what it is and hate the danegeld. There are competent and even right wing people. You seriously think all those self-described libertarians at work are libertarian? They practice ketman just like you do at a dinner party. One call I was on recently noted that the Pacific Northwest firm’s question about what we do for women has to be approached from a left coast mindset as our firm’s female centric programs may be considered paternalistic and benevolent sexism. The conference call erupted in laughter, including high pitched chuckles from the women.

Corporations understand the talent problem that it faces with the newer generations. The employee turnover rates and attrition rates are sorted by all metrics. They are not blind. They see the problem ahead and are now pivoting to automation and algorithms. What companies would spend years on developing in employees as hunches and institutional knowledge, they are now formalizing, creating sharepoints and corporate wikis, and programming algorithmic decision making.

This is for the mindwork that everyone wants to have but not as many have the aptitude. Workarounds are being developed not just mechanically but in corporate structure. Some firms maintain client management and paper pushing and then outsource tougher white collar production work to smaller firms (not woke). Some large firms have even outsourced their HR departments entirely because the knee jerk discrimination lawsuits after terminations made it more cost efficient to eliminate HR and rely on a professional firm.

This is a symbiotic relationship. Corporations need political favors, contracts and protection in the courts. The state religion needs missionaries and advertising. Media itself is collapsing so the direct missives from corporations fill that space. Progressives do not want a competing worldview out there in advertising. They want to see their vassals rewarded with corporate gigs, so if there is a little parasitism, it is the cost of a friendly SEC and FTC.

When cloaked in woke, our oligopolies cement their hold on the economic life of America. Big banks dodged any accountability or punishment as long as they supported Obama. Do you think different pieces of the progressive coalition are going to care about the economic structure of America as long as those increasingly concentrated sectors spout the correct slogans? A little bit of UBI and a whole lot of black lives matter, refugees welcome and love wins will lull the governed to sleep.

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