Schrodinger’s Blacks

As the gap grows between the left and right, more on the right accept that the left will not debate in good faith. The better view is to listen to any statement or rationale as whatever the progressive needs at the moment to win and rule. The left continuously contradicts itself in a Humpty Dumpty manner so that something or someone means specifically one thing unless they say it means something else. As this is an elite strategy, one of the best examples of this is in the use of blacks as pawns for whatever debate is at hand. Because nuance is considered racist and the ideological Overton window means not assigning blame for non-progressive reasons, we endure a situation of Schrodinger’s blacks.

This is a play on the thought experiment of Schrodinger’s cat where a cat is simultaneously dead and alive thanks to quantum mechanics. What we see in daily news articles and debates is the deployment of black outcomes as negative no matter what is done by the government or private businesses.

Your car radio blares an advertisement with a sassy black lady talking about how her foreclosure felt rushed. She felt there might be some discrimination or bias. Call the law offices named at the end of the ad for a free consultation. You might think this is odd. Just a few months ago, you saw a local news B bloc segment on the problem of banks not foreclosing and clearing out their inventory fast, causing blight in black neighborhoods. You have just experienced Schrodinger’s blacks.

These negative outcomes are imperceptible at times. A generation ago, the debate about redlining involved factors no longer discussed. Even before the Community Reinvestment Act, researchers showed for Forbes and Fortune magazines how loans were fair to blacks once one factored in the age of the house and other specific issues connected to neighborhoods. After the financial crises, foreclosure speed often was tied to how fast the bank felt they could resell the home. Is nuance allowed? Of course not. Any differential is racism.

This year we are hearing Bernie Sanders and AOC both push for a cap on consumer debt. They want to bring back usury laws and interest rate limitations. High interest rates unfairly target the underclass and people of color. This is a Schrodinger’s blacks situation already. What are the future headlines? “Minorities Are Denied Access To Credit“. If you doubt this, this was the exact slogan against redlining and behind the democratization of credit. When we had anti-usury laws, loans could not exceed set thresholds, and it took a President Carter era banking law in 1980 to repeal them.

That law served multiple purposes, but it served a major one for the Community Reinvestment Act. With interest rate caps, there was no way that banks would make loans at 9 or 10% secured by the awful housing stock of the cities in black neighborhoods. Blacks were riskier borrowers and higher risk means higher interest rates. We had to repeal anti-usury laws to allow for access to credit. If the US were to re-introduce interest rate caps, the credit would be limited or denied entirely. Credit cards are secured by nothing. All those credit cards in all of those lower income wallets will disappear or see their limits crash. Consumer credit, especially high risk credit, is highly profitable for our banking sector. Because the left’s propagandists are in control, blacks have zero agency in these situations, forever swept in the whirlwind of a system everyone else navigates without becoming the system’s bloody shirt.

This is not just for economic gain by big interests. It is for the progressive system in general. For decades, the left has pumped out research paper and news article about how unwanted pregnancies and early motherhood hurts underclass female’s chances at independence. It sentences a family to poverty, is the quip. It burdens a woman. Poor women are now turning to IUDs with their contraception choice and this is a bad thing.

The righteous thinking researchers are here to tell you how this is akin to eugenics. Maybe it does prevent poverty but it is wrong. Irony being that these women of color receiving IUDs are most likely going to Planned Parenthood, which is as left leaning as a medical services provider can get, and still the specter of eugenics and white control of non-white bodies is dragged out as a boogeyman. The unspoken thing is that switching women to the pill means an 87% success rate so more accidental babies, plus women at any time can stop taking the pill and not tell their partner. New consumers for public goods, and new broken homes for our nanny state infrastructure.

This is the problem we face where we are limited by the Overton Window in how we can approach these problems. Even dismissing the specific dysfunction is now labeled as insensitive and privileged. Our elites can hold up this bloc of people and shake them in front of normie faces on television or over the airwaves and no one can effectively push back on the talking points.

Do not expect anti-usury laws. Usury is the lifeblood of the empire and will not be stopped until the system seizes up. The banks bought the left wholesale in the ’90s. Even if they did cap interest rates, the geniuses of Wall Street would set up fee structures to sidestep legislation. They have nothing to worry about though. AOC will drop this push once the donors at Citigroup and Bank of America stop by her office and switch over to railing against white supremacy in the boroughs of New York City.

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  1. RJB says:

    Wait, there are still wipipo in the boroughs of NYC?


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