The Homosexual Public Health Crisis

Pride month, also known as June, is over.  Good riddance. Most people with a sane mind and traditional Christian morality, are at their wits end with the constant degeneracy being obnoxiously displayed in the streets and public schools.  Even corporate America has joined in on the party with the birth of Woke Capital, as nearly every online logo has been turned into a rainbow variation. Those who speak out are shamed as bigots.  Some “allies” of the movement even make suggestion that those who oppose the LGBTQ agenda are most likely gay themselves.  It seems a strange strategy to try and shame someone for being gay, something which is otherwise promoted as normal and healthy.

Some well meaning traditionalist Christians, those who haven’t caved on the issue, have made religious appeals in opposition to PRIDE, which is ironically named after one of the seven deadly sins and openly promotes lust.  Religious argument and dissent are completely valid.  However, in a secular society that is increasingly hostile to authentic Christianity, moral arguments are simply ineffective. Yes, transfiguring the culture in the long term is ultimately what needs to be done, but for now we must address the LGBTQ phenomena in a way that will resonate with the secular but rational mind.  Point out the reality to them, that the LGBTQ community and lifestyle is nothing short of a major public health crisis. 

Mainstream canon would like for you to believe that homosexuals are no different than anyone else.  They fall in love with their same sex partners, and since 2015 have been getting married and living healthy, long lasting, monogamous relationships. According to several studies, the reality is far different.  The average heterosexual has an average of 8 sexual partners in their lifetime.  This is far from the ideal of one that should be strived for, but it hardly compares to the shocking number among the LGBTQ community. Over half of the homosexual population has over 500 to 1000 sexual partners in their lifetime.

Perhaps some of the heterosexual support for the movement is correlated to their comparably modest thottery. If the LGBTQ lifestyle is accepted, certainly the rest of society’s sexual deviance is acceptable as well. Let’s face it, your average straight thot isn’t nearly as depraved as a group over 40% of whom have unprotected anal sex. Imagine having unprotected anal sex with over 1000 people. What is truly disturbing, is that 23% of homosexuals with HIV do not use condoms when having sex, and 12% do not bother revealing their HIV status with their sexual partners.  With so much honor as that, it should be no shock that the average same-sex cohabitation relationship, now referred to as marriage, lasts no longer than 2 to 3 years, during which time both partners are typically having sexual relations with other people.

Given the hyper sexuality briefly described above, studies confirm that sexually transmitted diseases run rampant in the LGBTQ community. In fact, most of them spread to the hetero population via what is known as the bisexual bridge. Never mind that most who identify as gay, still have sex with the opposite sex. It’s almost as if they just have an insatiable sexual appetite.  It’s difficult to say precisely what the origin is of sexually transmitted diseases, but it’s likely that it has something to do with anal sex.  We do know that those who participate in anal are more susceptible to receive and spread STDs, due to the abrasive and violent nature of the act. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, homosexual and bisexual men account for 67% of HIV diagnosis in the United States.  To put that into perspective, less than 2% of the population accounts for 67% of the nation’s HIV diagnosis. As effective HIV treatments have proliferated, and the quality of life for people with HIV has increased, there has also been a corresponding increase in infection.  HIV isn’t the only problem.  The LGBTQ community accounts for most of the other cases of STDs as well, including herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis among others. HPV is nearly universal among homosexuals.

Many will be tempted to dismiss the issue of sexually transmitted diseases as something that can be prevented with condoms, or better treatments, perhaps even cures or vaccines.  To many, it is better to spend millions on research for such, than to suggest a change in behavior.  The fact is, sexually transmitted diseases are not the only medical concerns.  It turns out that anal sex causes a potential cocktail of problems.  There is even a connection to cancer.  Over 90 % of homosexuals have HPV, which is known to cause anal and cervical cancer. Hepatitis A, B, and C are also prominent among men who have sex with men, all of which lead to scarring of the liver, liver failure, and or liver cancer. 

Another common problem is Gay Bowel Syndrome, which is caused by bacterial pathogens that make their way into the digestive system.  These bacteria are introduced to the system from human feces, which make their way through by direct oral-anal contact. The same process also causes Enteritis, which is the inflammation of the small intestine resulting in severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, malnourishment, and weight loss.  Then there are just the ordinary inflammations of the rectum, and random parasitical infections that don’t have any official diagnosis. It’s almost like diseases just originate from the unnatural act of anal sex itself.

Strictly bodily sickness is not the only issue.  More than likely homosexuality, and its various LGBTQ variations are all a form of mental illness.  This was previously recognized by the American Psychologist Association as such, before being pressured into removing it.  It is however beyond dispute, that homosexual behavior is linked to various forms of mental illness and even illicit drug abuse. Studies have shown a link between high risk sexual behavior and low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

In addition to the high-risk sexual behavior, drug abuse runs rampant in the LGBTQ population.  The LGBTQ lobby will claim that these mental disorders are a result of stigma, and oppression. Considering the preponderance of deviant and risky behavior, and that any and all forms of LGBTQ are today vehemently accepted, that is highly unlikely.  The unpopular truth of the matter is, the abnormal sexual behaviors and illicit drug use are caused by either a specific mental disorder, or a combination of several. Mentally stable individuals aren’t driven to a 42% suicide rate because their behavior isn’t considered normal and healthy by some people. If this were true, the numbers would have dropped significantly in recent years due to overwhelming public acceptance. These people who are wrongly given identities formed around destructive behaviors, are truly suffering. 

The suffering of LGBTQ community will never cease in an environment in which their behavior is not only tolerated but celebrated.  Considering the hyper sexual activity that spreads disease and drug use, the movement should not be pushed as a viable alternative lifestyle; it should be acknowledged as a public health crisis. All the associated diseases, HIV, other STDs, and anal sex induced ailments can be eliminated from society within a generation. It turns out, that a return to traditional sexual norms, of one male and female spouse would eliminate all sexually associated disease. 

No society can continue down the path of disease, physical and mental decay, and remain intact. It isn’t a matter that affects a small segment of the population; the consequences affect everyone. It is imperative for the health of the nation to treat the suffering people who we refer to as the LGBTQ community, that we end the sexually destructive behavioral patterns in both hetero and homosexuals alike. Stop enabling and celebrating abnormalities. Stop confusing and sexualizing the children. Return to as system of lifelong monogamy between one man and one woman.

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  1. Definitely a mistake to read this at the breakfast table, but I’m glad to have all this informative data in digest form in one place. I hope you saved the article so that when WP inevitably deplatforms us it won’t all be lost.


    1. Michael Sisco says:

      Yes. I have it saved and backed up. lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. locustpost says:

    I actually did a marketing study 20 years of smoker demographic and used the CDC morbidity tables to do so. While I was doing this, I also checked into tshe data about homosexual life expectancy and found that you are better off smoking–you’ll live longer–than being gay. When you think of all the effort instutitions put to into getting people off of cigarettes and then you compare this with how many of the same institutions are promoting an even more unhealthy habit–its just crazy. I tell everyone I see promoting the gay lifestyle that they need to take up smoking instead. A few times I’ve the comment back–“you mean I should give up being gay before I quit smoking?” I’d also wager a bet that the gay community smokes more. They use more drugs, for sure.


  3. Michael Sisco says:

    Yeah, my research also indicated a strong link with illicit drug use. Good for you spreading some logic. It’s the tool we have for convincing secular minded folks.


  4. Mark says:

    Not all gay and “LGBT” people are promiscuous, and being homosexual is not synonymous with promiscuous anal sex.
    I’m a (non-promiscuous) gay man that is disgusted by most of the commercialized LGBTQ+ propaganda. I still think there are a couple of things wrong with this opinion piece. First, if you’re a nationalist or racialist, and I’m not advocating this, you should divide the “LGBTQ+ community” into separate ethnic or demographic groups when looking at statistics , in order to be consistent, if you’d do the same when discussing crime amongst “gun owners.” You’d find that HIV rates are down and decreasing amongst white gay people. Obviously, if you’re upper middle class and high IQ, it’s going to be very different than if you engage in homo- or heterosexual promiscuity and have low impulse control and a low IQ.

    While it’s true the modern LGBTQ community is very promiscuous, you should provide evidence for claims such as, “Over half of the homosexual population has over 500 to 1000 sexual partners in their lifetime..”

    “No society can continue down the path of disease, physical and mental decay, and remain intact. It isn’t a matter that affects a small segment of the population; the consequences affect everyone.”
    Proof? Unlike out-of-wedlock births, the issues you cite, even if true, mainly affect homosexuals themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Michael Sisco says:

    All of the facts stated are well sourced. And white homosexuals are still degenerates that need to repent. And yes, all of those other things are bad. Cheers.


  6. just some guy says:

    Source on the 500 to 1000 sexual partners data?


    1. Michael Sisco says:

      The last source cited…..they sourced this: 9; see alsoBell, Weinberg and Hammersmith, Sexual Preference (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1981).


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