The Sunset on the Anglo Southwest

“I reached some plains so vast, that I did not find their limit anywhere I went, although I traveled over them for more than 300 leagues … with no more land marks than if we had been swallowed up by the sea … there was not a stone, nor bit of rising ground, nor a tree, nor a shrub, nor anything to go by.” -Francisco Coronado

Coronado was the first European to travel through what would become the American Southwest. He traveled from Mexico into what would eventually be Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and then finally to Kansas. The Llano Estacado was the great plains that he wrote to the king about in 1541. This “sea of grass” would eventually define the Eastern boundary of the Southwest.

The arrival of these Spanish Europeans was earth shattering for the native tribes, if not immediately, then in the near future. Coronado with 400 Europeans and 1,500 Mexican Indians stormed the Southwest. Nearly starving, the expedition encountered the Zuni people on the border of New Mexico and Arizona. They demanded food, and the Zuni people refused. Skirmishes broke out, and the Spanish led expedition got their way and entered the city. Not long after the expedition made it’s way to present-day Bernalillo, New Mexico (claiming all the pueblos they saw along the way for Spain), tensions grew to another dimension with the natives. Upon reaching this area, they came across a prosperous area called the Tiguex Province. It was decided to establish a headquarters by forcing out the pueblo inhabitants with nothing but the clothes on their back. The Spanish stayed in their new abodes while trading with the Puebloans. The relationship between the Puebloans and the Spanish was further soured when the expedition’s livestock ate the native’s post-harvest corn stocks and “at least” one woman was raped. The Puebloans retaliated in December 1540 by killing 40 to 60 of the Spaniard’s horses and mules. Coronado then declared a war of “fire and blood.” This war, the Tiguex War, was the first official war between Europeans and Native Americans.

The next four centuries would see the erasure of the Native American in the Southwest and the changing of hands on who lays claim to this region. Thomas Chittum in his book Civil War Two addresses this history in a succinct fashion and makes a prediction on who will own it next.

(A)The Spanish immigrants stole the land from the Indians by genocide.

(B) The Spanish immigrants redefined themselves as Mexicans, revolted and stole the entire country from the Spanish Crown. (C) The Angles stole the land from the Mexicans by wars of secession and aggression. (D) The Mexicans and Mexican-Americans will steal the land back, either by direct force in Civil War II, or under color of law backed by the police force of the state.”

I am a child of the Southwest and still call it my home. Ever since I was young my city has been cohabited by the Anglo and the Mexican. This was normal to me. In some ways the relationship has been beneficial. The white man creates industry, and the brown man works in it for low wages. This is roughly the formula for a successful business down here. The Mexican lives in a small home with a brown lawn, children’s toys in the front yard, and the house itself is run down in a part of town that used to be all-white in the 80’s. In exchange for living in poverty, the Mexican lives and works in a first world nation that’s safer than his native country.

The white man on the other hand typically finds himself in a newer neighborhood surrounded by other whites. Green lawns abound, and wealth has been secured through the industry he created. A few upper crust Latinos who have been effectively Anglicized are sprinkled through this nice neighborhood.

The working class white either finds a technical job—an electrician, HVAC, John Deere mechanic, or something else that will raise him above the Mexican rabble—or he finds himself on the undesirable side of town, or more likely, leaving town. The fate of someone on the wrong side of town isn’t death, but it might as well be. The Anglo will be Mexicanized over time. His children will be sent to a school that is well over 60% Mexican (and at least 13% black). The young white children will either adapt to the culture around them or be bullied. The businesses in this area will largely be Mexican owned, and as one guy put it to me, “You can’t even find a white waitress around here anymore.”

Was it always like this? For Millennials it was, but for boomers a true sea change has happened before them. Though due to their age, wealth, and position in life, this massive demographic shift has hardly affected them. In many ways they don’t grasp the new world they’re living in. Even simple solutions to demographic problems will raise an eyebrow. For instance, homeschooling is anathema to them. The best rebuttal they can make is that kids need to socialize with other kids. In today’s American Southwest, who are the “other kids”? The entire Southwest from Southern California, to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Texas, the majority of elementary school aged children are non-white and mostly Hispanic. The older generation doesn’t have an inkling of what schools are like for a child in this environment.

Speaking to a librarian from a local junior high, or a principal at an elementary school, or to any white parent with young children, the message is always the same. “These schools are just getting so bad,” they moan. When a school employee is pressed on the issue, they blame parenting. When a parent is pressed, they blame the schools. The elephant in the room lingers untouched that in the recent past all the schools were a majority white. The most naive observation is when a boomer recounts with pride that, “We used to have shotguns hanging on a rack in the back of our trucks for all the world to see when we went to high school. You just can’t do that nowadays!” When asked why that is, they are at a loss. They think most kids today are all just violent mass shooters in waiting, and they probably shouldn’t be trusted with guns anyways.

One particularly unique group is the farmer. Of the 2.1 million farmers in the US, 92% of them are non-Hispanic whites. In my own corner of the world I would predict this number to be closer to 100%. It’s a safe bet to say that 99% of them are very red pilled about racial differences due to who they have found as farm hands. It has become common mythos that you’ll get more work out of a Mexican than a white boy. Which, in all reality, is probably true. A Mexican will sit in a tractor from dawn to dusk as a means to pay for 4 kids from different mothers. With his job he’ll be able to make the payments on his house and truck, rarely ever having more than a few thousand dollars saved up. This existence is always compared to whatever life he used to live in Mexico. Contrast this to a white guy. He will quickly realize that being a farm hand isn’t a life that will allow him a large enough salary to live comfortably and raise a family. The result is a white land owner with mostly poor Mexican employees. In this day and age, this is considered bad optics.

I became racially and demographically aware just 5 years ago. Around this time I started to become more concerned about racial resentment in America as well. Driving on a dusty dirt road in the country, I remember asking my father, “Do you think Mexicans will ever get mad that all the whites own the land?” My father is another white farmer on the plains. He’s tall, born to Dutch immigrants, and very intelligent. But, he isn’t a man to dwell on things that are too abstract. He’s worried about his crops and his cows. Long term thinking revolves around that, not some unknown future where Mexicans start to feel cheated. His response was blunt and could very well speak for most the farmers I’ve ever met. He waved his hand at a field that he owned, and in particular, a center irrigation pivot before proclaiming, “Mexicans don’t know how to run this shit.” And that was that.

The idea that Mexican’s want to take over the land doesn’t actually surprise the Southwestern farmer, not in recent years. It’s important to think about these men as people who spend a lot of quiet time to themselves and give their imagination room to operate. Many farmers are inclined towards conspiratorial thinking. I can’t think of a better way to illustrate this than to explain how any theory about Obama would be thoroughly entertained. The way a farmer would casually talk to another farmer about Barack Obama’s fake birth certificate, his Islamic ties, and his desire to destroy America would make any urbanite bugman uncomfortable. Ever since Trump’s ascendancy, these men have moved onto discussing things Trump related, and that includes a Mexican invasion. They are willing to “name the Mexican” in a way that many people in the city can’t or will not. Their positions are secure, and they’re a people that are used to speaking their mind.

The Boer and the Anglo farmer aren’t tremendously different creatures. I’m sure the South African farmer was the first to point out what was wrong in the country before anyone else. Having spoken to white South Africans helping out with harvest on a visa program, I can attest to the fact that they’re not shy about their opinions concerning blacks. When asked how the farms will be managed without them, they can’t help but laugh. “They won’t be,” they say in a thick Afrikaans accent.

The Anglo farmer on the other hand is still in denial about the future of the Southwest. When propositioned what will happen to the Southwest in 40 years if trends continue, they don’t think much will change. They think it will be browner but that they’ll ultimately still be running their farms. It can’t be stressed enough that it’s the idea that Mexicans could run the farms is what these Anglos find most difficult to believe. The myopic view of the land owning white is that he is the most capable of running things, therefore, he will always be the one running things.  But one forgotten fact is that land redistribution after revolutionary events aren’t meritocratic.

As white as the landowners are in the Southwest, I dread the day when this is pointed out as a rallying cry by some politician. It’s common enough to elect Hispanics to seats of power in the Southwest, but at what point are we inviting a tragedy on ourselves? It shouldn’t be forgotten that the biggest threat to a farmer is farming under the rule of some foreign ethnic group. A look through history will tell you how that turns out. How did Irish potato farmers fair under British rule with their Great Famine? Or the Ukrainians and Russian kulaks under the Georgian dictator Stalin and his Jewish politburo? And how about the Boer under the rule of blacks?

It seems that the farmer is the one who will suffer the greatest casualties when power changes hands. Others can pick up their tools and trade, and move away. The farmer can’t move his land. He can sell it and move away, but when your father and grandfather died on the land you farm, this isn’t always an easy thing. As long as the farmer is under the safe wing of the United States, his position and livelihood should be secure, but there’s always a chance that that could change. History is littered with conflicts people never thought could happen.

Overall, it’s difficult to say with certainty that violent conflict will ever happen here in the Southwest. There are a number of ways in which things are resolved peacefully, and a number of ways in which they’re not. Though I will say with certainty that the Anglo in the Southwest is a disappearing breed. If things continue on the path they are, an end of the white era of the Southwest will soon have to be marked in the annals of history.

Knowing this, I look at the land I work on and the farm equipment I own, and I wonder when I will have to leave. What future do whites have as an ethnic minority? The demographic foothold Mexicans have in the Southwest is staggering. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas all have a population that is at least 30% Hispanic. Nevada falls just shy at 28%.  The majority of births are non-white births in each of these states. As Greg Johnson notes in The White Nationalist Manifesto, whites disappear when they are in the minority. They are out-bred and eventually succumb to miscegenation until there are only traces of whites left. I can see it happening with my friends. I’m talking about guys whose great-grandfathers tamed the land with that great Anglo-American spirit. I’m talking about guys who are very aware of racial differences and are always suspiciously eyeing Hispanic men, yet they succumb to marrying an attractive Hispanic girl. The future of the Southwest as things are now, doesn’t include white people.

In some ways, I hope for something drastic to happen. Perhaps a revolutionary movement by Mexican Americans to claim the land for themselves. Or let us rekindle our conquering spirit, and we can retake the land. Let there be a conflict, violence, and a true line in the sand. Let there be scars to remind everyone that there is no living together. If the Sun is going to set on the Anglo in the Southwest, let there at least be a final showdown. Either there is a fight or we are consumed quietly.

Contributed with our appreciation by John King

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  1. Shlomo says:

    Jokes on you, the Southwest has already been consumed and it’s already taken over half of Utah in the process. I am surprised there are even farmers left where you live, all the ones near me packed up business when I was a kid and sold their land.


  2. boomrx says:

    Hard to have a reckoning when the ‘fight’ has been socially engineered right out of the white boy.


  3. Rojogallo says:

    This is charming but the reality is the “small farmer” is the one who’s going to be the one who hires the illegals and trashes the white man who won’t work for $4/hr and shit in the field from before dawn to after dusk in pre-Monsoon summer (I.e.: hot af).

    That’s the fact, Jack, and let’s not run to no True Scotsman style pandering about the very based MAGA farmer you know who’s paying hands $25 an hour and only exists online. To paraphrase the POTATUS: “Someone is doing all the hiring”. The farmers have sown the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind.

    That being said, the southwest’s future isn’t a northern favela extension of Mexico City. Its too damn dry. We bang on blacks in this space for their inability to plan ahead, but most hispanics (especially high admixture types) realise that there is an amazing amount of infrastructure (with a concurrent amount of maintenance) to allow cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and the entire Imperial Valley to exist. To lose the Hoover Dam is to lose the Southwest (New Vegas was right about the immense importance of the dam to the region. If anything, it failed to underline the need for it). The Central Arizona Project is what keeps the state from being what it was during the Territory days and allowing large scale agriculture and development. Otherwise its boom towns and cities in name only.

    The future isn’t an “Anglo Sunset” but a return to what the southwest was in living memory: hard living by people who can adapt to the heat, or can’t and leave. It ain’t going to be the fat Latina woman with a Masters in Indigenous Studies running things with no idea about engineering, agriculture or warfare, but a return to the rule of the caudillo. “The Alt Right is Latino” and all, with the future being a neofeudalism reminiscent of the Spanish Empire in America.

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  4. Nemets says:

    Interesting article. Asians and Subcons will play a major role in the future of the southwest. While a small fraction of the population, they will have vastly disproportionate wealth and influence.


  5. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  6. John says:

    Great article. The subject matter is close to me. I live in SoCal, born and raised. I’m in my 40s. Over my lifetime I have seen a tremendous demographic shift and concurrent decline here. It has truly become a shithole. The environment itself is ugly, entirely paved over with concrete and strip malls, existing more for cars than people. It’s been that way my whole life. The landscape is littered with repulsive billboards, more and more of which are in Spanish. And everywhere I look there are ugly and foreign looking people, mostly mexicans with their blank stupid looks like cattle but plenty of American Africans and Asians too. It’s not just a foreign country but no place at all. I agree with whoever commented that this place will return to what it once was. It is a desert and the paradise that our European ancestors built is a false one. As for me, I’m looking to exit California in the next few years, and in the long run, this country.


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