To The Myth Cast + Five Friday Reads 9/6/19

I had promised Adam I would link to the Myth cast in each links post. I fumbled a bit. To make it for it, I will toast them. This latest episode was a Q&A session. They have had over 130 episodes, covering a wide variety of topics. They have distinct tones and styles to who says what and who has what take. On occasion, one of them surprises with a different take than one would expect. I enjoy their work. They are smart and even if they try to remain downers and pessimists, they are fun.

The have a great breadth of knowledge. It is what makes the podcast work. Someone always knows something well, and the others usually know just enough to make it lively. The references back and forth reveal the depth of their reading and erudition. The crew is not a book club meeting in some basement, but they make for easy listening. I have always respected that about them, even if their Nixon episode could have used some work.

The other great piece to the puzzle is their consistency. Look around you in the wastelands of the fringe right, dissident sphere or just non-mainstream publications. Steve Sailer is a machine but how consistent is anyone else? The Myth guys bring quality work to you consistently. It might not sound like much but these circles all of life is full of people who spit out promises but to paraphrase Top Gun, their mouths are writing checks that their asses can’t cash. “Overpromise and underdeliver” is a way to freeze friendships both personal and working. Eventually, customers or friends will move from being annoyed with you to having little faith in you to resenting you to never talking to you.

Another reason I love their podcast is why do it? There is no reason and no pay in the work. It is like those private detectives in some hard boiled detective novel. The lead rarely gets paid, when he does it is for peanuts, and he always seems to be sliding by with just enough to keep the hounds at bay. Someone has to piece the mysteries of the modern world together, and in that way, the Myth crew are like private detectives. They do it for love, and obviously, after 130 episodes, for the little brotherhood they have formed. Drink one this weekend to the Myth cast.

On to the links…

Why Brexit Hasn’t Happened – For those of you who thought the system would stymie Brexit, you were right. Now take your bow. This piece lays it out very clearly. It is nice to see more mainstream writers admitting to it.

The Rich Stay Rich – Study finds the richest families of 600 years ago are still the richest families.

Poland’s Populist Success – The Polish populists have found a way to succeed with populism better than Trump. Lasting success? Only if they get the TFR higher. They also have greater flexibility on the periphery of the empire rather than in the imperial seat.

Women Unaware of Their Value – Study finds marriage is down because women cannot find economically attractive men. Flip side is of course, how come men don’t care about money? Looks play a part but why don’t women share? Better is that women acceptable expect single men in their dating pool to earn 58% higher than they currently do. This is basically women not realizing future earnings potential and that a guy making 50K at 25 is doing good and can grow to make 80-100K in the future. She just expects him to be at 80K now.

Twitter Thread on Sweden – This is a looooong thread on Sweden with plenty of links on what life is like there, and some anecdotes on what Sweden is like in the mundane everyday life manner. Messaging with others who have visited, they said “yes, it is this peculiar”.

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