7 Ways To Ride The Tiger

Submitted by GDR

This is not a guide on how to Make America Great Again. This document assumes we will fail and be overrun, and it recalibrates the goal downward to the most basic: survival. It is only once we have this need covered that we can dream of loftier goals.

Prepare for the worst, in other words.

My goal in writing this is to show that we are not powerless, and that we have legal methods and tactics (regardless of idealogy or overall strategy) we can use to advance our interests.

This is also a useful guide to anyone who was doxed. If you are someone like Emily Youcis, you could change your name to a very common ethnic one (Maria Gonzalez, perhaps), invest in spray tan, and start a new life somewhere else. Journalists are unlikely to find you after you get a new social security number, name, ID cards, and license plate. If you want to remain white, then the most common first and last names (there are tens of thousands of Mike and Jennifer Smiths) for your birth year make it very hard to be found.

This is a listicle because I am low-brow.

That said, on to the listicle.

  1. Change your name to an ethnic one.

There are numerous benefits to being a paper ethnic. You are more likely to be hired and promoted, and you are less likely to be fired. You can get into the fantastically lucrative federal contracting racket, where being non-white almost guarantees success. You and your children will have greater access to higher education financial aid, your teachers will have lower standards, and you are much more likely to be accepted into elite universities. You will not have to pay any reparations tax should that come to pass. You may be able to claim reparations if they are extended to your chosen ethnicity.

If you are brave enough, you can avail yourself of ethnic nepotism networks to get zero interest loans with which you can buy a motel or gas station (which is one reason why so few are owned by Americans anymore). I recommend this only if you are fluent in your adopted language. It is illegal for white people to form such groups, of course.

Elizabeth Warren herself saw the utility of posing as a feather Indian; if our enemies do it, why shouldn’t we?

While we are limited by our melanin to Hispanic, dot Indian, Turkish, and Arab names, these faux identities will put you on even ground with the woke coalition competition. In a fair fight, we win.

If your pride prevents you from “betraying your heritage”, select a Latin name that also exists in Spanish.

A side benefit is that your children won’t be punished for adhering to normal gender roles. Predatory trannies and Child Services workers are always on the lookout for white kids they can use, the latter for sexual corruption and the former to improve the racial breakdown of their child abuse and rehoming statistics. Posing as a brown person hides your children from these predators. Teachers and police give ethnics more leeway than white people, provided they don’t chimp out.

Our elites intend to rule forever by retaining their whiteness under a veneer of color, while importing brown hordes to replace the white working and middle classes. By disguising ourselves, we position ourselves to compete with them for institutional power.

There is no reason you can’t be a fascist in private and woke in public. There are advantages to doing so, not the least of which is the paranoia of effective white people this engenders in Jews and other non-whites. The consequences of such paranoia could help us, as it forces our enemies to purge and spiritually degrade their most effective agents.

One word of warning is that some job applications will ask you to list any other names you have ever used.

2. File for social security disability and other entitlements.

NOLO has an excellent book on social security disability.

If you don’t want to buy a book, they have a website that is just as good and more up to date.

If you are physically or mentally broken, you could claim disability and file at your local social security office. The book – which is available at most libraries – explains every step of the process, including which ailments automatically qualify and how to qualify when you don’t have anything on the list.

You are limited to one house, one vehicle, and $2000 in assets on SSI, but $800 a month with no effort is a good starting point for an enterprising NEET. Some states allow you to save more than $2000 if it is for an approved purchase such as a down payment for a house. No one actually comes by and inventories your property though, they mostly stick to bank statements. Technically, you just can’t have over $2000 in your bank accounts. Claiming to be suicidal gets you on the fast track for approval.

SSDI is a different program which pays out based on your income. It can pay between $500 and $3000 a month. It has different asset limits than SSI. It is not a handout, you pay into it when you pay your social security taxes. If you feel guilt at getting it, remember that you literally payed for it.

The house can be of any size, so you could build a simple house and keep adding to it for years. It would allow you to rent under the table to trusted friends, or to start an incorporated religious commune.

If you have student loans, they can be dismissed after three years of disability, provided the disability is likely to be permanent.

There is no reason not to file if you can get it. It is good not to contribute to a system that hates you, it’s better to take from it. It usually takes 2 years and 9 months to be approved and multiple denials. If over 50 years of age, approval is much quicker.

3. Start a religious commune corporation.

Otherwise known as a monastery, a religious commune organized as a religious corporation is an excellent way to live together with a group of likeminded shitlords. You could pose as a religion hated less than Christianity, or make up your own exoteric cover religion for esoteric Christianity or what have you.

The benefit here is that you can pick and choose who joins your religious commune based on criteria that are technically discrimatory and therefore illegal. Hadidic Jews do this all the time in their own religious collectives, where they use their religious laws as a means to discriminate against goys and especially schvartzes.

It’s totally legal when they do it.

Your bylaws (or “religious” laws) are how you segregate your community. By banning violent behavior, you effectively ban blacks and central Americans. You could ban sex offenders and stalkers to prevent trannies from living there. Mandatory religious services two or more times a week (and banishment being a punishment for disruption of said services) keep out bug people. Adherence to religious laws regarding sex bans the people with the lowest time preferences – inevitably brown people and wignats.

If you have debts, this can allow you to have a house and start a family without your house being taken from you. You can go to the hospital as often as needed, have your girlfriend give birth there, and simply never pay. You won’t have any assets, so why should you care?

You won’t have any bills except electricity, trash, heating, food, and property taxes. You can optimize for that by growing your own food, not buying packaged things that make trash, composting, and making the outside of your property visible from the driveway (tax accessors are as lazy as the rest of us) as ugly as possible.

You will have trusted adults around to watch your kids if you have a day job. It will be easy to organize home schooling – look for educated professionals who want to start their own families, or teach yourself.

Anyone who is doxed can hide in a commune indefinitely, provided they aren’t stupid.

The religious commune idea is how modern Israel was founded (though many of them were secular collective farms too). This idea scales very well, which allows people with lots of agency but few resources to pool what they have and start families.

Mennonites (ok with some modern technology) and some Amish (reject almost all modern technology, have beards) have had collective farms as long as they have existed. You could contact your nearest Mennonite church – they are more common than I first thought – and ask them questions.

Considering that only Orthodox Jews, Mennonites, Amish, and Mormons are above replacement rate, we can learn a lot from them. There is no reason we can’t adapt their social technologies to our ends.

There is a huge demand in America for a socially-right, economically-left political party – a Christian Socialist party. Setting up a religious commune is the way to start this. Once one is stood up, it can network with others, provide legal aid, training, construction assistance, help with creating good bylaws, and do whatever else is needed to create copies (franchises, sort of, but organized horizontally instead of top-down) of itself. Together they can field the most charismatic members to local, state, and eventually (after a generation) national government.

A nice side benefit to all this is you cut Boomers, parasites and corporations off from rental revenue. Don’t contribute to a system that hates you. By living in a commune, growing your own food, and only working enough to pay bills and taxes, you deny the enemy the jizya.

Your goal here is to form a patronage network for right-wing racist white people. If you want to organize and execute actions competently, you need to draw on a local, close-knit community of people who have something to lose when leftists take over. All of the effective actors in places such as Columbia, Chile, and Weimar Germany were formed by people who already had a bond and something to lose.

Low quality people who try to ape a functioning mannerbund in their trailer park compound are cargo culting. That’s not the way to go. These must be people with which you share a common bond that is closer than your race. It could be shared religious denomination, military service, close blood relations, or shared traumatic experience. I’ve seen men bond over being homeless and form ad-hoc neighborhood watch groups to keep riff-raff out of their camps. If a bunch of bums can do it, so can you and your church group.

The more specific the group identity, the more likely it is it will take. You could form a mutual aid group of Trump voting students and ex-students who can’t afford rent, are underemployed, and want to stop paying on their student loans and start families. Whatever you do, learn from the mistakes of those who trusted random assholes on the internet and ended up dead or doxed:

An unofficial fraternity/housing-collective is an excellent recruiting tool, because housing costs are the reason most students get student loans. Think Casa Pound. Pell grants usually just barely pay for the classes. You could build a right-left coalition around cheap student housing, and if you get enough students to refuse student housing you would bankrupt and collapse 3/4 of community colleges and universities. Every community college and university I attended was solvent only due to student housing and loans to pay for it.

Universities understand that getting someone away from their home into an environment you control totally is how to brainwash people. We can turn this to our advantage, making a weakness into a strength. We could end up with our people trained and free of debt, ready to infiltrate institutions.

4. Enlist in the military in the safest job you can find.

This is technically the black American approach to the military as evident by their preponderance in logistics units. Let the Democrats’ New Americans die for Israel. For yourself, focus on useful skills. Anything involving computer or network administration, software engineering, or I.T. will get you a job after your enlistment is up in a government agency requiring an intelligence clearance. You won’t compete with Indians and Chinese, as many of them lack the ability to get security clearances.

The trades will keep you in money out of the military and the damage it does to your body guarantees some amount of veterans disability that will increase over time. Trades will destroy your body anyways, so you may as well get veterans disability out of it.

Don’t believe anything a recruiter says that isn’t in writing. Get a contract for your job or try another branch’s recruiter.

Make sure you claim as many ailments as you can when your service is up. Erectile dysfunction, for example, is impossible to prove and can get you 5%. Everyone can claim some hearing loss, which is a high percentage of disability payments by DoD. Anything for which you were hospitalized will get you more. Things related to deployments (especially combat deployments) and rewards (like purple hearts) seem more likely to be accepted.

The branches of the military, in order from easiest to hardest, are as follows.
Air Force
Navy Reserves
Coast Guard
Active Navy
Army Reserves
Army National Guard
Marine Reserves
Active Army
Active Marines

In the easier ones, you are treated more like a civilian (a normal person in a normal job) because they need you to function mentally. In the harder ones you are there to do a physical job and your mental well-being does not matter as much.

The same breakdown occurs within the harder and easier jobs of each branch. An Air Force security force guy will suffer more than an Air Force desk jockey.

The Marines is not physically harder than the Army, it is mentally harder. In the Army, when you fuck up, they simply smoke you. In the Marines, they play mind games. They play mind games all the time, actually. It’s a lot like being married to a woman with borderline and bipolar personality disorders.

The officer class in the Marines above Captain is incompetent and focused more on filing paperwork than training. Speaking of paperwork, it will take all day (including at least four hours of standing in formation, standing by to get word to stand by) to fill out forms. This will happen for months on end.

There are numerous ethnic mafias (patronage networks) in all branches of the military. They exist top-down from diversity promotion and hiring rackets, and bottom-up from ethnic collusion, cheating, and simple networking.

Females also have their own racket, but it’s mostly top-down diversity rackets and sharing tips on how to fake pregnancy or time a pregnancy to avoid field training and deployments. They even set up the adoptions. Some women enlist to find higher-status husbands, some to “meet” lots of hot guys.

When I was in, any accusation of sexual misconduct could ruin your career, so if your in to do more than 4 years and get disability, be very careful.

If you are looking for a band of brothers (in the service of foreign lobbyists, of course), the closest approximation is in a special forces unit. In my extremely limited knowledge as a ground pounder, there isn’t much of a difference between a Marine scout-sniper and an Army ranger, or an Army green beret and a Recon Marine. All of them are elite units, they differ only in the roles and specific tasks for which they are trained.

Some units like the Army 82nd and 101st airborne are feeder units for more elite units, as are all Marine infantry units. Arguing about who is more elite than whom is something you will spend a lot of time doing if you are one of them, which is probably by design to make troops more competitive with one another.

About one in four of the men I met when I was in “wanted to see what it was like to kill someone“. If you want to get paid to kill goat herders for our greatest ally, active duty Army or Marines is for you.

The scale above also indicates the attractiveness and marriage prospects of the women in each branch, from most to least.

5. Start a small business.

There will always be a market for luxury goods like edible mushrooms, organic foods, exotic cheeses, obscure animal milks, and organic wines. Organic farming is a modern cash crop that suits a small tight-knit community with large families.

Organic certification requires research, as does running a business. You could have a few people on the commune get training at a local community college for farming, accounting, or business administration. Your local Small Business Development Center has resources you can use.

If anyone attends college, have them file their FAFSA in October and tell the financial aid officer they don’t want student loans.

Business is tangentially related to law, so learning about contract law can help you read statutes yourself and save on a lawyer. I recommend a Blacks Law Dictionary and “Contacts: Examples and Explanations” by Brian Blunt. Read that and you will know more about law than most lawyers.

Such a business can be organized in a religious commune using the surplus left over after feeding yourselves. Your children will be engaged in healthy work close to home, your women will stay busy with few chances to stray, and you’ll build something that can sustainably employ everyone in your family for generations.

Start in your local library. Read about organic gardening, greenhouse construction and automation, various staple (wheat, maize, oats) and cash crops (tobacco, coffee, chocolate, alcohol brewing), and orchard fruits and nuts.

While you’re reading, visit your local farmers markets and see if anyone will take you on as a farmhand. You may need to volunteer or demonstrate knowledge of a specific type of farming. Try to get as much experience in as many things as you can.

When you’re ready, build your greenhouses and get your plant crop operation stood up. Start with one thing and add others incrementally.

When your plant operations are producing a surplus of grains, repeat the process but for animals. Read books on raising livestock for meat and milk. Good starter animals are hogs, milk and meat goats, chickens, ducks, and geese. Rabbits too if you can scale up operations. Learn about storing, pasturing, and processing milk into other products. Invest in several large freezers and meat preservation equipment (vacuum packers or a smoker/dehydrator).

If you’re starting with pigs, get two feeders from a farmer and feed them to butchering weight, as a trial run for livestock raising. Get experience on a farm if you’re doing anything more complex than that. Farmers are also useful resources on tax laws and food safety laws. Girls who grew up on farms are easily the best resources for farming expertise, and they make good girlfriends and wives. Look in your local universities veterinary program.

If you don’t want to build a farm, try building a crypto mining operation, using power generated and stored onsite. If you have social security and live on a commune, you will eventually run out of stuff to buy so why not? Each region is suited to a certain method of electricity generation and storage. In the Pacific Northwest, pumped hydro storage and generation is most effective. Whatever you do, it will take years to set things up, learn from your mistakes, and make a profit. Choose something which costs you few resources and for which there is always a market.

Self-employment taxes are an article in themselves and vary from state to state. Try to keep it small and cash only.

6. Build a harem.

Normal women are simple. They want a guy that’s not a pushover, they want sex, they want kids, and they want a reasonable lifestyle. Anyone who claims women are complicated is a liar or a fool.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of our men are too interested in dope, porn, or video games to do these things. If you are a normal guy who has his life together, you can easily get as many girlfriends as you want. It sucks that our guys can’t get their lives together but someone has to date these women. To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, most women would rather share a quality man than have a loser to herself.

Any normal woman whose boyfriend obsesses over Game of Thrones and hates Trump is always on the lookout for a step up from her current man. You can snatch her up, or deposit a baby in her and let him think it’s his. (ed note: we do not endorse this)

Cuckolding leftists, cuckservatives, and losers is not hard. All you do is show up and act like a normal guy with a spine. That’s it. Just being yourself works when yourself is a step up from the competition, and when you want normal sex and a normal life instead of a femdom mommy gf and 5 cats.

Hippie chicks agree with us on most issues, and they can be made to embrace racism by having kids and seeing firsthand what public schooling in cities entails.

There is a glut of bargain basement women: single moms with one white kid, women in their late 20s on antidepressants, and women with massive piles of student loan debt. By setting up a commune to house them and a collective farm to feed them healthy, natural food, you avoid the downsides these women present and you get all the upside they have left: tons of kids, free labor and child-rearing, and all the sex you could possibly want minus a sex addiction. Any surplus women you could use to lure men with useful skills to your community – control of women means control of men.

The only limit is in paying for the childbirth and the children. You can keep your name off the birth certificate (another Jewish tradition) and let Trump’s tariffs pay for it. Let her leftist boyfriend pay for it, and have the state sue him for child support. It doesn’t matter if they do a paternity test, once his name is on the birth certificate his goose is cooked. Some man-hating family court judge will take one look at him and force him to pay for your kids.

You could go above and beyond by encouraging women of other races to marry dupes in their own race while bearing your children. I’m not saying you should take one for the team and give Laura Loomer the Aryan jewish babies she so desperately wants. Denying our enemies the use of their women is fair play considering all they do to us. Asian women in particular will agree to this, or to being a mistress for the privilege of having hapa babies.

With your official kids, you can dodge hospital bills by living in a house you don’t own; like in a religious collective. A debt collector can’t put a lien on what you don’t own. If you grow all your own food and sell food direct to a co-op for cash, there are no wages to garnish.

Jeffrey Epstein built a harem (an illegal one) which he used as leverage to gain wealth and power. Access to and control over women (especially white women) is power, because they are the means of reproduction (of white people) and they are nearly universally desired. This isn’t my idea, I stole it from Jews like Epstein and Weinstein and adapted it to purely legal things: persuasion instead of coercion, and reproduction instead of sexual slavery.

Remember: the only thing we can’t recover from is not reproducing. Nothing else matters in the long run.

7. Use the police as a weapon against our enemies.

There are two things you should view before trying this. The first is a YouTube video on why you shouldn’t talk to the police.

The second is a book written by a cop turned defense attorney, called “Arrest Proof Yourself” by Dale C. Carson and Wes Denham. There should be a PDF on the first page of Google results.

Once you have thus armed yourself, simply report every illegal thing you see a non-white person doing to the cops. It’s perfectly legal and as long as you aren’t carrying anything illegal and don’t throw racial slurs in you will be fine. Do not let the police know you are a wrong-thinker.

Having unlimited free time, my favorite thing to do is to post up at stop lights like I am a bum flying a sign and report Hispanics and Africans who run red lights. Over the years, I have reported hundreds of them. I film it all on my smartphone but even then I only get identifying information on maybe a tenth of them. An organized group could generate thousands of arrests. The police and city government will appreciate the added income.

Once they are pulled into the system, they are likely to stay there as cops are always on the lookout for familiar vehicles and faces. Once they peg you as an easy arrest, they will keep coming. You cease to be a person and become an ATM to the city and a promotion point for the officer.

You could do the same thing for other crimes. Hang out in public with a smartphone and look for opportunities. The bait bike prank videos on YouTube are a good example of what to do. Instead of shocking them, get them on video from multiple angles and report it.

Is this snitching? No. Snitching implies betrayal. The woke hordes made it clear that they see us as piggy-banks; whatever bond we had, they broke. You can’t snitch on someone with whom you have nothing in common. The police are a weapon, and there are almost no consequences to using them. It’s sitting there, waiting for you to pick it up. Best of all it is legal.

This tactic is especially effective against East Asians and Indians. Police have racial arrest quotas, and they arrest fewer of these people than even whites. You’ll need to work harder though, because these people mostly commit white collar crimes and domestic abuse. Those Chinese restaurants have two cash registers but only ever use one for a reason. It is up to you to document why.

Good luck riding the tiger!

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  1. Euler the Oiler says:

    (ed note: we do not endorse this)




    1. Anonymous says:

      “Do not do this cool thing.”


  2. Siege for American Sun listeners.
    This is probably our most cynical article yet.

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    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      As I said on Twitter, tongue in cheek.

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  3. Tony Chachere says:

    Some of the financial advice here is good, but the life path stuff seems so bad that it must either be intentionally counter-productive or honestly naive.

    Does the system deserve to be bled for disability checks and the like by people like ourselves? Sure, it deserves this and much more. But the psychological outcomes of doing this are pretty poor, and this can be seen by taking stock of the lives of the people, including white people, who are doing it currently. There are whole white communities dedicated to doing this, and they’re not prospering or building much. They’re abusing substances at a rate that leads to early death and an aesthetic of general pitifulness. Dependency is linked to bad psychological outcomes, and the dependency of a person who merely waits on a government check is even starker than that of the wage-slaves they ridicule. Don’t expect to be so different just because you’re better-read.

    And I hardly know where to start on the population push garbage. The Amish, Mennonites, and Mormons beat TFR generation after generation precisely because they place heads of households, especially the heads of large, well-equipped households, at the top of their social ladder. It’s precisely the opposite of pumping seed into an undifferentiated, neglected pool of bastardry. TFR is a marathon, not a sprint, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations of white (or white-ish) trash you produce by merely numbers-maxxing are going to be low, because those people are going to hate family in general, and for good reason.

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    1. GDR says:

      Are those communities (if you can use the term to describe such atomized creatures) addicts because they are dependent, or dependent because they are addicts? I assert the latter. In any case they are not the model for that particular proposal; that honor belongs to the thriving Jewish, Hindu, Arab, and east Asian communities. They are beating us, so I propose we adopt their methods and tactics.

      The check is just a tool. Money is not an ends of itself. Hindus in particular understand this, which is why they beat us in corporate environments. We play by the rules to keep the corporation (the system) running at peak capacity. They use their environment as a tool with which to create more Hindus, and to deprive their most dangerous competitors of resources (advancement, employment).

      It is not legal for white people to place heads of households at the top of our social ladder. Amish and others only get away with it because they are not yet in the eye of Sauron. The Mormon church recently had to allow pederasts and trannies into their ranks to keep their tax-exempt status. Before long we will be like Alawites in post-Islamic Syria, esoteric Christians pretending to be Muslims, Jews, or progressives to avoid persecution.

      Numbers-maxxing is a viable tactic in the short term because:
      1. Intelligence reverts to the mean.
      2. The enemy won’t always be in power.

      It’s easier to optimize for numbers now and cull later via policy than it is to allow our enemies to cull according to their goals and rebuild our numbers later. A large breeding population is a prerequisite for an effective eugenics program. If you lack sufficent breeding stock you end up inbred and diseased like the Ashkenazi, or you must use lesser stock to prevent inbreeding depression and you are diminished like the Hindus. If Russians had focused on breeding in the 90s, they wouldn’t be under demographic threat from China in Siberia today.

      It only takes one generation, correctly indoctrinated, to overcome demoralization.

      We should not let viable women go to waste because we lack enough good men. Polygamy is not optimal, but it is better than losing them to miscegination.

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  4. Trent Wilson says:

    Point 6, “build a harem” could really be fleshed out a bit. This description makes it sound like the goal is to fuck a lot of sluts, not build a community. If you want to build a community with surplus women that men would want to join, boundaries need to be set, even if they are broken from time to time. Having access to women who will take your advice on who to marry is *huge*. People would literally drop their lives right now and join a place like this, even if there was only a 60% they got a woman, because they’d be in an actual community for once. I like the idea of sending men into the nearest globohomo city on a “raid” to hit the bars, MOG the soyboys, and bring a girl or two (willingly and excitingly) back home each time.


    1. Trent Wilson says:

      The other idea I was surprised to not see mentioned in this section was to just grift off of career women while working on your own plan.


      1. GDR says:

        Living off career women is not the optimal use of women, plus it gives financial support and (wom)manpower to the system. It’s better to get and keep them pregnant and put their skills and inclinations to work for us.

        Women smart enough to work in software engineering, upper management, and finance are the ones we want to produce lots of smart and naturally motivated children. Denying women the right to their biological imperatives is immoral.

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    2. GDR says:

      That really belongs in the commune section, in rule-setting and enforcement. Because it is founded on deception of the Cathedral/Synagogue/Longhouse, you must be very careful who you recruit. It takes only one disgruntled loser to ruin it for everyone by snitching.

      The only way to recruit is people you personally know IRL, who may not be on your level politically/race-awareness but who understand the system hates them. They can be radicalized later simply by ensuring they have kids and that they witness non-white malice first-hand.

      There are dozens of threads of Alt-Right dysfunction on Kiwi Farms. No sane person wants them nearby.

      Recruiting women is almost as hard, because they can’t keep secrets. Women and effeminate men treat secrets like currency. We must necessarily create concenctric circles or obscured tiers of membership in this group, to practice information security. Women and initiates would be told it’s one thing, new members something else, and only the inner circle would know the truth.

      It’s really something else entirely -how to build your own religion. Or alter an existing religion to gain the useful properties of another. Christianity could benefit from taquiyya, widow polygamy, and a warrior ethos – by analyzing and selectively reinterpreting passages in the Bible we can arrive at our goals.

      I’m working on a few more articles: another listicle; and maybe something on fourth generation warfare/lawfare and the absolute minimum you need to know to set goals, select strategies, and use tactics and methods. Hint: it’s opportunistic, like running a business – the real world sets your market goals/strategies/tactics /methods, not your plans and theories. You must switch between specific goals, strategies, tactics, and methods as the situation changes to gain advantages and reduce disadvantages, without regard to ideology. Thus you might spend time on one thing until it is harmful, then cede it to the enemy.

      For instance, we don’t need to take and hold territory, but we desperately need goodwill – the moral high ground. We can act to help and thus indoctrinate the unfortunate, and we can take a page from the Rhodesian Sealous Scouts and pose as the enemy in such a way that we destroy their goodwill without breaking laws. We can evade their legal traps by wearing their most privileged identities (transgenders) as legalistic flesh-suits and simply lying to them.


      1. Spooky N says:

        Building a religion to suit your own needs is talmudic and satanic, rather than placing truth first than following everything else from there.

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      2. GDR says:

        Religion, like the state, exists to serve the people, not the other way around. If you don’t like what I say, then outcompete me. May the best God win!


      3. GDR says:

        Religion is social technology.


      4. GDR says:

        Jokes aside, anyone who considers a commentary or I think illumination (right word?) of a holy text is doing what I propose. If God is truth and truth is eternal, then he wouldn’t beseech you to do things that are dysgenic. From that assumption we can interpret previously ambiguous statements in a new way.

        Simply using a better translation can clarify things. Ask around for what translations other people use and why.


  5. Tony Chachere says:

    One of the benefits of pseudonymity is that people can safely be very transparent about topics other than their identities. So GDR could, if he chose, give us a thumbnail sketch of his harem/brood. He would either gain or lose credibility by doing this, but mostly I think watching him attempt it would be funny.


    1. GDR says:

      No brood yet, though I have banged a few bugmens girlfriends while I was in college. You don’t need to be a PUA, just be normal.

      I used to hitchhike a lot and I met a handful of hippie chicks that were basically looking for a guy that doesn’t smoke pot 24/7 and wants kids. Normal guys are relatively rare on the west coast outside of Alaska.

      I’m currently trying to get disability for various physical and mental ailments. Once I get it I can nuke my student loans and save for a piece of land in a few years. After that start a farm with friends I made while hitchhiking – mostly old guys who were ill-used by society, an Army reservists whose wife is leaving him, a few guys in a similar situation as myself who gave up on a family and career.

      TBH women don’t matter as much as building something. If you build something great, women will see it and want a piece. They don’t build wealth, they consume it. Look at how they infiltrate men’s spaces and hobbies.

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      1. SHI Founder says:

        With all of your amusing rhetoric in the original article aside, I am in a similar situation, with similar worldviews and military experiences, and I have similar goals. It’s hard to follow social norms and rules, backed by laws and standards, when those norms or rules no longer represent me on principle and by design, and when the laws and standards that defend and uphold those norms and rules are constantly in flux and change to fit the needs of people who don’t care about me.

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      2. GDR says:

        Follow the rules disingenuously. Use the system for your benefit.

        Think back on times when you were betrayed and screwed by the system, and imagine how each situation would have played out had you simply lied. Extrapolate and project into the future what would happen to the system if we persuaded a sizable minority of productive members to stop producing and instead extract from the system.

        My next listicle should be done in a week.


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