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Detroit is a Rorschach test. Bring it up to a circle of friends and watch people come up with different explanations for its demise. Corporate greed, free trade, anti-working man, racism, the blacks, Democrat mismanagement. There was no magic bullet to assassinating it. To get to Coleman Young, a city and system runs through a large, multivariable process. What is undeniable is the third world, unsalvageable place it is today.

A recent trip to the Motor City was one of those events where just the drive in kills liberalism. There are billboards asking blacks to do basic human duties. Other billboards are reminders of basic activities that after the third one I expected to see a billboard saying “Brush your teeth” or “Remember to flush”. It was funny until I remembered that Detroit provides the winning margin for the Democrats, and Michigan is a crucial electoral vote prize. Idiocracy is not the future. You live in it now.

The dilapidated homes start out far from the core and fill acres. Detroit is a perfect example of the locust nature of cities. This is enabled by our large tracts of unused land and the middlemen who make money on transactions. Detroit was a company town built up for manufacturers. Cheap labor got sucked into the area. The elite pulled in more labor for the war. Ancillary businesses sprouted. Everything went well but then the jobs started to leave and the scum stuck around. Everyone fled except the most miserable who cannot think ten blocks from their home. Once ruined, it empties. If you have visited twenty urban cores, seeing empty lots of overgrown grass right next to skyscrapers is a jarring juxtaposition. There was nothing organic to the city’s formation, and it shows in how fast it was discarded after being used and abused.

This is the pattern elsewhere. Core (white) Americans build. The underclass locusts enter. The regime does not enforce safety. White flight, then striver black flight and all that is left are old blacks, predator blacks and the welfare class. The end result is a few residences, drug flophouses and empty lots. Potential gentrification opportunities, but nothing else. Potential is key because why else would billionaire Dan Gilbert financially take care of the hip hop convict mayor Kwame Kilpatrick?

Detroit is unique but still the story of America. California is presented as a possible future but so is Detroit. California does not have a duplicate (yet, but wait on Texas) but Detroit has Baltimore, Gary, East St. Louis, etc. City-states do not all have to be glittering Singapore or Hong Kong megacities.

On to the links…

China Isn’t Buying – China is not meeting phase one purchase numbers. China is waiting Trump out. They know a new Democrat in charge means back to the old grind.

Airbrushing Genocide – Essay on how historians erased a terrible genocide that was part of the French Revolution. Same as erasing Soviet horrors of the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Deep Fakes For Work – Corporations turn to deep fakes for training videos. How soon until Hollywood turns to AI to remove actors? Would save them millions on each blockbuster.

Russian Competence – Russian diplomacy helped ease tensions between China and India. Once again, Russia is skillfully deploying its foreign office talents to earn applause and punch above its weight.

American fingerprints in Hong Kong – American authorities were sending money but more importantly providing tech support to Hong Kong protestors to poke at China. American orgs helped them get around Chinese tech controls. Eventually, USG will see this return to its shores, if it has not already happened.

Gentrification of Revolt – It is a woke white thing. This whole op is a white left wing op for dominance of the new new thing.


American Disgrace – is a new site to bookmark. It is an aggregator but also has original content. It is filling the void Drudge left behind when he took the money and run, it is meeting an emerging ‘20s demand and it is edgy. I support this project. Give them clicks. We need to support alternatives to the current garbage the zombie institutions churn out.

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  1. info says:

    “Potential gentrification opportunities, but nothing else. Potential is key because why else would billionaire Dan Gilbert financially take care of the hip hop convict mayor Kwame Kilpatrick?”

    Gentrification is enforced by and destroyed by the barrel of the gun.


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