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Must push the book. If you don’t have it, where to buy it? You can buy it at Terror House directly. If an Amazon guy, buy it here. At Barnes & Noble, the link is here.

The interesting thing about the corona hysteria and response has to be how much ideology has handcuffed us and made things worse. There was the initial ho-hum response and cries of stigma and xenophobia. Open borders must not close! The lockdowns wounded an economy built on ideology (consumption) and then wrecked our economy as our ideological foundation has destroyed our self-reliance. We are a zombie empire. Corona exposed that.

Deeper within that, we are oriented to consider GDP the measure of a nation. It is our goal. We need a higher GDP. There is no qualitative measure to this. We cannot discuss who has enjoyed the gains. Let’s focus on unsolvable ethnic differences.

Therein lies a other ideological wrinkle. Our betters have placed blacks in a position where they cannot be criticized but also cannot be expected to do anything for themselves. Consider the left’s argument to rural workers upset jobs are gone. “Go to the city for good jobs,” okay, so if that’s all that is needed then why are urban blacks so destitute? Systemic oppression! Because we cannot say no to blacks, they now have a veto over policing and can burn cities over anything they deem fit.

Corona exposed this, too. Everyone stayed locked down and did crush the curve. Then tens of thousands of young people protested in the streets. Our ideology contorted health experts to say protesting and rioting was okay but running on the beach was not. We saw an uptick in cases as one would expect from all of those demonstrations.

It is not just corona. Ideology destroys our ability to address any issue. Some issues we cannot even discuss because of ideology. Look at the date. It’s 9/11. Our ideology made us import millions more Muslims, put a nation under surveillance and curb many freedoms because it didn’t want to notice the Muslim problem and didn’t want to discriminate against an outsider. The entire response to 9/11 was an ideology induced failure. No matter what happens in November, unless the ideology that smothers everything like an oil spill is set on fire, we will stumble from problem to problem through the ‘20s until it all unravels.

On to the links…

The Coming Coup – This was a hot one shared wide on all the moves the regime is making to set up a color revolution here. Good inside baseball, too, so there is new ground here Sun readers.

The Little Circus Show – The Navy has an F-35. Not the plane but a horrible, expensive program that the procurement process does to rub it in our faces and payoff the MIC.

Why We Need Trump To Win – He wants out of Afghanistan and has a man to make it happen. Even parts of the left see it.

New ZeroHP – ZeroHP has new fiction. As always, a good thrill, a good scare and a good chance it becomes real.

Akon Building Wakanda – Akon going to build Wakanda. Don’t sleep on this. Akon did something the UN and NGOs couldn’t. He built solar panel farms and powered Senegal. I give him credit despite talking about himself in the third person in like 90% of his songs.

Echoing Hank Oslo – Gangs may see use in Civil War 2. One day historians may properly call the crips and bloods the red shirts and blue shirts that they are for the left’s reign of terror.

Left will just suppress – The science destroys tabula rasa so consistently that they will just erase that field of study.

Sci-fi for our times – Read through to the end.

Special Shilling – The Mystery Grove Team has a new release. They finish the Kemp trilogy with this new one. In this memoir, Kemp is in Asia. I’ve read the first two, and I’m now wondering why we don’t have more vet and PMC memoirs. I’ve heard MG is run by an Asian woman, so give the little lady some money.

More Special Shilling – Speaking of trips to Asia, Forney’s Terror House has a new release, which you can buy at Amazon or their own site.

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  1. old geezer says:

    it would seem problems are not to be solved … ever. problems are to be used.


  2. WMBriggs says:

    That Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen anti-Confas paper….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Oh Lord, even Piliucci. Oh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


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