Hysteriagiving & Friday Reads

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving. You likely had a subdued Thanksgiving. It was not your fault. It was everyone around you freaking out about the coof. The media narratives do not work on everyone, but they do work on enough people to ruin family holidays.

Some people complain about the libs who create arguments with family, which has inspired a decade of articles about dealing with your racist and/or right wing uncle. This isn’t a new phenomenon but a new wrinkle on an old one. Tense Thanksgiving conversations used to be centered on the child who moved away but returned, alone, to their hometown and happy family. The evolution of this tension is just the new flashpoint: politics. These people just cannot shut up and eat food because their massive insecurity about missing expectations but wishing to feel superior.

Maybe you had a relative not show up. Maybe you had to wear a mask indoors due to a paranoid aunt. Maybe you got tested on Friday to be able to travel on Wednesday because the host asked. Maybe they cancelled entirely. Maybe you don’t know the next time you will see your parents. Maybe this becomes a fork in the road for a lot of your relationships.

It’s not your fault. They’ve given into the media messaging. This is a disease that roughly one million Americans will have at any moment (for two weeks) and only one percent of those people will die, but they assume just meeting together may kill them. There is no logic. You cannot walk these people though basic facts. Covid is a death sentence and anyone could get it at any moment. “I have a pre-existing condition!” Okay, but you are not 80. The average age of covid deaths being 81 never registers with them. That the same media screaming about family dinners at Thanksgiving is silent about Black Friday shopping with strangers does not register as strange to them. They’ve given in, and are focused on the covid metrics like scores in their fantasy football leagues.

You can’t change that. You’re not going to. Any semblance of risk analysis is gone. Heather Mac Donald covers this perfectly. I spent two months trying to talk my parents into driving several hours to my home for Thanksgiving. I’m a silver tongued fellow, but I failed. Finally in my frustration, I mentioned I drove to a convention that was a similar distance, stayed in a hotel, visited friends and walked around a big city. It was much more risky than just staying at my home. My parents said, “Well you wanted to.” Without missing a beat, I said, “Yes, and you don’t want to see your grandkids.” We’ll see about Christmas. These people aren’t logical, and sometimes the deep cut is the only way to reach them.

On to the links…

The Unified War Party – Greenwald explains why the media’s censorship drive will matter so much to a potential Biden admin.

Hello Feudalism – Ed West says the age of the middle class is over.

Necophilia Apologia – This is pretty insane. Didn’t see this coming until 2040.

California denies blacks – California and Massachusetts show what happens to blacks once the left gets its electoral lock. Shut up and move along.

The 1% yet Anti-1% Party – Caldwell is good here but this avoids that the left is just the anti-white party.

True mirror for the economy – Hoarding Mason Jars. Entertaining read. My favorite of the week.

*****Black Friday Linkage for Book Outlets*****

Mystery Grove has a new release concerning the Russian Civil War. I love these guys for their Twitter marketing.

Antelope Hill has a pre-order available on the transgenderism pushers.

TerrorHouse has been publishing books on a steady basis, which is an achievement so few in our sphere pull off. Here are their recent releases.

Lost Violent Souls is a short story collection about desperate losers like Oswald.

Everything Fun Is Illegal or Immoral is a poetry book on modern life.

The White Swan is their new release. It covers culture and politics. This author is one of BAP’s compadres.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. adamantia says:

    The necrophiliac article was so gross I couldn’t finish it.


  2. WS says:

    Covid had zero effect on thanksgiving turnout for us. We’re a lucky family. Everybody seems to be on the same page politically even if that means it’s Fox News tier republicanism. Nothing is funnier than hearing a 20 year old girl bitch about these lockdowns being “unconstitutional.”

    I feel bad for any family that has libtards.


  3. stallard0 says:

    Big Think is an apt name for the place that published that necrophilia apologia. At least it spelled out pretty clearly what pushing degenerate and disgusting practices is about: demoralization, and the retardation of any meaningful ethical reasoning based on disingenuously synthesizing moral nihilism with pure emotionalism. This is of course what Peter Singer et al. do for a living, and the trajectory of decadence our country has followed for the past century if not more relies on shocking people to dull their better instincts to make way for the latest libshit project to immiserate and disarm the populace with the thinnest veneer of moral progress. Frankly at the point that people grit their teeth and keep their head down about cross-dressing, prostituted children demoralization is total. We have e.g. semi-voluntary euthanasia and children confiscated for their parents daring to speak up against the regime to look forward to sooner than people might think.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Earl Shetland says:

      Oh man, that was a “Big Think” piece? I should have guessed; they were doing ‘polyamory is natural you guys’ a few years before the rest.

      They have a few good (and basic) videos about computing but I view it all as poison since the polyamory stuff. Makes me feel bad for Larry Wall and Bjarne Stoustrup.


      1. stallard0 says:

        I wasn’t really familiar with it before but the short wiki article and the front page screamed middlebrow liberal publication (as opposed to lowbrow liberal publication or muckraking tabloid I suppose). Nobody more pliable than the kind of person who gets a dopamine rush out of reading the sort of insights you gather from introductory undergrad classes without being curious enough to go beyond that.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Earl Shetland says:

    The Cali article gives me a lot of hope. People who are willing to straighten up and fly right are getting sick of being intimidated? Best news I’ve heard in a long time.

    I mean, look at Borzoi. We should have known some of them would become our guys, and it’s about time they did.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. NC says:

    “Likewise, with the internet, and in particular the iPhone, which has unleashed the fires of faith again, helping spread half-truths and creating a new caste of firebrand preachers (or, as they used to be called, journalists).”


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