Criminalizing Complaints + Friday Reads

With the American regime hyping up the Reichstag Fire of 2021, the media is in full sales mode for the domestic terrorism laws that the regime wants to implement. Per the Washington Monthly, Rep. Adam Schiff, he of Russiagate and Impeachment fraud fame, has a bill that defines domestic terrorism as anything involving plots that carry risk of serious bodily harm, intent to intimidate or coerce civilians or influence policy by intimidation or coercion. This not only criminalizes dissent, it criminalizes complaining.

Define plot. Define risk. Define intent. Define intimidate. For years now, we have heard that words are violence, silence is violence and the buffalo man intimidated hundreds of sitting Congressmen. Every single meeting of any group comes with the risk of injury due to the broken down circus that we call America. Intent means nothing. Anyone with passing familiarity with intent knows this means zilch to prosecutors. Intent has been made meaningless, when prosecutors want it to be meaningless. When Jon Corzine doesn’t intend to scam people out of millions, then intent comes into play. Case in point: parents don’t send cute photos of their kids in the tub to family members for fear some idiotic prosecutor will charge them with distributing child pornography.

This fits into the idea that persuasion is dead and all that remains is coercion. Petitioning the government/king is an old right that even medieval peasants enjoyed. Not so for American peasants. They do not want to hear even the slightest complaint. This fits into the current mood that has switched from enforcing moral plurality or a plurality of opinions to silencing any dissent from the regime’s line. This is much more widespread than simply the regime’s official messaging organs.

For decades, plurality was dropped here and there to explain the different viewpoints present in our society. Even today, the dominant line that a man who sometimes is in a skirt is a woman could, secure in its primacy within the discourse, allow for opinions that question this. No, a man in a skirt is not a woman, or no, a man in a skirt is a woman if he goes through procedures and finalizes the transition, to no, a man who sometimes wears a skirt and other times doesn’t is just a confused individual and I do not need to be punished for guessing incorrectly what he or she is this day. This is not allowed. You must conform to the dominant line of the moment.

There is an element of humiliation involved, and this is also a demonstration of regime loyalty. It is also the product of new beliefs that are so far removed from reality that they cannot withstand any challenge from any viewpoint. Once one of the ridiculous talking points is refuted, the whole house of cards comes crashing down. Don’t deny it. You are likely reading this essay because at some point you read a website pointing out the differences of men and women and the lies of gender relations or the 2000s financial skeptics who said it was all coming down despite the lies from Wall St. It’s only going to get weirder. It’s only going to get easier to point to reality and laugh at the regime’s lies. This is why protest shall go away.

On to the links…

Kushner– Forget $500 mil, if even $5 mil was grifted by Kushner, he deserves hell. That disgusting twerp got a pardon for his felon father.

Briggs Wraps Up the Election – A final post from Briggs on the election. He gave it his all with his statistical efforts. Been a shining light in ‘20.

Bourbon Fail – Even limited franchise can doom a government. The media is the enemy of all people.

America’s Color Revolution– Paul Craig Roberts covers The Op well.

The Double Standard – Andy Ngo shouts into the wind about the double standards.

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  1. This is overly pessimistic. I dare them to give the right wing this kind of tool. When a real leader emerges which he inevitably will and cleans house on the fbi. Everyone from the splc to Aoc’s babysitter will be locked. Right wing will be super careful. The left won’t. The right will use Christianity to pursue the absolute pacifist option. The left won’t. Target Republican Party membership people. Get the real leaders in place. This bill is the lefts mistake just like the patriot act was the rights mistake. In fact it is so bad that it might even be being done on purpose.


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