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The current regime is not happy with power. In true totalitarian fashion, it wants to dominate in all realms of life at all times. One must not just act correctly, but speak correctly and think correctly. The current zeitgeist must be adhered to, embraced and accepted at all times and in whole. One cannot step out on one topic. All LGBT organizations also adhere to the proper race and foreign policy opinions. All foreign policy think tanks must express the current race and LGBT ideas. All race orgs must speak the same foreign policy ideas and LGBT notions. This is total sovereignty.

This sovereignty is outside all individuals. It is held by an unknown force that we can map out the players, but not nail down to one source. It is an other. It also a force that continuously sheds individuals and hardens its flock. It burns slight deviants from the orthodoxy off and retains a hardened kernel. That is very potent, but it also leaves a lot of individuals and groups for another force to collect. It also allows for marketing opposition.

It should be easy to say that if you are outside this for any reason, you can be part of us. It is also easy to say, “if you want any sovereignty in your life, come join us.” This applies not just to the individual but to other entities. Social organizations, churches, individuals, families, employees, employers, municipalities and even states are all entities that are fighting against this nebulous force that would desire some sovereignty and power in how they live their lives, or even just how they think.

A part of this pitch is exemplified in the questioning of Sen. Rand Paul of the trans nominee who murdered Pennsylvanian seniors due to covid procedures. He asked about the right of parents to deny trans treatments to their child. Does the parent have the final say or can the government force the treatment? This is a battle of sovereignty. A minor who is not even allowed to choose which parent to live with in the event of a divorce can express a weird gender feeling, and suddenly, the government can intervene and make sure they receive irreversible treatment to transition over a parent’s objection? A normal take is that the parent has the right as guardian and parent to make those decisions. The progressive left would say that no, the government can intervene to make sure an eight year old can not be oppressed by their parent.

This is a battlespace worth pushing for all levels of society. State governments can start proposing legislation now to protect gunowners from potential gun regulations that we all know are unconstitutional even if liberal justices say they are fine. The feds then will have to send in employees to execute on these laws in a state where the execution could lead to detention and worse. Immigration sanctuary can meet gun sanctuary. We know this is a one way street where the left gets to do what it wants, but the point is to make the right start to fight on behalf of their constituencies and force problems. Pushing back on trans may make the progressive central power manipulate federal funding, but maybe the image of bayonets forcing a trans athlete to pummel teenage girls is needed for mass media consumption.

These can be babysteps, but fighting back on this corrupt, soviet style central power needs to have flashpoints of tension and conflict. Take the trans athlete thing to a dramatic image. What if a governor says no? The feds bring the guard or whomever to allow a trans wrestler or basketball player to play with girls. Governor shows up and says, “No, you’re going to have to shoot me to have it play today. Go ahead bayonet me.” Now the federal trooper, whom if the Capitol troop is any indication is a doughy soldier, must make a decision. Bayonet or shoot a governor? What happens if they get arrested for it? What happens if that state’s secret service fires on them after they attack the governor? What happens if that soldier realizes how dumb the orders are and does not do anything? What happens when it is all captured on iPhone and regular camera footage and blasted out to the public? We don’t know. It would hammer home the ridiculousness of the age of coercion we have entered.

It becomes about sovereignty. It’s your life. It’s your family. It’s your home. Mandarins in Harvard and in the offices of the New York Times should not rule over your home, your school or your mind. Liberalism liberated people from the old oppressive structures, eh? Well, turnabout can work just as well and against even more disgusting made for tv villains.

On to the links…

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Astroturf Activism – Greta’s twitter mistake pulls back the curtain. It is all astroturf.

Brawndo Tyranny – Long read but worth it for the ways we live under an idiot tyranny. This gets into legal specifics.

The Election’s Nervous Defenders – Why is the left obsessed with having everyone agree the election was clean.

How PR Wars Work – Operation Mockingbird never ended.

Inflation Comes – The wave of money printing will show up in prices soon.

Recycling is a con – NPR admits recycling is a con and blames Big Oil. People who knew the numbers knew this was a con 25 years ago.

Age of Empires Returns – Great power competition means imperial games return.

Borzoi’s Book – Go buy Borzoi’s book! Very excited to see him dedicate himself and follow through with a book.

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  1. T says:

    Don’t say “Age of Empires returns” if you’re not talking about the Ensemble Studios’ real time strategy game from the late 90s. You’ll get the hopes up of a huge segment of the dissident right.

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