The State Of Things & Friday Reads

The regime is trying to turn the clock back to 2014, but can the right do the same? No. Too much has happened. Too much has been made clear. The ‘20s will be lit. Biden was supposed to be a moderating effect on the woke insanity, but his state of absolute puppet has made him a mumbling salesman for the worst of woke ideas. Things are not going back and this poses problems and advantages for the right.

A major disadvantage is that there is no billionaire coming in to save the right. No one is coming. Every institution is under the left’s control. The war on terror is pivoting inward, and anyone to the right of Biden is a potential terrorist. A major disadvantage is the censorship issue. This applies to deplatforming in a broader sense. The potential for the type of meme magic of the old days is gone. It is hard for a meme to go viral.

A major advantage is that everything is clear now. People know about the NGO poison. Corporations are just as bad as the government bureaucracies with pushing ideology. With the military going woke, the normie right might finally wait a second before blindly supporting armed intervention. After five plus years of media insanity, all know the media is the enemy. Add in universities and soon public schools as CRT sees some sunlight. All our institutions are corrupt is the cry, okay, so we can enjoy tearing them down. The broader right is now aware of this. Memes still spread. Broader right understands and posts that having a family is punk. Chapo launders our memes. Some mainstream right outlets propose policies we discussed five years ago.

Now is the time, which our entire crew has been pushing since we started, to build networks, wealth and assets. Burrow into bureaucracies. A man with a million in the bank is not as useful as a man who allocates where millions go via funding from his institution. It is a long haul and one of outlasting. Survive the chaos and inherit the next stage. Make things difficult enough, and the other side will be open to new arrangements.

There will be chaos. We see it in a couple of cities, and the empire’s fringe is starting to push back. This will flow inward and be timed with the decline our or big cities. They might be able to blame wreckers rednecks in Pennsyltucky for a while but it will be Philadelphia’s fault. The bad governance is locked in due to vote banks. Either the left loses states due to poor governance or cities get what they voted for. From a perspective of ideas, ideas should be put forth that expand the realm of possible for political organization and handling current corrupt entities. It’s building the toolbox for the person who comes along in position to execute on the moment.

The best advantage we have is sticking to reality and being a source of truth. It’s not automatically going to cause a win because truth without any influence or power is howling in a void. The left is so divorced from reality that they will continue to lie and be wrong because they want everything to fit an ideological narrative before acting. Stick to the facts on the ground. The elites determine things and eventually, some will recognize the value in being right and true regardless of political slant.

On to the links…

Michael Anton seems to be speaking to the frogs here for the long game ahead.

Bad Billy Pratt has a book out. Go buy it!

The Finders scandal and cover up, another look.

Why Silicon Valley must burn or why we can use tech but don’t need to include the garbage tech that we are told is automatic when being a tech society.

Epstein and Gates had a long relationship that only now is being discussed.

The wealthy don’t pay taxes! Maybe that’s because we have an income tax while their assets have ballooned. Might want to address that.

An essay on why journalism sucks now.

Houellebecq on the fall of France.

How did the Spanish conquer and hold Mexico?

Expect more angry anti-white rhetoric from here on out. The left all does it.

Big Pharma makes big profits on the vax.

Taibbi on Kucinich’s memoir. Everything we see today has been around a long time.

Covid showed how dumb peer review is.

Fauci the fraud, Fauci the demigod.

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  1. Ferhherb says:
    Here’s an link to the Peer Review article, which was locked behind a paywall.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vxxc says:

    The military is about as woke as the cops. The Generals say anything, same as Mayors and Police Chiefs.

    The Generals are better compensated of course.

    The Generals don’t run anything you know, the DOD civilians aka SES (like Fauci) run things.

    But I’ll let you in on a little secret;
    With the Republic dead they don’t really have an army anymore.
    Before the 1865 crap starts that the Republic has been dead since Lincoln or FDR etc…not to us it wasn’t. Not until January. Watch and see. Especially for any domestic work. Nope.

    You may want to factor that into “the Long Game” calculus- there is no long game. That game is over, the Left won.


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