Winners, Losers & Links


Vaccine makers – The re-opening is built on people being vaxxed so social pressure is high. Exports to the Third World start. Even if there is a pause for America’s youth, the doses will flow elsewhere and all paid for.

Homeschool Families – More families will join their ranks, which should make small pod formation easier for the nervous to homeschool fence sitters.

John McAfee – He has died in this timeline, but leaves this world a wild legend. His charismatic persona will cement his legacy for any outlaw. Does any billionaire compare? Maybe Musk, but it’s not close as McAfee did not care.


CRT Pushers – Many normie parents are now aware of schooling’s practices and mad. Do not underestimate how low info normie parents are about this. Campaign trail lines can be considered empty words but actual policy language put in children’s faces seems to spark these same adults into a fury.

CRT Fighters – They need to keep their stories straight. They do great work, which is just a start, but they should post a lot less often.

Gun Control Advocates – One slip by old man Biden and now 2A advocates are digging in harder. The left is going to meme a giant militia threat into existence that never would have existed had they just played the slow, long game.


The surface blue navy may become a relic.

America was due a new Great Awakening, and it has arrived.

Codevilla goes pretty hard here. Everything is corrupt so must be fought. Redoubts must be carved out, and the fight will be hard.

The markets are inflated, thin and fake. All that remains is the shock to cause the crash and collapse.

The left is omnipotent. Give up! Don’t do anything! The restoration, now that is what to do, but let’s not say how. Just shut up and take your beatings.

The history of Neanderthals takes a new turn.

The FBI treats this elderly man like he was on a Top 10 Most Wanted list all for being in DC on 1/6. He had proof of his whereabouts for the day in DC but it doesn’t matter. He is a member of the outgroup.

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  1. NC says:

    Boy the Wejs just dig up one thing after another. You always need a navy to get ‘things’ across that body of H2O.


  2. GDR says:

    There’s no need for hypersonic missiles when any turd world country can attach shape charges to cheap submersible drones. Imagine Iraq’s Highway of Death only it’s every ocean.

    I really don’t know why Turkey Iran, North Korea, Hezbollah, and Syria haven’t gotten into this. A shaped charge can defeat any armor, drones are cheap as shit, they’re deniable, they can be towed anywhere by anything the size of a fishing boat or larger, and they can attack trans-oceanic fibre optic cables, underwater tunnels, offshore oil rigs, concrete structures, and of course any and all boats and ships.

    Any shit-hole on Earth with an average IQ above 90 could make ten of them a year and grind the global economy to a halt for decades. With 3D printing, cheap programmable SoCs, off the shelf parts, and a plastics plant the same shit-holers could make tens of thousands of them a year, and stop all ocean-going traffic, communication, commerce, and resource extraction.

    Combine that with satellite destroying missiles to shut down space travel and satellites for a few centuries, and the average middle eastern or south American shit hole can probably knock us back to pre-WWI standards of living.

    Imagine what the Boers could do with no American Navy to drone strike them, and no free food for Africans.


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