Sleepwalking Land

Soap floods oil in water all churn in the wake on the great ship of progress the crew can’t find the brake klaxons are blaring the admiral snores command submarines boil in oceans while the armies fight with suns.- Joe Strummer 

When social engineering came to town in the form of LGBT affordable housing long before the scamdemic, I was quick to pounce into action to rally the community. I went door to door, informing people of a 55 and older LGBT mixed-use rental building placed not 200 yards from a Catholic pre-school. The thought of older men sodomizing each other in close proximity to children would be enough to spark some fire into the zombified white middle class. The day came for the town hall meeting and I was all alone despite my rally cry. One middle-aged white man stood up and said: “Gays move in my property value goes up, I welcome the proposed project!” I lightly pooh-poohed the idea by waxing and waning on safe talking points like parking and building height. Yet, I could never explain the nuances of weaponized anthropology to someone older as it’s the equivalent of explaining water to fish. I knew then and there that this country is done and I’m going my own way. 

When the average person thinks of enemies, they often think of combat in general terms, the cartoon dictator with his colorful ribbons or the sloppy jihadist with a mangy beard, but never various forms of subversion and the militant individualism that has given way to self-defeating, self-indulging hedonistic attitudes. A prodigious ethos of feigning status that only money is a measure of equality.

We have been under attack by dynamistic abstract notions of objective reality and insist that everything is culturally relative. The questioning of the question is the basis of the narrative. Have you ever noticed when you engage in a light-hearted debate with someone, you started off on one topic and begin to engage in semantic acrobatics to prove a point? You went from talking about vaccines to identity politics in a matter of 45 seconds. That’s because truth distracts people from their personal ambitions, so the truth is sacrificed for flexibility and tolerance. Relativism is a must to achieve openness and this openness has led us adrift. The “new normal” is a perfectly acceptable arrangement to live as deracinated whites attempt to rationalize and justify the direction of the country. Unfortunately, most people seem to live their lives as if everything is just as it always is and always will be, locked in a tunnel vision with a lack of personal self-awareness, surrogate ambitions and material wealth. I always punt the question, “How do you think this all going to end”? when politics is brought up as a way of sidestepping an uncomfortable conversation, especially those stuck in the  left–right paradigm.

Then there is the concept of the United States being fluid, a moving goalpost leaving it open-ended for interpretation. This nonaligned ethos lets our rulers at any juncture in time run roughshod. 20 years ago is about bombing a goat herder in rural Afghanistan; today, its the genital mutilation of white Christian males. 50 years ago, it was a detached house with 2.5 children; today, it’s a Bugman’s life in a studio apartment with a houseplant. The rules keep changing and you don’t have a say on it and if you were to question the morality of the ruling dogma, you are the bad guy. This is by definition a theocracy via inverted totalitarianism. When you remove religion from the state, a cabal of so-called “experts” dictates a society’s zeitgeist.

All of what has transpired the past year and a half reminds me of the MS Estonia tragedy, a ferry that sunk in the Baltic sea during a heavy rainstorm in 1994. 

During initial investigations of the sinking, it was asked how can 852 people die on a ship in the modern era with such state-of-the-art technologies and safety features? It can be summed up to those who died, froze in panic and said. “Everything will be okay.” They did not seem to believe or grasp the seriousness of the situation or could find no options for rational action. Those few who lived were young, fit, single males with a deep belief in God and Christ. Many escaped hastily and without taking the time to even put on clothes before jumping in the freezing Baltic. It’s an interesting tale of human behavior and reading about the survivors recollections speaking to their loved ones as the ship was sinking, trying to shake some sense into them. 

Americans often revert to denial considering memories fade and we are habituated by never-ending dramas, spectacles and in a sense, we miss too much if we stop to think. Constant historical revisionism, re-interpretation, moral leniency and our repression of real painful trauma leads to our refusal to remember. We forgive and forget. Forgiveness is permission.

It’s no secret a revolution is fueled by a decadent middle class detached from what’s happening around them. We begin to realize why middle class socioeconomics, especially in the United States is a Cinderella event historically and for the most part, living off the fumes of growth after a total world war. Their short-shortsightedness is focused on yelling at the illegal immigrant landscaper for doing a poor job pruning a rose bush behind walled villages of like-minded/aged fellow self-centered Boomer-Waffens (will toss anyone 55 and older in this category). They do not question why jails are being emptied “due to coof” and cannot link current events with one another. It should be told from a historical standpoint, emptying of prisons is a revolution indicator. Like most Americans, there is a subconscious bias; if they have never been to a specific location, it does not exist and lacks geographical contexts. “It’s over there and not here” therefore if it’s not happening here, it’s not real.

Whether those want to accept the redpill suppository or not, Donald Trump ran out the clock and we watched a culture war rage, cancel culture and ideas such as social credit being hinted. Everyone benefited but those who put their hopes and dreams into him. I can recall him bragging about the Dow Jones as statues of Columbus were being defiled on his way out of office. We are still seeing the market rally pacifying the parasitic within the middle class and people gambling what little they have pledging allegiance to the GDP.

Last summer, millions of young, penniless children of the boomers and working classes of all ethnicities lost their jobs. What was the middle class’s response? Well, a Trump boat parade! What better way to flip the bird to the future of a nation by spending hundreds of dollars on fuel and taking your gluttonous Sea Ray Sundancer out for a day of sunbathing, gorging on meats and indulging in alcohol. It was the most abhorrent display of sheer debauchery I had ever seen. To literally sail away from responsibility as your son’s OD on Chinese-made fentanyl and your daughter receives health tips from an androgynous YouTube personality. The fallacy of trust the plan and Trumps got it! The foundation of the hollowed-out middles classes’ psyches is to defer responsibility to imaginary authorities and the abrogation of personal responsibility.

If there is one lesson to learn for us under the age of 35 without much of a stake in the future of the U.S is how the scamdemic exposed America’s belligerent fear of death and violence. Most older Americans were happy to embrace the lockdowns (a term meant for prisoners) since the lockdowns didn’t affect them economically and if it affected them, they leveraged what assets they have and kick the financial can down the road or blow their offspring’s inheritance. All of this brings us to the so-called “vaccines,” which its not its gene therapy but I digress since I cannot explain the difference between the two because we live the era of factoids and Google searches. I never thought when Operation Warp Speed (did we forget what the word warp means?) was rolled out that so many people would be so quick to be injected with a foreign substance without knowing what the long-term health ramifications are, let alone doing basic arithmetic on the recovery rate. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised after all since it’s the top-heavy viva Viagra demographic still pulls the direction of the nation where they brag about how quick they got their shot because “I know a guy who knows a nurse and I was able to cut the line to receive the Pfizer elixir first.” When it comes to violence, somehow there is meaning behind every death or beating. That violence is not tolerated and we’re not about that—those who abide by “law and order” lose with honor. Couch potatoes and web surfers alike are drowning in the broadband networks where they engage in some form of violent voyeurism. The blood and pain of a stranger’s fate followed by cathartic demystification over grainy uploads.

Culture trumps politics and faith is downwind from culture and politics is downwind from culture. As much as we lament over the ruling class, new world order, Chinese communist party, or Zionism, no one forced white Americans into this mess they brought upon themselves. I can easily argue that government is a reflection of the plebs and not the other way around. Nothing will change the current trajectory since many still feel they have something to gain and wealth is right around the corner, albeit society is crumbling and our money is melting sitting in bank accounts. Do we defend something that doesn’t want to be defended? Shall we white knight for our collective Schizophrenia? I understand the argument that this is deliberate demoralization but it appears the only thing wanting to be defending is money. We will continue to be shocked and awed into compliance and may experience a few dead cat bounces along the way but the more the members of society come to grips with the magnitude of the decline of our nation the sadder the decline becomes. We sacrifice today for a worse tomorrow. Our collective depression is a suppressed form of self-directed anger and inability to diffuse the source of the depression since we cannot grasp it.

We all took the ticket to the Zoloft hazed Disney ride, knowing full well what the long-term outcomes were going to be, but Hey!…You only live once, right?

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  1. Electrician says:

    Luxury, more vicious than any foreign foe, lays its heavy hand upon us, and avenges the world we conquered.

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  2. forest grump says:

    I am sorry for the world my fellow boomers are leaving you . in the words of the great john Derbyshire “the problem is with white people” . and it is. I have been called a conspiracy Guy for decades now , so it saddens me to see the world my kids and grandkids are going to inhabit. That’s right , I actually had them and they reproduced. I wish you well . Trump stumbled into office because he was an outsider and there were enough of us who knew what that meant to put him there . He was clueless about the real issues and listened to Hannity and rush. The GOP blocked him completely and totally and he let them get away with it all . It was one of the most depressing things I ever experienced when the NW was able to close down the entire world. Even the most jaded would never have believed they had that much power.
    We are trad cath , so we understand it’s going to be back into the catacombs for many of us , and to too many it will be off to the coliseum to feed the big cats for the enjoyment of the crowds. Faith family and friends, hope you have all three , because going forward that’s all that’s gonna matter.

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  3. Missing 2016 says:

    Boomer evangelicals worship the Golden Dindu and Judeo-Christ. If a LGBTQ+++ wants to rape a child, why is your business what goes on behind closed doors? Thankfully US Catholics are here to complete the ruin with muh rapefugees and Pope Gaywad.


    1. grump says:

      2016 there is lots of blame to go around . that’s why the cath church id fracturing. some are going full woke , and others are going back to latin mass and having large families. much like politics , faith is all local.


  4. NC says:

    It was all over when there was a liquor store on every block and a tv in every room. Now its a TV in everyone’s hand. Hold court in the street!

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