Winners, Losers and Links


China – They have some of our top generals in their pocket. At least the Resistance generals.

Norm MacDonald – He lost his war with cancer but is remembered as one of that last real comedians.

Stockholders – More buybacks announced so the market will keep drifting higher.


Unvaccinated – They are coming for your job.

College Students – Vax mandates and lockdowns in the prison system we call college.

Colleges – The enrollment decline was built in as the baby bust picks up steam but sudden drop outs are killing their bottom lines.


As the empire pulls back, do old alliances get trashed? Saudi Arabia needs to look out.

Do not fall into a civil war trap. Not now.

Lose wars and cash in.

China cracks down on e-celebs.

Buy DIY and Fix-It books, ditch Youtube tutorials.

Seattle sees a catalytic converter crime spree. The new blue state model.

The vaccines are failing but there is a way out.

Helen Andrews on the corruption in elite places.

The privileged few are getting in their escape pods.

Afghanistan’s rural women liked the Taliban’s order.

Imagine an America without a bioleninist left. That is Japan.

Razib Khan on Afghan genetics.

Matt Stoller does good work on monopolies.

Our high tech tyrannical regime puts Russia to shame.

Gen. Milley is not just a moron but an arrogant moron.

B2 crashes in Missouri. Are we sure the military can do anything beyond PowerPoint Presentations anymore?


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  1. Disemelevatorized says:

    God has a sense of humor. The female candidate in the Japanese elections is the most right wing of them all

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  2. Political Science Believer says:

    Will you write something on the presidential rubber face masquerade? (The giveaway isn’t the ears, mostly, which can be well camouflaged, it’s the depth of protrusion of the lower eyelid with respect to the eyeball. Find a high-resolution picture of younger Joe Biden and you’ll see what I mean.)


    1. stallard0 says:

      Never understood the rubber mask thing. The man’s face, arms, and probably other parts of him have been completely hacked up and remolded to make him look less wizened and decrepit. Why would he doing a Phantom of the Opera bit on top of that? The fact that he is essentially wearing a mask fashioned out of his own leathery skin is sick enough without supposing he might break out into some tawdry Lloyd Webber number on a moment’s notice.


      1. Political Science Believer says:

        Why have so many statesmen had body doubles? This is like that but on double plus ultra steroids. The first presidents were known to the public only by their words, by the shape of their minds. They could walk the streets of Washington effectively incognito. Now they’re “elected” almost entirely by the contours of their physical temperament as projected upon the weird devil panels of the tele-vision monolith in your pocket, in your bag, on your desk, on your wall. Donald Trump played this to great effect in his successful run for office. But Donald Trump was an anomaly, an unowned man who slipped past the pearly gates lately reinforced with wrought iron and razor wire after half a century’s hiding in plain sight of the roughly stitched panopticon of the civilian intelligence services. They learn from their mistakes; rarely do they make the same mistake twice; Trump 2024 was a punchline the moment he tucked tail and fled the White House in panic. As to the steroidal nature of the rubber face masquerade, for now it remains true, irrespective of the power of the scriptwriters, that the office attaches itself to the man. If the man dies, the office is lost. If the man goes senile, the office is lost. If the man goes offscript, the office begins to slip away. But with convincing prosthetics or identical genetics, the power of the office is sharded, insulated from its holder(s) and the office’s balance of material powers shifts fatefully (and irrevocably) to the backing infrastructure and its owners. The autonomy of the officeholder is effectively eliminated. Assassination becomes politically impossible. Etc. You might ask why any of this is necessary. Why go to the trouble of the presidential charade at all? It certainly isn’t for us: the bizarre ceremony of January 20 proved that. It’s for the recalcitrant corners of the security state which predate the 911 Event and which remain swayed by presidential orders to do this thing or that and who, if the stars were to align, yet could, in a moment of viperlike speed, squelch the regime where it stands and free the world of the pitch-black tsunami wave of doom now cresting just over the horizon, those 900 years of unremitting tyranny.

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      2. Political Science Believer says:

        In other words, long live the Bidens.


  3. Covfefe Anon says:

    Norm didn’t lose his battle with cancer – the cancer died when he did.

    That’s a draw.

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  4. Vxxc says:

    Don’t fall into trap…lol.

    We are in the Trap, you are saying stay in Trap.

    Really the Right needs to shut up since it won’t put up, all the blather simply brings retaliation on our own commons. The people suffer punishment every time one of you talkers posts, tweets or podcasts.
    Why do you think they gave the IRS a 60% increase in budget? To tax the rich? No. To punish the people.

    Shut up if you won’t put up.
    You’re all Trumps; Big mouth, start a fight, run away and things worse than ever.

    When you’re in a Trap either fight out, get out or shut up.


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