Marketing The Decline

It was too serendipitous to tackle a topic and then see an amazing example of the very issue be blasted across the media landscape. Lower your expectations, folks, and stop complaining about bare store shelves, skeleton staffs and bad customer service that you enjoyed as recently as February 2020. The media will be marketing a poorer standard of living as the American system spirals downward.

This is a steady phenomenon as media messaging talks about the evil of air conditioning or the positives of communal living. It’s not living in a flophouse. It’s communal living. It’s not being too poor to be a one room lodger. It’s sharing space. It’s a sales pitch. All of our media is propaganda, and this is selling you on a crappier lifestyle as morally superior or higher status.

This is where a very culturally important segment of America plays a critical role. The left’s articulate class can fill paper jobs that pay well but there is an overproduction issue. There are many downwardly mobile, educated members of the left’s coalition that get nothing from the system or voting for the left except status points. These people have status within the system but are poor. What we get is a corps of people who can use interesting vocabulary and phrases to cover up their poverty. The PhD baristas sell the system’s garbage and spew its lines to influence everyone else.

These people do not live in trailers. They live in tiny homes. A tiny home is a small dwelling on wheels that is green living and minimalist. Good little white urbanites can have a home to call their own in the city. A tiny home is also cope. These white urbanites cannot afford a single family dwelling or condo in the city but still want the status bump of being a homeowner and urbanite. They want it all but fail miserably. Their rationalization is that the trailer they live in is part of a new, hip movement.

The marketing of a lower standard of living for Americans will get a boost from the climate change cult. Comparisons to the prosperous past will come with the qualification that it was bad for the environment. This is present in the tiny home messaging, and consuming less, living without air conditioning and not owning a car all fit into the lower carbon footprint push. It is embarrassing that the environmental movement allowed itself to become CO2 focused only, but we are talking about the same people who now see any political and economic policy only through a racial lens.

“You‘ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” was not just a throwaway line from a World Economic Forum’s video. That was a scripted line for a video with high production values for an elite audience. It was a focus group tested marketing pitch to sell being a serf to poor but systemically high status people. Not everyone, just the people who mold and shape opinions and culture. They won’t just live in the pod and eat the bug, they’ll love it, and they’ll tell you to love it, too.

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  1. NC says:

    “The PhD baristas sell the system’s garbage and spew its lines to influence everyone else”
    Just >lliK eht sretsaM< at every turn and their followers…….


  2. Political Science Believer says:

    >“You‘ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” was not just a throwaway line from a World Economic Forum’s video.

    Yes it was.

    >That was a scripted line for a video with high production values

    Not it wasn’t.

    >for an elite audience.



    1. Jason says:

      Youre wrong. Please show any evidence.


  3. David Hughes says:

    This @wef type approach is just a mask in hopes of managing the decline, which anyone that’s studied demographic implosion knows is coming. e.g. So. Korea posted a B rate pre-covid of 0.98 babies per female and this is a number known to all for years as this decline has taken place. So 2 people become 1 every 30~ years. What does this mean in the end? So. Korea will go from 52m to under 12m by 2100. Any number close to that or even half is a catastrophe. And we haven’t even touched on the psychological aspect of this. i.e. Hope for a better tomorrow.

    For the last 500 years, our based economic model is based on the growth of consumption. Now can argue the validity of that model but the key is: We don’t have a plan beyond “you’ll own nothing” type psyops, in my opinion. Btw, @wef banned me for saying the above. And I have few followers, but think about that for a moment.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      Why is it that you people are so fixated on birth rates?

      I suppose it’s an easy to grasp topic, but is it as important as you think it is. the “elites” are trying to kill mass amounts of people because their demons don’t know what the future is, but they know there will be a mass destruction.

      what the demons are seeing but don’t know is The Three Days in darkness, this is why they have been saying there will be mass death by 2030 for over 50 years now. it’s why multiple high profile satanists like aoc or gates said “there is only 12 years left!” back in 2017.

      the devil’s century ended in 2017 as an abject failure, The Church Remains and strong. the demons are panicking because the few remaining must realize that 2029 will be their end and not just the end of all outside The Church.


  4. Chungo says:

    Spot on, overall, but I don’t think the WEF attendees were the intended market for the message. It’s an inside joke that they use when laughing at the hapless Hillary-voters who think of themselves as part of the elite but aren’t any higher status than the Trump-voting systems engineer down the hall from their HR office. One of the funnier reveals of 2016’s collective trolling campaign against the Bernie people was the fact that the ruling elite find it just as funny to mock their peons as we do.


  5. Disemelevatorized says:

    PhD Baristas. Brilliant moniker, I’m going to borrow it!


  6. Lon Spector says:

    Yep. But there’s not a shred of doubt that the 1% power eliet will continue to live in their palaces and just grab any female who
    catches their fancy. A certain number of them will end up in dumpsters after they’ve been abused and served their purpose.
    Others will be ritualistically sacrificed and their blood drained and collected (Demons need blood to materalize).
    They’ve made pacts with Satan for things only Satan can provide.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      what kind of nonsense is this?

      demons have no power, demons also have no material presence.


  7. Lon Spector says:

    Look at films that take place in swamps. Two good ones stand out: “Pigeons For Hell,” on Boris Karloff’s “Thriller.”
    And another film who’s title I forgot from 1969. Satan needs human sacrifices. (Prefabaly virgin females.) They are
    suspended upside down. The jugler is cut. The blood is drained and collected. This helps demons materalize.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      lon, I don’t know where you get these ins*ne ideas from, but stop it.

      this is the result of media and materialism.

      demons have no material presence whatsoever. any evil is just to d*mn the person, the rituals do nothing.


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