Winners, Losers And Links


Parliamentarians – Filibuster stays.

Sen. Sinema – She goes from far left activist to hated centrist in a decade. There are videos of her dressed and shouting like a lunatic about pet progressive causes but now that the left outflanked her, she appears moderate.

Identity Politics – Trump stated whites were being sent to the back of the line right around the same time rituals to MLK occurred. It isn’t going away.


Biden – Current figurehead isn’t even wanted as a figurehead by his own party in ‘24.

Finance Bros – Federal Reserve is going forward with their plan. Markets may throw a temper tantrum to get a stay of execution.

Vaxxed & Boosted – Covid numbers for winter look like they are rolling over but sorry, the jabs don’t works.


Does the world need America back? Magic 8 ball says no.

John Hussman saw the last crash coming. He now writes on return free risk.

You are not alone. Insanity rules DC.

Good commentary on the nervous breakdown at The Atlantic.

Everything you wanted to know about vaccine induced myocarditis but were afraid to ask.

NGOs aided the opioid crisis.

Maybe under the surface of announcements DC is approaching Russia better.

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  1. Anon says:

    > NGOs aided the opioid crisis

    The website at that link claims “We’re sorry. Something went wrong. We are unable to fully display the content of this page.” No, you’re not sorry, you’re just throwing a tantrum cause you can’t display ads. Here’s an archive of the google cache (!) which is what it takes to make it work for anyone with a properly configured browser.


  2. Someguy says:

    who is excited to fight WW3 over Khazaria?


    1. Steve says:



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