Winners, Losers and Links


Russia – Making the Americans look like hysterical ninnies is always a win.

Canadians – Provinces are rolling back restrictions.

Infrastructure workers – The trucker protest provides a guide for future actions. BAP is vindicated for his calls for a trucker strike after election 2020.


America’s Intel Community – Pinpointing invasion dates every 48 hours and broadcasting them via the media makes them look foolish.

Westerners – Even if these restrictions are rolled back now they lay there ready to be deployed whenever desired by the ruling class.

College students – Universities continue to impose vaxx requirements and no reduction in tuition despite reduced services.


America is not ready for a peer to peer fight, which might explain the weird threat about nukes in a Taiwan tussle.

Russia’s strategy with regards to Ukraine has morphed recently.

Paywalled article on the continuing commodities crunch.

Blacks should care about Ukraine. Come on loyal Democrats, this aggression is just like the black-white struggle in America.

Ivan Reitman died, and the way he worked in Hollywood is gone too.

It’s an endless loop of elite cycling.

Z Man explains how reality always wins.

Trucker protests show the state is a big glass cannon.

Millenials changed many consumer habits. Might they change real estate?

Revolver interview with the writer of the DOD report that discussed China’s racism and view that multiculturalism hurts America.

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  1. NC says:

    “College students – Universities continue to impose vaxx requirements and no reduction in tuition despite reduced services.”
    Yup one of my children has HAD to get 3 Ps over the last 9-12 months to finish Jr/Sr years (may2022). The other via US military. I spent a month depressed as I mourned last year. No side effects yet, but know they are coming. I will just enjoy the child as long as I can.
    On a side note; Uncle got P last spring and had a stroke. Was interviewed by several doctors because numerous MEN his age all had strokes after getting the P. He was sure the P caused it. Stroke 2 hit last week and put him down. 2nd Uncle had heart attack last month (no history), know he had P or M and boosted.


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