Winners, Losers and Links


China – If this is the way Ukraine shakes out, Taiwan is on the upcoming events menu.

Market shorts – Invasion causing a risk off move.

Oil longs – Oil over $100, and an American industry affected by ESG investing will not crank up quickly.


US State Department – Incoherent messaging, schizophrenic policy and hysteria do not reflect well on State.

Ukrainians – They became an American vassal and all they got was invasion.

Immigration Advocates- Do Ukrainians count as refugees to welcome? There was no push to resettle them in ‘14.


Lessons from the Canadian trucker protest.

Luttwak pours cold water on Chinese supremacy.

Prosperity might be why cthulu swims left.

Greenwald covers the war on dissent.

There are lessons to learn from the fall of the Soviet Union.

We must investigate covid’s origins… or just read Loki’s tweets.

The leftist mind: parents are tyrants.

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  1. amalekite says:

    Strangely, I have yet to hear the intelligentsia start pushing for urgent Ukrainian refugees resettlement. I am baffled honestly. Especially because they had recently informed me of the rich history of Black Ukrainians and their heroic nationalist struggle.


  2. bannedhipster says:

    > Do Ukrainians count as refugees to welcome? There was no push to resettle them in ‘14.

    They are white, so there will be no pressure to resettle them to the West. The entire point of “refugee resettlement” is to hurt white people, not to help refugees.


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