Winners, Losers and Links


Deep State – President Biden’s inner circle gets a little reminder that the Deep State has leverage on everyone.

Russia – The grind in Ukraine appears to be proceeding in their favor.

Job Seekers – Openings are everywhere as the Boomer retirements leave holes that need to be filled. Enjoy the pay bumps.


Intel Community – If Congress does push hard with Church Committee II, they will have to reconfigure how they run or funds ops a la the ‘80s.

College Students – Those vax mandates creating sudden health problems. If there is a definite connection, we will see this grow in frequency the next 3 years.

Gas Stove Owners – This week’s op was a trial balloon. Just wait. They will lie to ban them for climate goals and to pay off their smart electrical appliance donors.


America’s Navy does not seem to be ship shape.

When a killer is a Deep State daughter.

The courts tackle the issue of privacy and technology.

The riddle of Roman concrete’s longevity is solved.

DEI creating neo-Lysenkoism.

UK stats show how the excess death problem is growing and cannot be ignored.

This week’s latest lie for climate change.

2023 could be a dark year where financial problems turn into societal reorganization.

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  1. NC says:

    Jones’n for a Mot20C episode. No end of year?

    Found this quote from Mr LaBond
    “Homos are the eunuchs of Modernity, the naturally conniving administrator, the backstabber, the system advocate, the manipulator.”

    Keep up the good work and remember to always:
    Purge all Pedophiles at all Costs & Kancel the Masters!


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