Winners, Losers and Links


Low income home buyers – In a repeat of what sparked the blow off top phase of the 00s housing bubble, the Biden admin is adjusting regs for home-buyers to help their low income voting blocs. When this ends badly, something else will be blamed rather than helping bad borrowers.

St. Louis Criminals – The Soros funded DA has not staffed the office properly so criminals, including a murderer, see charges wither away.

AI enthusiasts – More big names jumping into the game. A public and private AI arms race. Exciting to see.


College Students – The pandemic might be over but vax mandates remain.

Red State Voters – Study shows red state GOP legislators are to the left of blue state GOP legislators… even in California. Comfortable, so they can be frauds despite the left sharpening its knives for future federal changes.


A vasectomy revolution! One wonders if white liberal TFR can hit 0 this decade.

Some pieces of the forpol blob admit the problems of fighting in Ukraine.

The FBI spied on churches. We may live to see churches razed that do not fly the rainbow flag.

Rates are not going back to 0% as all the trends that allowed that environment are reversing.

Mortality is worsening for the young in America. No sign it will improve.

An NRO link? Yes, the old GOP created the desire for a Trump. NRO admits it.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gnillik Yot says:

    How stupid do you have to be to declare yourself an “AI enthusiast”?


  2. Kim Bendix says:

    White liberal TFR has been zero for years.


  3. Rick says:

    Mortality rates among the young increasing? The coof-shot strikes again.


  4. MWilliams says:

    Could you link the referenced study showing that red state GOP legislatures are to the left of their blue state counterparts? Thanks!


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