Five Friday Reads – 10/18/18

Wild week in the circus of political chatter. President Trump will become the first john ever paid by his hooker per a court order. Senator Warren released her DNA test results to show she is anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1024th Native American. Why release results? Why not get a surrogate to take the test? How do they keep making the same mistakes? The NPC meme made it to the pages of the NY Times. This meme hurts them so deeply because it destroys their delusions of being unique and special. It reveals them to be the slaves to the elite who fund the left. It shreds their conceptions of being an underdog or a rebel. It is also normie friendly and useful for them to push back on the shrieking harpies that scroll Facebook to shame them for any deviation from progressive orthodoxy.

Jeff Bezos Space Odyssey – This profile explores Bezos desire to get into space. Not rockets but habitats that hold billions of humans. The most dark line of the whole thing is when answering when humans will need it to leave earth. “It will become incredibly obvious.” For a moment though, consider Bezos space adventure. Musk does the same. What did Bill Gates do with his billions? Can you imagine a billionaire tech nerd gathering where they swap stories on sending rockets to space and Gates has to stand there and talk about his vaccine recipients who still read at a second grade level no matter how much money he spends on them?

John Gray Interview – In the interview, Gray explains how progress is an illusion. On top of that you will hear a common refrain of technological progress masking social decay, which is part of social cycles.

Italy acting problematic – Italy’s budget was called a slew of bad names by the eurocrats. Oh the humanity! Italy’s budget was not accepted despite Spain and France’s being approved. What could possibly be different about Italy? Italy has said no to more migrants and now they are not dancing to the sanction Russia tune. Transparent strong-arming by the System. To quote Chinese businessmen in Africa, “It’s all so tiresome”.

Reading Evola so you don’t have to – Do you say you have read Evola but have not? Good news is this review of his autobiography is right here for you. I did not know Evola was attracted to and involved with the Dada art movement. That really is the turn when art went bad. I am surprised he never disavowed his time associated with them.

China can’t win a trade war – This is an older link from the spring but offers insight as to why China has to bend. One thing even that writer does not mention is that China needs America to bleed slowly. We cannot have a sudden shock and massive change, which could potentially set us on the path to structural reform (and domestic bloodshed). China needs the current trajectory to continue and for it to slowly bleed us out.

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