Malaise, Identity, Post-scarcity and Violence

Recent instances of mass shootings perpetrated by young white men have caused the American regime to argue for more intervention in the lives of young men. More educating them about inclusion will work. More engagement in progressive approved channels and manners will work. There is no understanding of why like what might be said in reaction to Muslim violence, but the policy of progressive education is thrown at the problem. The diagnosis is wrong. It misses the point. This is the lashing out of the bored, empty and unfulfilled at the end of our culture’s cycle.

There is not an economic component to these events. Really for any group’s violence there is nothing economic to it. Black Lives Matter, jihad, or random white shooters are all the actions of men living in relative material comfort. Society is structured to provide the maximum economic joy to distract enough people with consumer goods and diversions. We live in what is sometimes referred to as a post-scarcity environment. Steve Sailer often comments that our poor are wealthy in a material sense compared to just a generation ago, but unfortunately, have to live around other poor people who exhibit criminal behavior and are often socially dysfunctional.

What is missing in all of these individuals’ lives is a sense of meaning, purpose, community and even love. The idea of calling them individuals is indicative of the problem. They are not people of a tribe and well grounded in a community. They are atomized and isolated. Many Millenials report having not a single friend. Millenials are incels at increasing rates. Marriage has declined. Even if they have a successful career, their life is a consumer lifestyle meant to buy the next product to prevent corporations from losing money on their overproduction. Someone has to keep buying things to justify those advertising and marketing campaigns. VR headsets and sexbots will pacify many but not all of these men and women.

This is no life. This also opens the door for young men who live these relatively comfortable lives of nothingness to find meaning and purpose in violence. This is incredibly dangerous in combination with a central authority who will not maintain order. This increases in danger with each layer of political organization that shirks its responsibility and police forces that are merely for show. Go to your local police department and tell them the name of the local drug dealer. Nothing will happen because “we gotta build a case first“. It will never be built. A few more former classmates will overdose.

Violence and the supposed, small mental and even physiological rewards of minor action will be effective for loners or small bands of disaffected men. This will create a feedback loop if the actions are positive for their community. Bumper stickers saying ‘kill your local heroin dealer‘ can become action, as can burning out the homes of enablers or your local refugee advocates. These events may make loners and those zombies in the modern malaise come to life. This is incredibly dangerous because it gives rise to rival power units in an era of weak political will.

A quick study of the history of mafias shows a similar formation of organized men flexing muscle and exerting violence in an environment where the authorities are inactive, have lost sovereignty or have lost effectiveness. Mafias were not simply an urban phenomenon. They operated in countrysides and suburbs, small towns and sparsely populated counties. It did not take many men for small towns. It took a corrupted official or one friendly sheriff. A small mannerbund is at its core. This is also why it allowed for quick roll ups of mafias in the late 20th century as the networks were surprisingly small.

Even the American conception of urban gang rarely rises to 100 men. In an American metropolis, a law enforcement officer will recognize how often they sweep a gang of 8-10 men, surprised to find it is not more. A new smaller gang fills the void and maybe grows back to 8-10 men. Leaders get arrested and often it is discovered that maybe 20 men held territory. The low organization and complexity makes them a difficult problem to eradicate as they spring like mushrooms in the bleak chaos of the cities. There are gangs that just move into impoverished areas devoid of men, sell weed and skim welfare off the women. Some will even use the women to cosign on personal loans and later default not fearing any credit score hit.

A weed dealer does not need a gang. The demand is there to always be in business and earnings are small enough to launder via a food truck or laundromat. No need for muscle. Harder drugs will need density, need to control space and there is difficulty in cleaning money. Freakonomics wrote about the low wages of drug dealers, which amounted to an hourly rate below minimum wage and kept them living at home with mom. What the gang did offer them was a brotherhood while in a matriarchal culture and a sense of belonging. They found a purpose, a dark one, in a bleak urban consumer culture.

It is not a perfect comparison but the dating market of the black community has spread to other groups as marriage declines, illegitimacy rises and the welfare stigma disappears. Similar could happen to other ethnicities as they grow up in matriarchies built for consumer comfort of Nietzche’s Last Man. Men will not form militias. Irony may help here as younger men see those old militias for the LARP that they are as well as the Vegas neon sign that says “surveillance target”.

These young men will likely be armed friends who are tired and bored. Men who will eventually mob up as they seek anyone for cover and realize that no one is coming to save them. The withdrawing of responsibility, authority and sovereignty leaves a void, and these men will step into it. Even if it becomes a Mafia LARP, it will be superior to a Militia LARP. As the central authority that rules our system is increasingly viewed as a criminal syndicate that looks out for each other and only for each other, it will lose legitimacy. The justification in small groups of men’s minds to create their own syndicates and mobs to combat the mob of the overlords will be strong.

This is all avoidable though if our societal lever pullers reacted and adjusted to the situation. This is an environmental pressure forcing a small scale ethnogenesis or social evolution. This is not different from the lawlessness and savagery of our American prison system that not only has race gangs but Average Joe gangs. These normal guy gangs are usually short sentence serving normal guys who want a crew of guys to watch their back when using the bathroom and to trade goods without the normal prison conditions. Progressives always want to believe in nurture over nature and environmental effects unless the effect reveals the incompetence of their rule. Progressives and police forces destroyed the American Mafia networks of the 20th century. Their malicious rule will in essence, bring back the neighborhood gang in the strangest of places and with the strangest of members.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Thank you for reminding me of something CF said once: The meek shall inherit the earth. The rest will only think they have until their VR malfunctions.


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