A Woke Capital Administration

With the election still playing out, the contrast of spirit and behavior between the two political tribes have been an interesting juxtaposition to view. The right is split between the very upbeat but upset at obvious fraud within the system Trumpists, and then the faux right pushing for a return to normal. The left is split between the initial joy but creeping anxiety of the anti-Trump contingent (who also want a return to normal) and the increasingly desperate Bernie types. The creeping suspicion is that the return to normal is going to happen but no one really had a grasp on what normal was because our system does a very effective job of disguising itself.

Someone like Senator Liz Warren can tweet that America can look forward to an administration not run by billionaires, lobbyists, and big business. This is swallowed by a majority of the left’s voting crowd. A quick glance at Open Secrets donor listings destroys this con. The left’s ‘moderates’ can cheer for the end of a tyrannical violent ruler, and pay no attention to the assembling uniparty war cabinet forming with eyes on more intervention. Saddest of all, for they are even more gullible than the flyover rubes they mock for lacking an education, the class focused Bernie types meekly ask for some crumbs as the Biden/Harris administration continues to assemble its corporatist cabinet while citing a mandate to tackle such pressing issues like systemic racism.

Pending legitimate legal challenges, this is a return to normal. It is a return to the woke capital world they did not realize existed. A theme in winter 2016 from the left, lapped up by its uninformed masses, was that the vote for Trump was a vote for the status quo. To them the status quo was a white guy in charge doing GOP things. They did not think of the status quo as being the last forty years of neoliberal policies such as open borders, free trade and anti-white social and work policies. Clinton was the status quo, and would have been the perfect representation of it had not zombie candidate Biden come along. Both of them are physical manifestations of these policies: old, staggering, passe yet entrenched in power with no chance to remove them.

Blindness is common on the left as Obama came to office in 2009, and many lefties expected a huge public works program a la FDR to address the financial crisis. Never happened. Those men waiting for shovel ready jobs are not in the left coalition. We received money for education (loans really), health and pocket change for the underclass. This actually fueled the Occupy protests of ’11. The pivot directly after was to wokeness. For the remainder of Obama’s tenure, we saw no real legislation or programs to address any economic concerns, watched as monetary policy concentrated wealth even more, watched debt explode but also watched the administrative state start to push woke policies. The culture also turned even more woke. Added to this was intervention around the globe and silly posturing against Russia and China. In 2016, Luttwak and other observant pundits were noticing the US regime poking at not one but both of the remaining big powers simultaneously, sleepwalking into unnecessary confrontations.

This is what to expect from a Biden-Harris administration. This is the agreement started way back in the Clinton era. We the elite will kick you some crumbs and humor your social grievances as long as you leave us alone to amass ever increasing fortunes. The House is going to be a slim majority and with redistricting coming, there will be rather nervous Ds sitting in districts who will be harder to corral into voting the party line. The Senate is likely to stay in McConnell’s hands, who will be gearing up for a revised obstructionist Tea Party 2.0 garbage opposition. With Medicare going bankrupt soon, and Social Security auto-deductions starting in ’29, watch out for a bipartisan Grand Bargain. Biden may be steadily declining, but what better for the regime to do than stick the legacy of terrible deals on a man soon out the door.

In that situation, look to the last half of Obama’s tenure. You set the nation on cruise control and let your woke allies in the cultural gatekeeping beehive and administrative state work their voodoo with woke projects. This appeases the crowd with social wins that boost their self-esteem that provide no material gains. When you see Great Reset advertisements that explicitly state “you won’t own anything, but you’ll be happy,” what exactly do you think that means? You won’t own anything, but who will? Shhhhh. You will be happy. Well, full liberation and emancipation from old bourgeois sexual norms and the idea of woke scolds being in charge of culture, flattering your downtrodden slice of society must make some people happy. Maybe if they are feeling generous enough, Target can provide you with a nice 10% discount if you tweet Black Lives Matter and use the Target hashtag. Social credit in private hands can take on weird forms.

Anyone falling for Biden-Harris being moderate is a fool. No the Bernie style economic programs will not show up, but the far left social programs and ideas will continue. All the motte and bailey cons will come out again. No defund the police will not happen, but a federalization of the police will to make sure they are woke and not independent in the least bit. Full on illegal and legal immigration from the Obama era will not occur, but we will find a way to keep the flow coming close to old levels but now they will get free healthcare. Everyone forgets that Beto mentioned removing religious tax exemptions, but Mayor Pete calmly said no no that’s not how you do it and then gave the slick, ‘moderate’ approach to attacking religion.

Biden is the empty husk of the interests that put him into place. Harris is the beige female puppet of capital (she is a Getty formed creature). Those interests are the war party, big business, Wall Street and the woke social monsters. It is woke capital. Expect some dumb intervention so that the foreign policy establishment can feel it is “back in the game” as Biden’s handlers tweeted this week. Expect covid scandemic looting and greasy deals like green energy received in 2009. Vaccines, contact tracing technology and whatnot will add to our surveillance state and enrich the connected political interests. The flip side to this, already announced on Biden’s campaign website, will be $150 billion in government money for black, brown and indigenous people to help them overcome systemic racism. Whether this is washed through the corporate channels or through the NGO channels or academia is to be seen. Sorry Bernie Bros, it’s Chinatown.

It is not a Great Reset. It is the continuation of the neoliberal program. That is the return to normal. That is also why the Trump voters are upbeat. A return to that normal is a return to the very conditions that created the 2016 moment. The system will harden, but it will also become more brittle.

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