It’s Not Funny Anymore

Submitted by Constantine Palaiologos

I was first introduced to the term “clown world” in early 2017. I had an acquaintance who loved to use the expression and he must have been quite happy with himself when in 2019 it became firmly entrenched in the lexicon of the online right. It felt so good in those days to have two simple, obvious words which could sum up our emotions so perfectly. Why bother with impotent rage when you could just sigh, shake your head, and exclaim “clown world” in response to the latest neoliberal monstrosity to stumble into your field of view? Then of course in early 2019 we saw a brief explosion of clown themed content and we knew that the clown mindset would soon be discarded as we moved on to another meme of the month. How fortunate then that a prophecy already existed to tell us what was to come next once clown world had run its fated course.

I laughed when I first read Piss Earth 2025 on The American Sun. Not that I doubted any of the predictions which were made in that brilliant piece; on the contrary I thought they were if anything not brutal enough. I laughed because the article was well written of course, yet I was also laughing because I was sure that it would all come to pass as it was written and because this was the response which I had conditioned myself to rely on. To laugh in the face of despair and depravity gave us power over ourselves; suddenly we weren’t the last frowning holdouts marching through the funhouse, we became Saint Lawrence telling our tormenters to get on with it and just let us grill. It was a seemingly infallible response to anything clown world could throw at us. It was the ultimate cope.

I say was because those days of laughter are now, evidently, gone for good. We may not be in a fully realized piss earth yet but to anyone with functional eyes it should be obvious that the transition is well underway. The cultural HRT is working its magic for all to see now. Of course we’re still joking, we’re still making irreverent memes and mocking the nonstop freak show that is the new America. Outwardly none of this has changed with the arrival of the new year. Under the surface though, most of us seem to be coming to the same sad revelation.

Many of us have long since fried our normal senses of humor with our appreciation for the endless bizarre in-jokes and absurdities which those anonymous workhorses of comedy churn out in our obscure circles online. We lost most of our interest in mainstream comedy and entertainment years ago, and generally, we don’t seem to be missing much. This is something else. I’m sure we all spent the day of the Capitol Hill chaos glued to our screens following each new development. I’m equally sure that most of us laughed with mischievous glee as we watched the bizarre men in wacky costumes and run-of-the-mill MAGA boomers scampering side by side through the hallowed halls of our holy temple of democracy (though of course we condemn all illegalities!) Yet as the day ended and the laughter faded we began to feel a new sort of quiet misery. In the week since the event which has already come to be regarded as a new 9/11 by boring liberals, I have seen a certain sentiment coming up repeatedly among right of center individuals. Our usual pastimes and hobbies can’t hold our attention anymore, normal conversations only annoy us, and not even that anonymously produced edgy content we used to so enjoy can make us laugh now. It all returns to that one simple realization: it’s just not funny anymore.

The feeling is completely natural in my opinion; we’ve just witnessed a momentous event in our political history and the backlash from the humiliated regime is just getting started. The rest of our “nothingburger” nation may be content to roll over and pretend it isn’t happening but we certainly won’t be. There’s an intense loneliness in realizing just how deep the apathy goes in the people around us. It can be miserable to finally discover that none of the people who taught you to lionize Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson ever really meant a word of it. Like never before in our lifetimes we’re seeing the truth of our America laid bare each day and, for the most part, it ain’t pretty. It isn’t all doom and gloom of course; we have much to be optimistic about in our futures and our spiritual peasants deciding to go on being spiritual peasants can’t change that any more than they can change anything else.

I did not write this to lament the absence of our old clown world attitude or to consider why this particular event should be such an emotional tipping point for so many of us. I certainly didn’t write this with any deep insights or solutions in mind; personally I believe all we can do is steel ourselves for a rough time ahead and take what happy moments we can find. Our best hope is that we shall ultimately look back on these difficult years and say something like “It was merry in the galley for we revelled now and then.” I don’t know that all of you are experiencing these mirthless thoughts and feelings but I know that I am and I know that I’m far from being alone in the experience. Perhaps I am wrong and we will all recover our strange senses of humor in the coming weeks or perhaps I am right and we are entering an exceptionally joyless time. Whatever our collective emotional state may be for the near future, I know that at heart our cause will continue to be guided by the grim stoicism of men who know that their backs are to the wall. Come clown world, piss earth, or any other horror, our defiance will remain undimmed even if the laughter is gone.

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  1. Nicely done. This seems to sum up the general sentiment as far as I’m concerned.

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  2. Electrician says:

    Hold $hit


  3. Earl Shetland says:

    there is still mirth to be found. i feel for my friends and relatives without power in TX – but on the other hand, if the wind turbines brought in to help fight climate change, were brought to a halt by a climactic event – well, it all feels like a dark joke, you see

    but the real dark joke is whatever will happen when the climate favors the 3rd worlders now embedded in every American city

    so if you can’t laugh, then breathe, and steady yourself

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  4. E M Lowden says:

    You laughed because it was not yet truly real. Now those who coped with laughter and the genuine happy warriors will be separated as Wheat from Chaff.

    Now we will see who is truly capable of the amor fati, who can truly accept a Cross upon their shoulders and who will attempt in vain to shrug it off. All the masks are coming off, all the false postures revealed. The same thing happened after the Chernobyl Disaster.

    Embrace it. Lean into the collapse.


  5. nc says:

    nice roto job. FiretrUCKING elites throwing the wrong shiite down the drain.
    Good article rant too…………….


  6. muunyayo says:

    Entirely agree and feel the same way.

    It’s disturbing; the outright obfuscation tactics of the media in it’s entirety, the absolute fuckwitted, piss poor guidance by our leaders over the expanse of systems affected by Coronavirus (Economy, Education,etc), the WOKENESS, the fake and gay everything, the big Tech big-data/deep machine learning/artificial intelligence consortium that has emerged as the most powerful element of a kind never thought of (what’s amazing is I recall circa 2004/2009/2012, technology was always referred to as “disruptive” …little did we realize that the fabric of our entire ecology would be the disrupted)….

    You’re not alone.


  7. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


  8. nc says:

    Now it’s “Queen of the Bolsheviks, first of her name, rallier of woke mobs, Arch-Tweetress of problematic vocabulary, Lord-Commander of the social justice warriors, vanquisher of the cis-male, and defender of the nonbinary femmes.”


  9. 7817 says:

    Some of Clown World is still funny, in fact the meme just really hit home to me recently, but that may be because I lag behind those I read by a few months. The most depressing thing is that normie’s don’t seem like they’ll ever wake up. Was talking to a normie Shapiro loving friend who was very distressed because I said voting is pointless now. He can’t make any of the logical leaps the Dissident Right can. Granted, probably shouldn’t have said that to him, but it’s absurdly frustrating to not be able to awaken anyone from the Illusion brought on by the Narrative.

    Self improvement is literally the only way forward.


  10. Brother John says:

    First thing to do?

    TAKE THE GODDAMN SOCK OFF YOUR HEAD. And demand others do the same.


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