Winners, Losers and Links


AWFLs & Wine Aunts – Huge week for them with 1/6 anniversary posting. They could release a lot of emotion remembering seeing news on their phones or even televisions.

Gettr – They propose themselves as an alternative to Twitter and have snagged some names. Key for them is getting names and normal content. Not a recommendation just an observation.

Sports gambling companies – The NFL season wraps up and we see a fully promoted vice on every pre-game show. The media and NFL has embraced and integrated this.


Crypto holders – Crypto markets taking a dive and the Bogdanoff twins died (RIP sweet princes).

Side gig holders – New tax reporting on using pay apps for transfers as low as $600 starts and will change the calculus for these hustles.

The FED – They are stuck and must print. Any real increase to interest rates will crash the system. They are riding the tiger until it dies.


The ancient Greeks were advanced. That they fell is a warning to all civilizations.

Good overview of how the DC players enrich themselves legally.

The age of the wagie is over. The age of NEETs has dawned.

Newsweek reveals some wild details about the planning for 1/6.

The Blues have a messaging problem.

Could there be a viable non-left secession movement in California?

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  1. SSRI-salesman says:

    This post is misinformation. It’s a scientific fact that EVERY week is 1/6 to AWFLs & Wine Aunts.


  2. Cthulhu says:

    The age of the NEET is absurd and incomprehensible. How is it that millions of people think the best way to face an uncertain future is with no job or skills?

    Give up and play vidya until death isnt only insane from the perspective of people who wish to survive but it is impressively boring for those who have given up on survival and only want to have fun. Who actually thinks vidya is fun? Have they ever tried spending an hour outside?


    1. Political Science Believer says:

      Millions of people don’t think that the best way to face an uncertain future is with no job or skills. Millions of people think that the best way to face a certain future is with no job or skills.

      The “certain future” is a life of propertylessness with no hope of advancement, no prayer of marriage, nothing to defend, nothing to build.

      In many municipalities, without exceedingly esoteric legal knowledge or rarified political pull you can’t even build a shed without being drowned in threatening paperwork, fines, taxes, liens, summonses, and possibly arrest, let alone a bridge, powerplant, or church.

      It’s already to the point where unless you have thousands for sport it’s effectively illegal to do anything outside. Pretty soon it may be literally illegal.

      This is not only unjust, it’s unnatural. And the banks, corporations, and states go forth linked arm in arm to bring us this great and glorious future.

      All power to the United States Government.


  3. Lon Spector says:

    Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.


  4. Red says:

    I would say that Gettr took a significant L. There was a massive, heavily-astroturfed push for them, and much of the focus from their intended userbase was on the nevertrumper they hired as their comms director, and the heavy censorship spoken of by anons and minor ecelebs alike. They set up with the intention of being “the one that had Trump”, and now that he’s doing his own thing, they’re dead in the water. Gab, however you may feel about it, has a large userbase and *some* grassroots support among Republican voters. The fediverse is tiny and full of naked women, but it at least has decent memes.

    If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that ‘milquetoast conservatism with no bad words’ does not have a market when any competitors at all exist.


  5. NC says:

    Thanks for the 6 hour year in review! Only 1 left to go and its only OCT21


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