Winners, Losers and Links


Russia – Successfully intervened to stop a Color Revolution attempt on its borders. Fast fix that roots out what could have been a problem to its south as Ukraine tensions remain.

Remote workers – Firms that anticipated returning to the office in January bumped return dates out due to Omicron, providing more security for the remote arrangements.

Unvaxxed workers – If you held out, you survived intense pressure. Supreme Court saved the day but also revealed how the administrative state has undeniable power with just one small check.

American System – Biden’s sinking poll numbers show he is a scapegoat figure for the system’s incompetence. They are building a wall or structure around the White House as if any protest or idiotic attack on that would change a thing yet he is the perceived target of frustration.


Ted Cruz – Shamed by Tucker Carlson into backtracking, Ted shows he is the same snake he was in 2016.

Supreme Court Justices – The record will show they repeated falsehoods that even covid hysterics found a bit too crazy. Those Ivy law degrees mean little.

Consumers – Inflation hitting figures not seen in forty years. Savings have been depleted. This shall be a dark winter indeed.


Deep dive on Savitri Devi’s work.

An essay on the ethnogenesis at play in America.

This essay tracks the lowering of standards to placate a female in our Air Force.

Paulina Porizkova cries about being over 50 and invisible now.

The cementing of the administrative state is the end of democracy.

The FDA implements CRT.

Helen Andrews takes a bat to the 1619 Project.

Why are the opportunistic identity liars always women?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. bluecat57 says:

    Hmm. I’m 100% Russian. There is a Color Revolution happening in America. What’s the downside for me?


    1. GDR says:

      The downside is that you will become bound closely to China, who are not capable of long term planning or implementing a long term plan.

      What you should do is what the American jews and libtards accuse you of: counter intelligence against the US federal government inside the USA.


  2. NC says:

    Can’t help put leave La Fond quotes everywhere.
    Quote from above by James La Bond
    “ecause you forgot to order the Campbells pork and beans while you were gawking at the cashier’s fine ass bending over as she stocked candy to your left, and triggering the horn of perceptive plenty.”


  3. Dahlaine says:

    I think it’s time to start protesting in front of BlackRock HQ instead of the White House.


  4. Big T says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Devi article, worth reading to the end lol


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