Political Slonking

By Patrick Casey

Raw Egg Nationalist has become a popular figure on the right. His promotion of masculinity and healthy living landed him on Fox News – an impressive feat for any anonymous dissident. But his recent success has left some feeling that his shtick is a distraction from what actually matters.

Let us be clear: There are more important matters than egg slonking. Core issues, such as demographic change, anti-whiteness, and group differences come to mind. And while health and masculinity are obviously important, they are not sufficient on their own for civilizational survival. I can imagine a nightmarish future in which America has become a third world hellhole inhabited by people who eat relatively healthy and stay in shape. Many such countries exist now!

However, modern man is undoubtedly degraded: spiritually, psychologically, and yes, physically too. Testosterone levels continue to decline as waist sizes increase. Encouraging men to cultivate health, strength, and vitality is a thus noble effort, one which could arguably have political benefits down the road. That Raw Egg Nationalist is bringing such a message to the mainstream is a good thing – but raw eggs, despite being nutritious, remain a niche issue.

Yet surely one can advocate for raw eggs in addition to advocating against, say, the Great Replacement. So why doesn’t Raw Egg Nationalist talk about the core issues as well?

Although there is scant reference to immigration or demographics on his Twitter account, which boasts 36,000 tweets, we needn’t suspect that he’s secretly in favor of open borders. He surrounds himself with staunch immigration restrictionists (to put it lightly) such as Bronze Age Pervert. One can venture a guess that their views align fairly well.

Given that I’ve never spoken to Raw Egg Nationalist, I couldn’t tell you why he avoids discussing the core issues. However, I can tell you that his followers think he does so for good reason. By focusing on his niche, Raw Egg Nationalist is able to land larger media appearances and redirect that attention toward those whose message is more explicit.

If that’s his angle, then fair enough. His publication, Man’s World, appears to contain some interesting pieces, including original translations of works from Jünger and Mishima. So it isn’t far-fetched to suggest that by rendering himself more normie-friendly, Raw Egg Nationalist is able to direct a broader audience to our ecosystem.

Regardless, I would never argue that everyone needs to talk about every conceivable issue. People have different roles to play. Typically, greater leniency is given to mainstream figures – pundits, intellectuals, political operatives, etc. – so long as they don’t punch right or directly contradict the truth.

With that said, there’s nothing wrong with raising questions and leveling criticism so long as it’s done in good faith. No one on the internet, certainly not e-celebs, should be above critique – especially if they’re silent on key issues. But this shouldn’t serve as justification to launch crusades against people who, for tactical reasons, choose to direct their energy elsewhere.

It should be noted, however, that efforts are undeniably underway to subvert the energy of 2016 and direct it down dead ends. You might be familiar with integralism, multiracial working class populism, MAGA Communism, rural retreatism, chungus conservatism, and other bizarre oddities promoted by influential figures on the right. Regardless of your views on these phenomena – and I’d urge you to view them with suspicion – you would do well to understand that they are often promoted as alternatives to the core issues, which is unacceptable.

Niche issues certainly have their place, but only if they do not replace the core issues. Still, we cannot be silent on what matters most. If everyone plays it safe, bad ideas will proliferate. Increasingly, right-wing Twitter accounts are shying away from controversial subjects. Perhaps they’re afraid of censorship, or they’re interested in gaining mainstream political access. Both are understandable. Nevertheless, the fact remains that in 2016, someone joining dissident right Twitter would come to know the score quickly. Now, the odds of that person buying into something ridiculous like a multiracial working class rural uprising are sadly far higher.

One cannot help but wonder where we’ll be in five years if this trend continues. There’s no reason why posing this question should be met with hostility.

It must be remembered that 2016 was not supposed to happen. We were supposed to sleepwalk toward our doom entirely unaware of the lies upon which this corrupt system rests. Instead, previously suppressed truths were blasted into public consciousness. Forbidden ideas once again saw the light of day. This renaissance, which culminated in the election of Donald Trump, without a doubt marked the single greatest threat the regime has faced in living memory.

We have to keep the flame of serious right-wing dissent alive. Believe it or not, 2016 was an anomaly, and the space we’ve carved out online to discuss radical subjects can absolutely be snuffed out if we aren’t vigilant.

In summary, Raw Egg Nationalist, despite not focusing on the core issues, is surrounded by those who do, whom he generously supports. His advocacy of life-affirming values is much needed in an era where man’s vitality is under constant attack. And while it is my contention that good health alone is not sufficient to save our civilization, I have seen no evidence that Raw Egg Nationalist promotes his niche as an alternative to the core issues.

So if slonking raw eggs is your jam, then slonk on, brother. But let’s not lose sight of the big picture.

Patrick Casey is the host of Restoring Order. He can also be found on Telegram.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Glad to see this support of REN.

    Let us also be clear: Counter-signalling REN’s core message is the result of petty jealousy by dorks who don’t understand the dynamic of the culture war required to win the long game. We must carve out and own these spaces.


  2. GDR says:

    Egg slonkers are important as gateways. They are to us as the Alt Lite was to our predecessor, only without the backstabbing.

    Also note that Nigzorg* got pissy about both the attention REN got from Tucker and RENs physique.

    * Noted victim of the Nig-Spic Cycle and all around obese groid Tinkzorg


  3. Keith Whitley says:

    I think this is the proper tack to take, but I don’t think that RAW MILK RAW EGGS is just about health/fitness. Gandhi’s “Quit India” movement prevailed in part because it convinced the mass of Indians that work-arounds for the purchase of British goods (specifically salt and fabric) were possible and desirable. It deprived the enemy of money, but also legitimacy. Feeding yourself protein without letting zog and finance legitimize and rent-seek on every transaction is perhaps the first step towards broader self-determination.

    A person with 3 guns and a chicken coop is freer and more dangerous than a person with 10 guns and no chicken coop. The challenge they present to the ruling system is different, more multifaceted. I’m way into it, and would be even if it wasn’t the world’s best fat loss tool.


  4. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .


  5. Michael says:

    Defining “the core issues” solely as “demographic change, anti-whiteness, and group differences”, sounds oddly similar to the 2016-17 era jokes/accusations about Spencer and Johnson’s ideology being “No negroes in my gay bathhouse”. Have we learned nothing since “the energy of 2016”? (I realize the word “solely” is my addition to your words, but the point still stands)


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